The following is a transcript for the episode "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes".


[Ronnie Anne and Sid are listening to music on one of their cell phones.]
Yoon Kwan: [In the video] "Ooh, girl." [Singing in Korean] "Ooh, girl." [Singing in Korean]
Sid: "Stop it, Yoon, you're too dreamy. I can't look at you! Pillow, please." [Ronnie Anne gives the pillow to Sid to cover her face.]
[Enter CJ wearing a raincoat.]
CJ: "Ronnie Anne, it's raining outside."
Ronnie Anne: "Ooh, that means there will be so many puddles for us to jump in tomorrow."
CJ:[Running in circles] "I'm gonna go practice in the bathtub! Splish Splash Baby!"
[CJ runs past Carl who is playing on a Snap.]
Carl: "Ronnie Anne! Can you beat this level for me? It's impossible!"
Ronnie Anne: "Happy to!" [Ronnie Anne takes the Snap and beats the level in a matter of seconds then hands the Snap back to Carl.]
Carl: [Gasps] "How do you do it!?"
[Carl high fives Ronnie Anne as thanks and runs off, Carlitos comes in holding two sippy cups and gives one to Ronnie Anne.]
Ronnie Anne: "Oh! Thank you, Carlitos!"
Carlitos: "Gah!"
Ronnie Anne: [Drinks the drink] "Mmmm! Apple Juice!"
Sid: "Dang, girl, you're so close with your fam, every one of them."
Ronnie Anne: "Yep, we're all super tight."
[Door slams, enter Carlota.]
Ronnie Anne: "Oh, hey, Carlota. How's it going?"
Carlota: "Good, how are you?"
Ronnie Anne: "Good, how are you? Uh, I mean... Love the bag! Is that the purse you were saving up to buy?"
[Carlota moves her eyes.]
Carlota: "No, this is a garbage bag I was gonna put Lalo's poop in."
[Exit Carlota with Lalo through the door.]
Ronnie Anne: [sighs] "Pillow, please."
Sid: [As she gives the pillow to her friend] "Yeah, that was pretty awkward."
Ronnie Anne: "I know, it's just like that with Carlota for some reason. I try to make a connection but end up beefing it."
[Flashback shows Carlota in the mercado while on her phone.]
Ronnie Anne: "Carlota, have you seen this filter? It's so awesome. It shows you what you look like when you're old."
[The app shows a photo of Carlota young and then old. Carlota gasps at her picture, and runs out of the store in tears, much to Ronnie Anne's sadness.]
Ronnie Anne: [After flashback] "After I moved here, I was hopping Carlota would be like a big sister, but so far, she's like a total stranger."
Sid: "She sounds like your kookaburra."
Ronnie Anne: [Having no clue that that means] "What-a-who-da?"
Sid: "It's the one animal I can't connect with. [Shows a photo on phone.] Every time I visit my mom at the zoo, I try to play with Biscuit, but he's never interested."
Ronnie Anne: "Kookaburra."
Sid: "Kookaburra."
Frida: "Kids, Can you all come in here? We have exciting news! This genius man just won us a free dinner at a new hibachi restaurant!"
Carlos: "It was no big deal."
Carl: "Ooh, can I order the surf 'n' turf?"
Frida: "Actually, mijo, the restaurant isn't really for kids. We were hoping Carlota could watch you guys."
Carlota: "What?"
Frida: "20 bucks."
Carlota: "Sold."
Frida: "Boys, please be good. CJ, no riding Lalo."
CJ: "But he makes such a good horse!"
Carlos: "Bobby's working in the mercado if you get hungry."
Hector: "Uh-uh! That merchandise is for paying customers. There are plenty of leftovers in the fridge."
Carlota: [gasps] "Be careful! That gang of cats is on prowl again!"
[They run away from cats.] All: "Get to car! Get to car!"
Sid: "This is your chance, you know, to bond with your kookaburra."
Ronnie Anne: "Hey, you're right. Great idea."

[Carlota is on a live stream.]
Carlota: "And now, I am just spritzing some rose water on my blender brush."
Ronnie Anne: "Hey, Carlota. Oops. Didn't know you were live."
Carlota: "Uh, just hang on, guys." [Carlota turns off the live] That's ok. My followers can wait. What's up?
Ronnie Anne: "I was just gonna ask if you wanted to split a pizza."
Carlota: "Yes."
Ronnie Anne: "Awesome, I really want to try the famous Great Lakes style. you know, thick and cheese."
Carlota: "I'm actually more about thin crush pepperoni."
Ronnie Anne: "Oh, well, that's fine. We can get that."
Carlota: "Oh, no, no, no, no. Go ahead, order what you want. I'll just have leftovers tonight."
Ronnie Anne: "I don't want to order for just myself. I'll have leftovers too. Well, guess I'll see you later, since we both live here." [Laughs.]
Carlota: Sound's good.
Ronnie Anne: "Ugh."
[Back to live.]
Carlota: " Next I'm going to grab some of this super cute accent color and-" [Gets a shower from the boys' gun.]
CJ: "Got you!"
Carlota: "Not funny, guys! I'm live!"

