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Pucker Uppenheimer is a minor character in The Loud House.


Pucker is a famous rock singer, and the lead singer of the band SMOOCH. Lincoln, Luna, and Clyde are huge fans of him. 

Lincoln singing along with Pucker.

He first appears in "For Bros About to Rock". He and his band come to the Royal Woods Mall for a concert, and Lincoln and Clyde assist for being their first concert. At the end of the episode, with the help of Luna, the kids manage to reach the front side of the stage with Pucker and the rest of SMOOCH members, and obtain their best and unforgettable first concert.

His second appearance is at the end of "Yes Man", as he gets a call from the Loud sisters to come outside so Lincoln can still meet SMOOCH, but Lisa's giant spider from the VR simulation scares everyone away when it crawls out of the house and onto the roof.


Pucker is a tall and slim man, with light fair skin, and black long hair. His rock attire consists of a red tank top, a black vest, black pants, and black platform boots with three white spikes each one. He wears red lipstick, small black earrings, and has one black and red bracelet on each arm.


  • Although his name is never mentioned in "For Bros About to Rock", he is listed in the credits as "Pucker Uppenheimer".
  • His name is a pun on the phrase "pucker up".
    • This is also a reference of the SMOOCH symbol, which is two red wrinkled lips.
  • His surname could be a reference to the scientist, and one of the members of the Manhattan Project, J. Robert Oppenheimer.

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