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Principal Ramirez is a minor character in The Loud House. She's the principal of Royal Woods Middle School, first mentioned in "Middle Men", but she made her first appearance in "Schooled!".


Principal Ramirez is first mentioned in "Middle Men", when Lynn calls her up to ask who is in charge of the student chaperone program for the visitors from Royal Woods Elementary School.

First appearing in "Schooled!", Principal Ramirez made Lynn the hall monitor. Displeased with the teaching conditions of Mr. Bolhofner's class trailer, Lincoln planned to speak to her about changing classrooms only for Meryl to inform him that Principal Ramirez is busy. When Principal Ramirez states to Meryl that the cafeteria is making meatloaf which she was planning to have for dinner, Lincoln secretly snuck a coupon for Lynn's Table to her. After getting a special pass to dine off campus from Meryl. When at Lynn's Table, Lincoln meets with Principal Ramirez where his slide show explained the negative conditions of Mr. Bolhofner's class trailer and asked is she can have him reassigned to Mrs. Salter's room where his friends Clyde, Liam, Rusty, Zach, and Stella are. Principal Ramirez is unable to do that as her class is filled up. Later on, Principal Ramirez calls Lincoln to her office where she tells him that she has arranged him a transfer to Mapleton Middle School after calling in a favor from Principal Marshall. After Lincoln returns to Royal Woods Middle School after his "syruped out" comment got him booted from Canada for three years, Principal Ramirez is in the halls advising the students to get to class as Lynn emerges from a locker gives her a ticket for not having a hall pass. When Lynn dives back in, Principal Ramirez looks in the locker and finds that Lynn's not there.

In "Kernel of Truth", Lincoln, Clyde, Liam, Rusty, Zach, and Stella visit Principal Ramirez to pitch an idea to revive the school's news program which she approves of. After the first episode, Principal Ramirez gives them her feedback where nobody found their action news interesting except for Mr. Bolhofner who is suing the school. Lincoln persuades her to let them find an interesting story which she approves of while giving them 24 hours to do so. Lincoln and his friends find that the popcorn is missing and get footage of someone intercepting the delivery, Principal Ramirez is impressed and gives them the rest of the week to get to the bottom of this. When Lincoln and his friends follow the popcorn and Stella uses her hairpin to open the room they couldn't get into before, they find that Meryl is the culprit as she tells them not to air the story as it will cause Principal Ramirez to fire her. Though Meryl does inform them of another story. This leads to a news report of the hidden game room where it's location is now revealed to the entire school. Principal Ramirez tells Lincoln's group that she has been looking for the game room for years and then challenges Meryl to a game of table hockey.

In "How the Best Was Won", Principal Ramirez announces the Middle School Best contest and advises the students to get their votes in. On the day of the contests, Principal Ramirez states that Chandler has won Best Detention Getter and accepts the award on his behalf as he is currently in detention. She announces that Girl Jordan and Rachel have won the Best Bud award and surprises the entire Action News Team by awarding them the new category of Best Friend Group due to everyone impressed with what happened on the game show that transpired in the school.

In "Frame on You", Principal Ramirez suspends Rusty from school for a week when eyewitness accounts claimed that he was the one who threw the stinkbomb during the school dance. At the time when Rusty was posing as a female substitute teacher to help find who framed him, Ramirez was fooled by his disguise and took him to a class that "she" should be covering. She was later heard on the intercom mentioning that Mr. Bolhofner's bobcat got loose and asks for Mr. Bolhofner to subdue it. When the Action News Team puts the clues together, they called together Principal Ramirez and Meryl and reveal that Girl Jordan was responsible. With Meryl finding the evidence, Girl Jordan confessed that she did it out of revenge for Rusty's breakdancing causing her souffle to fall flat and Mr. Bolhofner to give her an F. She then stated that she went too far. After Rusty sheds his disguise and forgives Girl Jordan, he persuades Principal Ramirez to spare Girl Jordan from suspension. Principal Ramirez does that and also lifts Rusty's suspension.

In "Scoop Snoop", the Action News Team witness Principal Ramirez interacting with Katherine Mulligan while suspecting that she was the one who leaked the news to her. When it came to the confrontation at Tall Timbers Park, Rusty accidentally knocked her into the lake. It turns out that Principal Ramirez was in the same book club with Katherine Mulligan. She threatened to cancel the Action News program only to be persuaded not to when Katherine Mulligan supports their plea. Principal Ramirez keeps the Action News on the air in exchange that none of them ever knock her into any lakes again.


Not much known is about her. So far, she seems to be a typical school principal caring for order at school.


Ramirez is a tall and slender woman of Hispanic race with black hair. She wears red headband, yellow shirt, dark blue jacket, black skirt, yellow hooped earrings and red shoes.

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