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Pretty, Pretty Pageant Queen is a board game owned by Lola, and is her favorite board game.


Not much is known about this game, but it appears that the objective of the game is to collect as many beauty pageant items as possible, and make it to the end of the board with those items before anyone else. However, if any player, whether or not they have any items, rolls three 10's on all of the dice at the same time, that player will be judged with a perfect score, and automatically win the game.


The game first appeared in "Lynner Takes All". Tired of Lynn winning every board game and showing off after celebrating 300 consecutive wins (and shooting confetti made out of her siblings' homework), the others decided to play a game that Lynn had never played before, and they could easily beat her at. Lola suggested this game, and Lynn automatically won the game, thus remaining undefeated, and having defeated the so-called pageant queen.


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