Carlota: [On her cellphone] "Hey, can I borrow your hoop earrings? CJ was playing pirate and buried mine in the park." [Sits on a fart cushion on the couch. The boys appear laughing.] Seriously? I am on the phone! What? No, Sophia, I did not just fart. I better go. I'll text you later.
Ronnie Anne: "Hey, Carlota. Want to watch a movie?"
Carlota: "That sounds fun. How about... Rideshare Romance?"
Ronnie Anne: "Blood 7?"
Carlota: Oh, sorry, but I cannot handle scary movies. Last time I watched one, I had to sleep with my disco ball on all night.
Ronnie Anne: No problem. We can watch "Rideshare Romance"!
[After watching the movie]
Carlota: "[crying] Didn't it just break your heart when he wanted to tell her, he loved her but there were too many people in the car?"
[Ronnie Anne is sleeping and snoring.]
Ronnie Anne: "Oh, is it over? Sorry, I must've eaten too much for dinner, and it's really warm in here. How about a magazine?" [Picks up a magazine that was on the couch.]
Carlota: "Ooh, does it have any quizzes?"
Ronnie Anne: "Heck yes, it does. OK, question one. What kind of skating stance do you prefer? Goofy-footed or regular?"
Carlota: "Um, not applicable, I guess?"
Ronnie Anne: "Right, we can-- we can skip that one. Would you rather shred with friends or work out a new trick on your own?"
Carlota: "Ugh. Maybe this quiz isn't for me."
Ronnie Anne: "[sighs] Still my kookaburra."
Carlota: "What?"
Ronnie Anne: "Uh, I said I'm gonna go... cook a burrito."
[A cologne bomb falls on the floor and starts to explode.]
Carlota: "Oh, no! Hit the deck! It's a cologne blast!"
[CJ and Carl laugh.]
CJ: "We got you!"
[The girls cough.]
Ronnie Anne: "What just happened?"
Carlota: "The boys love to pull pranks when I am in charge. They think they are so funny!
The Boys: "[off-screen] We know we are!"
Ronnie Anne: "Carlota, how would you like to get a little revenge? Not to brag, but back in Royal Woods, I was a pretty legendary pranker."
Carlota: "Hmm, let me think about this for a sec. I'm in."

Ronnie Anne: "First, we need to gather supplies. We're looking for anything that smells bad, is super sticky, or is just a pain to clean up."
Carlota: "Ooh, what about this bowl of warm tuna salad?"
Ronnie Anne: "Oh, man! That hits all three. Hmm, hair gel."

Ronnie Anne: "So, the boys will enter, walk into this plastic wrap covered in hair gel, then this bucket of bread crumbs will dump on their heads when we pull the string!"
Carlota: "Dang, girl! You are a pranking genius!"
[Ronnie Anne and Carlota get down under the window.]
[The girls laugh.]
Bobby: "Hey, have you guys seen my sticker gun?"
Ronnie Anne: "Bobby, it's clipped to your belt."
Bobby: [Notices it] "Oh, sweet. Thanks. Just gonna go grab some juice before I head back to the Mercado."
Ronnie Anne: "Wait! Don't go in there! We set up a prank for Carl, CJ, and Carlitos!"
Bobby: "Uh-oh. Feel sorry for them. I've been nailed by more of Ronnie Anne's pranks than I can count! I still can't grow hair here."
Carlota: "Remind me not to cross you!"

Ronnie Anne: "Don't worry, I'm sure they'll be here any second!"
Carlota: "Can we stand? We've been squatting for an hour, and I did not wear the right shoes for this."
[Carlota pulls up her dress to reveal her strained feet and sandals.]
Ronnie Anne: "Ugh!" [Ronnie Anne pops up to look through the window and notices something] "Wait, what?! O-our prank, it's gone! They must've snuck in here and taken it down!" [The girls head out to the other apartment] "I still can't figure out how they-" [They exit the apartment and walk into a wall of plastic wrap with hair gel] Uh-oh."
[The bucket of breadcrumbs falls on the girls, covering them]
The girls: "Ew!"
CJ": "Got you!"
[The boys laugh]
Ronnie Anne: "They stole our prank and used it on us!"
Sergio: "Bread crumbs!!!"
Ronnie Anne: [Seeing where this is going] "Run!"
[The girls run into Apartment 2B and Sergio slams into the door]
Sergio: "Ow!"

[Carlota and Ronnie Anne try to brush the bread crumbs and gel out of their hair]
Carlota: "Ew! Argh!" [Her hair is so sticky het brush snaps]
Ronnie Anne: "Ugh! We can't just let them get away with this! This is a prank war now! We've gotta hit them with everything we've got!"
Carlota: "You're right! No one does this to my hair and gets away with it!"

