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"Project Loud House" is the ninth episode of the first season of The Loud House.


Lincoln has to get his project to school on time, but getting all of his sisters out the door while keeping the project together in one piece proves to be the biggest obstacle of all.


Lincoln has spent weeks constructing a project based on his family to present in his class. Knowing the destructive nature of his sisters, he wants to get all ten out the door as quickly as possible in order to protect his project. He manages to get them ready by dressing Lily, helping Lucy with her poems, avoiding Luan's bucket pranks, giving Leni her acne cream, helping Lisa with one of her potions, helping Lynn find her rollerskates, and settling a fight between the twins.

Just when Lincoln thinks everything has turned out alright, Lori gets into a fight with Bobby over the phone, and refuses to come out of her room, leaving the family without transportation, since she is the only kid in the family with a driver's license, and Mom is away. More things then start to go wrong; Leni's skin turns blue because the "acne cream" was really one of Lisa's experiments, Lily takes off her clothes and walks around naked, and the twins fight over their sandwiches. Lincoln manages to solve all their problems, and he gets Lori out of her room by posing as Bobby over the phone and settling the fight.

While helping Luna pack her equipment into the van, and only ten minutes to spare before school starts, Lincoln accidentally leaves his project in the driveway. He realizes that as the car starts pulling out, but he manages to save it it just in time, only to drop it after slipping on one of Lynn's skates. Feeling sorry for their brother, the girls tell him that they have a plan to help him pass in such a short amount of time.

S1E05A Luan laughs a final time

A triumphant Luan with ten shocked siblings

At school, Lincoln is seen concluding his presentation by saying how his sisters will always be there to help him through the chaos of the house, and their plan is revealed to be standing still to create a life-sized version of the project. The presentation is a success, and Lincoln is given an "A" for his project, but it gets revised to an "A-" after Luan drenches Mrs. Johnson with her water bucket prank. Luan feels triumphant, while Lincoln and the other nine sisters are in shock towards what Luan did.


Chunk has no lines in this episode.


  • Lincoln's project is based on the show's first promotional poster.
    • His final line in this episode, "And I wouldn't trade it for the world," is one of the lines from The Loud House Theme Song.
  • This is the first episode to have all of Lincoln's sisters be depicted on the title card.
  • The color scheme of the characters on the title card seems to match the color scheme they had in the episode "Left in the Dark".
  • When the girls notice Lincoln's despair from the destruction of his project and explain to him how they can fix it, they're all standing in the same group formation as they were in "Heavy Meddle" when they were there cheering him on to kiss Ronnie Anne. Lori, Luna, Lily, Lisa, and Lynn are on one side, and Leni, Luan, Lana, Lola, and Lucy are on the other.
  • Vanzilla is shown to be perfectly intact in this episode after the kids' violent brawl in "The Sweet Spot", meaning that the van was possibly rebuilt sometime between now and that episode.
  • In this episode, Lily can be seen walking the same way she walks at the end of the intro.
  • Considering Lori fell for Lincoln pretending to be Bobby over the phone, it is unknown how she and Bobby actually settled the tux issue.
  • After crashing down the stairs, Lynn says "todo bien", which is Spanish for "all good/all is well".
  • Lincoln's sisters' preferred serving of eggs:
    • Lori - Hard boiled
    • Leni - Egg whites
    • Luna - Sunny-side up
    • Luan - Funny-side up
    • Lynn - Scrambled
    • Lucy - Extra well done
    • Lana & Lola - Deviled
    • Lisa - Fried
    • Lily - Extra gooey


  • Jurassic Park - The scene where the water in Lincoln's cup vibrates from his sisters' antics is a callback to the infamous scene.
  • Bob Marley - Luna's line "Every little thing is gonna be alright" is from the 1977 song Three Little Birds.
  • The Smurfs - Leni resembles Smurfette after her skin turns blue.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - If Lincoln hadn't tested Lisa's swelling potion that she passed off as the antidote on Walt, it is likely that Leni would have turned into a giant blueberry like Violet Beauregarde.
  • Angry Birds - The scene how Walt puffs up is similar to how the orange bird, Bubbles, can expand like a balloon.
  • Rugrats - Lily's outfit in this episode looks very similar to Tommy Pickles.
  • Peanuts - The music played during the title card is similar to a piece from the show and has a similar tune to the song "With A Little Help From My Friends". It is later played during the title card of "Picture Perfect", and the football scene in "The Loudest Yard".
    • Charlie Brown - The lamp in the living room has the same colors and zig-zag pattern as Charlie Brown's shirt.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Music from the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "The Splinter" is played when Lincoln was falling down the stairs.
  • We Bare Bears - Lincoln's sisters being part of his presentation after his model is ruined is similar to how the Bears became part of Chloe's presentation after her slideshow got tampered in the episode "Chloe".


  • When Lori stops the van for Lincoln, it appears she is really stepping on the gas pedal.
  • Leni was already out in the hallway when Lori was just walking out, yet Luan's water bucket didn't splash her first.
  • When Luan finally gets her bucket prank to work on Mrs. Johnson and cheers, Lola's arm which she points at Lana with is missing.
    • Her left arm was also dislocated.
    • While Lincoln is presenting his report, the eyelashes on her left eye are missing as well.
S1E05A The twins are ready

Lola's broken sash, and Lana's incorrect button colors.

  • When Lynn is tossed into the van, her skates pop off and slide onto the grass, but when Lincoln steps on one of them causing him to drop the project, they are on the driveway.
S1E05A Luan laughs a final time

Make that an arm minus.

  • When Lola and Lana walk past Lincoln before he runs into Lisa, part of Lola's sash is missing.
    • In that same scene, the buttons on Lana's suspenders are white instead of light blue.
  • When Luna says "You got it, man!", her ears are not aligned with each other.
  • When Lincoln tosses Lily in the air, she wouldn't get that much high to the roof. She will get hurt a lot.
  • When Lincoln first manages to get his sisters out the door, Luan's braces are of the same color as her teeth, not silver.
  • When Luna was almost finished with her guitar playing, her eyelashes were missing.
  • While Luna was introducing her roadie, Chunk, to Lincoln, her shirt was sleeveless instead of short sleeve.
  • When Lincoln tells Lynn there are no field hockey sticks in Roller Derby, he has no clothes on, but in the next shot, he has them again. It's possible that he put them back on already.
  • When Lori is talking to Bobby before the kids leave, her mouth is not aligned to her voice.
  • In one scene, it shows Lincoln skating down the hall. However, the hall appears very long in length. This is impossible, as the rooms are very close together.

Running Gags

  • When the twins are fighting, Lincoln does/takes something for/from them, they say "Hey!" in anger, but he solves their problems, and they say gratefully, "Thanks Lincoln!".
  • Luan trying to drench someone with a bucket of water, which she fails to do on Lincoln, Lori, and Leni, as the former successfully blocks all three with an umbrella. She successfully got Mrs. Johnson.
  • Lincoln helping his sisters.
  • Lynn stopping Lincoln with her sports.
  • Lincoln being careful with his family project.
  • Lucy asking Lincoln for rhymes and trying to read her poem.


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