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"Put a Sock in It" is a short based on The Loud House.


The Loud siblings put on a sock puppet show to comfort a crying Lily.


At the Loud House, Lily is crying non-stop after Lana ate her booger and the siblings can't get her to stop crying. When Lynn dumps laundry on Lincoln, he holds up a sock like it's talking, amusing Lily. This gives Lincoln an idea.

The siblings set up a puppet show for Lily using socks in different plays. However, each one fails to impress Lily.

  • Lana and Lisa attempt to do an experiment together, but Charles come by and grabs Lisa's sock puppet.
  • Luna wants to do a music act and Luan wants to do a comedy act, but they get into an argument.
  • Lincoln and Lucy try doing an Ace Savvy skit, but Lucy's vampire puppet bites Lincoln's Ace puppet.
  • Lori and Leni perform a variety hour, but get sidetracked texting to each other.
  • Lynn and Lola do a show about the Old West, but the latter gets revolted by the former's smelly sock.

As the siblings argue over wanting to do a do-over, they notice Lily has fallen asleep. Rita arrives and praises her kids for putting Lily to sleep, so she offers to do the rest of the laundry herself. As the kids put their puppets in the basket, Rita suddenly gets an idea.

Soon after, Rita and Lynn Sr. put on their own puppet show about her going to a book signing and Lynn Sr. ringing his cowbell. Unfortunately, the loud clanging of the bell wakes up Lily, making her cry again.



  • This is the second time Lily speaks a full sentence, following "White Hare".
  • This is the first short where Asher Bishop voices Lincoln.
  • Lana is the only sibling that didn't use a sock in sock puppet show. Instead she used her hand and hat.
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nicktheloudhouse Verified The Louds are putting on a sock puppet show

in our latest short, "Put A Sock In It"
JULY 18, 2020[1]
  • On July 18, 2020, the short was released for free on The Loud House's Instagram account.
  • Lincoln, Lynn, and Lucy were the only Louds who didn't play themselves as characters: Lincoln played Ace Savvy, Lynn played a horse, and Lucy played a vampire (albeit one modeled after herself).
  • Not counting "The Maltese Bear", which is entirely black and white, this is the only short to not use the usual red, yellow, and blue color scheme in the three boxes which show credits on the title card. Instead, the three boxes are all brown.


  • Put a Sock in It - The title of this short is expression to be quiet or calm down.
  • Lucifer - Lucy's puppet is named "Lucy-fer", a pun of this former name for Satan.


  • Lola's line "Oh, come on, Lily. Don't cry.", is said in Luan's voice.
  • Luan is taller than Luna at one point.



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