[Ronnie Anne fills the balloons with water in the kitchen sink and sets a trap where balloons fall when a person drops the rope.]
Ronnie Anne: "Oh, boys! Can you come over here for a minute?"
Carlota: "They're gonna get it!"
[The door opens, they cross, the trap is set, but nothing happens and they quietly enter the other door. Ronnie Anne and Carlota notice and go to the scene to see what happened.]
Carlota: "What happened to all of our balloons?"
[The boys appear laughing and throwing balloons at them. In other scene, Ronnie Anne takes out a piece of tape and puts it on the bathroom sink faucet. She turns on and the water gushes up.]
Ronnie Anne: "Dinner! Wash your hands, please!" [Ronnie Anne and Carlota hide in the bathtub. Ronnie Anne asks for silence for Carlota.] "Shh..."
[They get confused when they just hear normal noise and turn in that direction, and don't see Carl turn on the cold water in the shower, the boys come out of the bathroom while the girls scream. In other scene, Ronnie Anne traps the fridge with a spring-loaded pie and closes the door]
Ronnie Anne: "Pie in the fridge!"
The Boys: "Oh, boy, pie!"
[They don't hear anything, they decide to look outside and get a pie in the face]
Carlota: "Maybe it's time we stop pranking."
Ronnie Anne: "Yeah, you're probably right, I just don't understand how they're figuring all my pranks out."
[The house phone rings, Carlota answers it.]
Carlota: "Hello? Oh! Hi, Maybelle. Oh, I'm sorry. I-I don't know why the Mercado is closed early. No, I-- Yes, I understand, you need limes."
[Ronnie Anne grabs the phone and interrupts Carlota.]
Ronnie Anne: "Maybelle, I'll deliver the limes to you later, I promise. Right now, we've gotta run. Goodbye! [To Carlota] I know how they're beating us. Bobby. After he heard we were going to prank the boys, he must've closed the Mercado early and started helping them!"
Carlota: "That dirty double-crosser!"
[Ronnie Anne hangs up the phone.]
Ronnie Anne: "This must be Bobby's payback for all the years I pranked his butt off!"
Carlota: "Now that we know the boys' little secret, we've got the upper hand. Let's prank them 'til they beg for mercy!" [laughing]
Ronnie Anne: "Remind me to never cross you!"

[Bobby, Carl, CJ, and Carlitos all clink their juice boxes in the air and then drink them.]
Bobby: "To payback!"
CJ: "Hear, hear!"
Carl: "I hate to admit it, Bobby, but I may have misjudged you. Tonight, you have proven yourself not completely useless."
Bobby: "Aw, thanks, Carl. That means a lot."
[Bobby gets a text message from Ronnie Anne while Carl drinks his juice box.]
Bobby: "It's Ronnie Anne! Ah! She's headed to the Mercado! I better get down there. She thinks I'm still at work!"
[The boys scream and throw their juice boxes onto the floor and open the door. When the boys exit the room that they were drinking their juice boxes in, the girls stand on each side of the door and spray pickle juice at the boys with water guns. The boys scream again.]
Carl: "Water, though? Is that all you got?"
[CJ smells his hands.]
CJ: "That's pickle juice!"
Carl: "Pickle juice? Is that all you got?!"
Ronnie Anne: "Actually, no. Carlota, release the catnip!"
[Carlota pulls a string from above that releases a bucket of catnip on the boys]
Carlota: "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!"
[The street cats notice and run into the Casagrande Apartment and attack the boys, They scream and are taken away. The girls run to the sofa and hug each other laughing]
Carlota: "You were right, Ro. I can totally see what's fun about this." [Notices something] "Uh... Where are the cats going?"
[The cats leave the apartment.]
Ronnie Anne: [Realizes.] "The warm tuna salad! We totally forgot about it!"
Carlota: [Gasps in horror as to where this is going] "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! [The girls make a beeline for Carlota's room but are too late, the cats have trashed it] My room!!"
[The cats escape out the window, Carlota looks at her room in shock, and Ronnie Anne is full of guilt]
Ronnie Anne: [Sighs] "I am so sorry. I never should've forced the pranking thing on you. I was just trying to, well, you know, you're kind of my kookaburra."
Carlota: [Also doesn't know what that means] "What-a-who-da?"
Ronnie Anne: "It's kind of awkward between us, and I was trying to change that." [Sits on the floor] "I wanted us to be better friends."
Carlota: [Sits with Ronnie Anne and realizes] "Wait, that's what you've been doing tonight? [Her cousin nods] I am so sorry. I feel like an idiot for not noticing. But honestly, Ronnie Anne, I never thought you would be interested in hanging out with me."
Ronnie Anne: "Are you kidding? You're, like, so cool and smart, and know the city like the back of your hand!"
Carlota: "You're the cool one! You're so funny and so fearless on that skateboard! I wish I was as bold as you. Listen," [Puts her arm around her cousin] "I'll deal with my room later, I'm just glad we talked."
Ronnie Anne: [Leans closer] "Me too." [The two are happy] "Come on."
[Ronnie Anne and Carlota walk out of Carlota's room]
Carlota: "So, what are you doing tomorrow?"
Ronnie Anne: "No plans. I was going to hang out with Sid, but she's going on a picnic with Biscuit. He's her kookaburra. Looks like they've bonded too."
[Ronnie Anne shows a picture of Sid and Biscuit bonding.]
Carlota: "Cool! Well, I know this create your own pizza place and you could get thin crust or Great Lakes style!"
Ronnie Anne: "That sounds awesome!"

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