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Got kicked out, Purrfect Gig?
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"Purrfect Gig" is the thirty-second episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-eighty-first overall episode of The Loud House.


Luna is hired to watch the McBrides' cats when they go out of town, but the job becomes more demanding than she imagined.


In order to get the V.I.P. pass to Mick's concert with Sam, Luna offers to catsit for the McBrides.

While hanging out in her room, Luna is chatting with her poster of Mick Swagger, asking how she can get $50 for a VIP pass to his upcoming concert. Suddenly, Luna hears a knock at the door and answers it, where it's revealed to be Clyde, Howard and Harold. Clyde explains to Luna that he and his dads are heading to a McBride family reunion and need somebody to babysit their cats Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti since their usual pet-sitter cancelled at the last minute. When Luna realizes that she could get paid this way (and because Sam has her VIP pass), Luna promptly asks if she can babysit, and the McBrides agree on the condition that she doesn't bring anyone else with her, since the cats get anxious when there's more than one person.

At the McBride house, Luna discovers, to her shocking surprise, the manual on how to take care of the cats, which is revealed to be massive. She first reads that the cats need to be fed by 10:00 or they'll be cranky. However, it's 10:02, and the cats promptly attack Luna after she grabs the food. Next, Luna tries to walk the cats, but they go faster than Luna can handle. Afterwards, Luna tries to give them a bath because of all the food stuck to them, but when cats hear Luna utter the word "bath", the cats run off, prompting Luna to chase after them, ending it with her falling in the bathtub. When Luna bemoans to Mick on how little progress she's making, she suddenly gets the idea to call Sam, since she's an animal expert, much to Mick's disapproval, since she can't have anyone else with her.

Sometime later, Sam arrives and reveals she brought along her younger brother, Simon. Despite some hesitance, Luna lets Simon in and convinces him to play with Clyde's VR headset. Throughout the night, Luna and Sam manage to take care of the cats with ease. After Luna and Sam get the cats to sleep by singing a lullaby, Sam leaves, but to her horror, Simon is still in the house and Luna unknowingly locks her out. Sam tries to enter through the front door, but the McBrides arrive back at that moment, forcing her to hide in a bush. Luna opens the door and lets the McBrides in, but upon seeing Simon still in the house, Luna attempts to prevent them from seeing him. After a few mishaps and close calls, Luna attempts to shove Simon out the window, but is caught by the McBrides.

Luna kissing Sam for giving her money to her.

Later, as Luna confesses that she brought someone over to help, she decides to give the money back to Howard and Harold. However, when Howard and Harold state that they appreciate her honesty, they're also impressed at how well they took care of the cats, so they decide to split the money evenly between them, and Sam immediately gives her half to Luna so she can buy her VIP pass. Luna is shocked at this, and kisses Sam on the cheek as affection and thanks. At that moment, the cats enter the room, having been woken up by Luna cheering. Luna and Sam quickly put the two cats back to sleep with their lullaby that even the McBrides, Simon and Mick (in Luna's thoughts) fall asleep to as well.



Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Saison 4 : Partie 2" DVD.


@zakeno Twitter Picture.jpg
Kiernan Sjursen-Lien
Replying to @ByronDockins and @JordanG_Koch
This is my favorite episode of the show. :) Great work and congrats on the nomination!
Jan 30, 2021[1]
  • This is Kiernan Sjursen-Lien's favorite episode of the series.
  • This along with "Write and Wrong" were originally going to premiere on February 15, 2020, but was later delayed to April 19, replaced with "Singled Out" and "Brave the Last Dance," and delayed again to April 27.[2]
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the tag on Cleopawtra's collar.
  • This is the first episode in which Clyde appears but Lincoln is absent, outside of the short "Clyde and His Dads".
  • This is the first episode where a friend of Lincoln and one of the sisters appears, but Lincoln himself doesn't. This would continue in "Senior Moment", "Cow Pie Kid", and "Hurl, Interrupted".
  • This episode reveals Sam's younger brother, Simon, who was first mentioned in Sam's bio in the graphic novel, Live Life Loud!.
  • The plot of this episode is similar to the episode "Two Boys and a Baby," as both episodes involve a Loud kid taking on a sitting task, only to find out it's harder than they expected and they call their friend for help.
  • This episode reveals several things about the McBride cats:
    • They get skittish when more than one stranger visits.
    • They get taken for walks on leashes like dogs, and tend to pull on their leashes.
    • They hate taking baths.
    • They get put to bed at night.


  • Purrfect Gig - The title of this episode is a pun of "perfect gig", with "perfect" having the onomatopoeia "purr" in it, which is a sound a cat makes when it's in a good mood mostly.
  • Piet Mondrian - When Luna chases after the cats in the hallway, a painting on the wall has a similar appearance to this artist's most iconic painting, Composition with Red Blue and Yellow.
  • Scooby-Doo - In the hallway, Luna, the McBrides and Simon run from door to door in a similar fashion to the chase scenes in this cartoon franchise.


Luna is half-possessed.

S4E17B Luna's pupil error.png
  • As Luna is about to imagine herself with Sam in a thought bubble, the pupil on her left eye briefly disappeared in one frame.
  • As Luna apologizes to the McBrides and returns the money paid to her, the color in one of her eyelids briefly disappears.
  • Possible: When Luna is reading the McBrides' cat care instruction manual, the word "girls" misplaces the apostrophe before the s (singular), instead of after (plural).
  • The cats get sung to sleep at night, but cats are semi-nocturnal, so they don't need to go to bed at night.
  • Cleopawtra has three orange footpads, but she had six black footpads in her debut episode.
  • In the title card, Luna is missing her bracelets.
  • When Luna grabs the cats to get them in the tub, her right paperclip earrings is missing.
  • When the McBrides came back, Sam hides in a bush next to the front door. But there was no bush there in all wide shots of the McBrides' house. This goof also happened in "Cheater by the Dozen".
  • When Luna, Simon, and the McBrides are going through the door, Harold is seen going through the second door to the left, but comes out through the door next to it.
  • When Luna first started reading the kitty care instructions, she opens the manual to the first page. But in the next shot, it's turned to the middle without Luna having to turn any pages.



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