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The Princess Car is a vehicle owned by Lola Loud. She uses it as a mode of transportation, in or out of the Loud house.


Lola's princess car is a small, pink vehicle that seats two people. It has a spoiler, and has customizations, such as stickers all over it. There is also a smiley face on the front of the vehicle, which has lipstick and eyelashes on it. It has a license plate on the back that reads "CYA".

Although it is a toy car, it functions with real gasoline, and also has an engine. It runs on fossil fuels according to "The Green House". In "Yes Man", Lola refers to the car as a jeep.

Genderbent version

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In the alternate genderbent dimension from "One of the Boys", Lola's male counterpart Lexx drives a male variation of the car. This one has a military camouflage paint job, stars designed after military stars for soldier ranks, and a menacing face with big sharp teeth.


Lola, who is shown to be an excellent driver at her age, is the owner and usual driver of the vehicle. She likes to drive around in it and have races around the house. She also uses it when she wants to get something that she wants from her other siblings, or stop them from getting in her way.

Lola is not the only Loud who has driven the jeep; Lana, Lincoln, and Lucy can also drive the vehicle. Lisa has tinkered with it three times; to upgrade it into a vehicle capable of searching a gem, to build a dream machine, and to assist Lincoln in retrieving his missing birthday present.


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