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Priscilla is a recurring character in The Casagrandes. She is the ex-girlfriend (and love interest) of Sergio.


In "How to Train Your Carl", Sergio brings her flowers to try to win her back, but she sticks her head in the dirt and doesn't accept the flowers.

In The Casagrandes Familia Sounds, he again unsuccessfully tries to win her back, and Sid learns that they aren't together anymore.

In "This Bird Has Flown", Bobby asks Priscilla if she's seen Sergio, but this makes her angry. Later, when Bobby is speaking for the fake Sergio, he claims he and Priscilla had couples' therapy.

In "Grandparent Trap", Sergio mentions that Priscilla claims he has a "shopping addiction", then later exercises to try to win her back. Ronnie Anne eventually puts the two birds on the Camila show.

In "Zoo-mergency!", Priscilla is one of the animals Sid tries to teach to skateboard. They also appear to have gotten back together, as she becomes jealous when he finds Miranda's bird-shaped hairdo attractive and later dances with him.

In "Gossipy Girl", Sergio attempts to spread secrets from Ronnie Anne and her friends to Priscilla through the use of Breakfast Bot, but Breakfast Bot malfunctions, and instead of going to Priscilla, the secrets go to the Caesar Chavez Academy students.

In "Squawk in the Name of Love", Priscilla dumps Sergio again due to him having her massage his feet and paying more attention to Sancho than to her. After several failed attempts at finding other girlfriends, Adelaide tried to teach Sergio how to be polite to win Priscilla back. She suggested writing a song for her, offering her food, and sending flowers, but Sergio failed due to offering an arrogant song, trash, and a Venus fly trap. Eventually, Adelaide wrote a love poem and had Sergio repeat it, so Priscilla got together with him again, but he became apprehensive when she wanted him to meet her parents. Adelaide dressed Sergio as a prince and had him repeat after her, but this went awry due to several misunderstandings and a glitchy radio. However, Priscilla didn't break up with Sergio again, since she was flattered that he cared so much.


  • She is a female ostrich with eyelashes.

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