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"Predict Ability" is the upcoming fortieth episode of the third season, the one-hundred-forty-first episode of The Loud House.


After discovering he has rituals, Lincoln worries he's predictable and vows to change it up.


WARNING: This is an episode that has aired outside the U.S., so if you don't want to be spoiled, we advise you not to read the synopsis. If you do, it's your risk.
While waiting for the bathroom, Lincoln is informed by Lisa that the bathroom is all his, commenting how he always goes the bathroom at precisely 7:03 AM. Later, while everyone is eating breakfast, Lynn Sr. asks the kids what they would like in their breakfast burritos, but Lynn Sr. has already made Lincoln's in advance, where he and Lynn point out that he always wants extra cheese and chips in it. While combing his hair, Lincoln is told by his sisters to hurry up before they're late for school, and when he jumps into the van, Lucy and Lola tell Lincoln that he's always the last one to leave the house, and comment why he takes so long, despite wearing the same orange polo every day. At school, Mrs. Johnson announces that they're going to study astronomy, and Mrs. Johnson comments that she knows that Lincoln will pick Clyde as his partner, with Zach commenting that Lincoln always chooses Clyde to be his partner. During gym class, Coach Pacowski informs his students that today, they're going to be climbing rope, and Lincoln not wanting to do that, tries to excuse himself, but Coach Pacowski already excuses him, stating how Lincoln always excuses himself at the same time.

At night, Lincoln has a nightmare where he can't stop thinking about what everyone has told him (even his teeth fall out and tell him that he's boring because of how predictable he is). This causes Lincoln to wake up in panic, and declares that he is predictable, and decides that he needs a new strategy to change things up a bit.

The next day, Lincoln wakes up an hour early to use the bathroom, tells his father that he would like his breakfast burrito done differently, digs through a box of old clothes for a new look, and enters the van earlier than everyone else. These sudden changes impress his family, saying that they weren't expecting Lincoln to be so different. At school, Mrs. Johnson announces that they're going to be practicing calligraphy, and Lincoln suddenly states that he wants Stella to be his partner instead of Clyde. This causes Clyde to hyperventilate, since he's aghast to the idea of Lincoln being different. During gym class, Lincoln surprises Coach Pacowski by saying that he volunteers to climb the rope, and successfully does so, but at the same time, Clyde, fearing Lincoln's new personality, calls up Dr. Lopez, saying that he might have a panic attack.



  • This episode reveals that Lincoln follows a daily routine so much, his family, classmates, and teachers already know what's in his mind even before he can say it.
  • According to Zach, Lincoln and Clyde have been working as a team since they were in kindergarten.


  • Predict Ability - The title is of this episode is a pun of "predictability".
  • Aladdin (1992 Disney film) - The way Lincoln eats his breakfast burrito in a huff is similar to how Abu eats the piece of bread he and Aladdin stole.



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