The following is a transcript for the short "Put a Sock in It".


[The living room. Lily is crying her eyes out and the siblings are trying to calm her down.]
Leni: "Come on, Lily. It'll be okay."
Lisa: "Oh, little sibling. Don't fret."
Lori: "Come on, Lily. It's gonna be okay."
Lola: "Oh, come on, Lily. Don't cry."
Lincoln: [holding Bun-Bun] "Here, Lily. Want to give Bun-Bun a snuggle?"
[Lily responds by ripping the head off the stuffed animal, and goes back to crying.]
Lana: "I don't know why she's so upset. All I did was eat her booger."
[Lily stops crying, moves up to Lana and babbles...]
Lily: "That was Lily's booger!"
[Lily goes back to where she sat and resumes bawling. Lola begins jingling her coin purse above the upset baby.]
Lola: "This is useless. She's been crying for over an hour. She won't even take money."
[At that moment, Lynn arrives with a basket of laundry, where she announces...]
Lynn: "Hey! Laundry day, chumps! Comin' in hot."
[Lynn tosses the basket's contents onto Lincoln. He pops his head out and one of his hands which is covered with a sock.]
Lincoln: "Dang it, Lynn! You can't just-"
[Suddenly, Lily begins giggling, having been entertained by Lincoln moving his sock-covered hand as if it was like a puppet. Lori takes note of this.]
Lori: "Wait. Lily stopped crying. Lincoln, she likes that."
[Looking at his hand, an idea has struck.]
Lincoln: "Everyone, grab a sock. I've got an idea."
[The sisters smile, knowing what Lincoln has in mind.]

[Sometime later, a handmade stage is set up. Lincoln makes a fanfare and the curtains draw open, revealing a backdrop looking like Lisa's room. Lisa has her sock puppet up, which looks like her.]
Lisa: [acting] "Oh, Lana, would you mind assisting me with an experiment? My studies with hydrofluoric acid have proven success..." [Stops when she sees Lana's "puppet", which is just her hand with a hat and eyes drawn on. Whispering.] "Lana, where's your protective foot sleeve?"
Lana: "It's the weekend. I'm riding free."
[Suddenly, Charles pops in and nabs Lisa's puppet, revealing her exposed hand.]
Lisa: "AAAH! My phalanges are exposed!"
[As Lisa screams and wiggles her hand in panic, Lana follows suit, believing this is part of their act. Lily is shown to not be impressed.]
Lily: "Boo!"
[Charles continues to gnaw on Lisa's puppet.]

[The next skit. The curtains draw open, the backdrop is Luna and Luan's room, and Luna and Luan present their lookalike puppets.]
Luna: "Now, for the musical extravaganza."
Luan: "Wait, Mr. Coconuts and I prepared a juggling routine."
[Luan brings in Mr. Coconuts, holding three walnuts.]
Mr. Coconuts: "Hey, Luan, are we on?
Luna: "Uh, no way! You'll give the 'Lilster nightmares."
[Luan is offended by that statement.]
Luan: [gasps] "How dare you?! Mr. C's got more talent in his lug walnut than you'll ever have!"
[Mr. Coconuts juggles the walnuts in his hands.]
Luna: [arguing back] "Say that again and I'll sock ya!"
[Clearly not impressed, Lily gives the show a thumbs down.]

[The next skit. The curtain draws open, revealing a backdrop of Ace Savvy's superhero town. Lincoln presents his Ace Savvy puppet while Lucy presents a striped serpent one.]
Lincoln: "We joined Ace, scouting out the Card Shark's new hideout, but he can't do it alone. Good thing he's got a substitute sidekick." [whispers to Lucy] "What's your name again?"
Lucy: "Lucy-fer."
[The Lucy-fer puppet bites Lincoln's Ace puppet in the "neck", making Lincoln scream and Lily blowing a raspberry to signify that she's still not impressed.]

[The next skit. The curtains draw open, the backdrop is what seems to be one for a variety show. Lori and Leni have their sock puppets up.]
Lori: "Like, welcome to the L and L Variety Hour, with your two gorgeous hosts," [As she says "gorgeous hosts," Lori's hand pops up, gesturing towards herself and Leni.] "Us."
Leni: "You can say that again, Lor... O-M-gosh!" [Her hand pops up.] "Lori, where did you get your sock? The lacing is totes adorbs!"
Lori: "I know, right? Megan gave it to me. Speaking of which, have you heard her news?"
Leni: "No. Text me!"
[Lori's hand pops up with her phone, and she uses her puppet hand to text Leni. Leni also has a phone, and the two continue to text on. The rest of the kids are bored, Lily yawning.]
Lola: [sighs] "I guess they're done." [to...] "Lynn, we're on!"

[The next skit. The curtains draw open, revealing an Old West backdrop with what seems to be a stable in the background. Lola is on, her puppet lavishly-dressed.]
Lola: [accented] "Ah. The life of a wealthy debutante ain't an easy one. Where's my trusty steed?"
[Lola's "steed" is Lynn using a dirty, smelly sock.]
Lynn: [neighing] "What up, it's your horse."
Lola: [normal voice, clearly angry] "LYNN! You are disgusting! You're supposed to act like a horse, not smell like one!"
Lynn: "Well, you try winning seven straight games of street volleyball without breaking a sweat."
[Luan's puppet pops in...]
Luan: "Wait! I wanna redo!"
[ does Lincoln's...]
Lincoln: "Well, if you get one, then I get one."
[...then Lisa's...]
Lisa: "Well, at least your associate wasn't naked the whole time."
[...and Lana's.]
Lana: "I was..." [Her voice dissolves]
[Everyone else soon joins in until it erupts into an argument, when suddenly, Leni notices...]
Leni: "Guys, look."
[They take a look: Lily's now sleeping with Charles beside her. The kids are pleased.]
Rita: "Well done, kids. Since you got Lily to nap, I'll finish folding the laundry."
[The kids cheer quietly, and they all dump their puppets into the basket one by one. Rita has an idea.]

[The next skit. The curtains draw open, revealing a backdrop of Rita and Lynn Sr.'s room.]
Rita: "I'm off to my book signing for my latest, best-seller."
Lynn Sr.: [coming in, cowbell in hand.] "Okay honey, have a bell of a time!"
[He rattles the bell loudly, causing Lily to wake up crying. The parents are displeased.]

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