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Got kicked out, Racing Hearts?
This article contains information about an episode banned in Poland, Central & Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia due to Luna and Sam's relationship, and therefore will be unavailable to any user from these localities, with the exception of this specific article.

"Racing Hearts" is the forty-fifth episode of the third season, and the one-hundred-forty-sixth episode of The Loud House.


When Luna and Sam embark on a challenge taking place across Royal Woods, they discover they have less in common than they thought.


Luna is getting herself ready for the Royal Woods Astonishing Quest, because Sam is her partner, and wants to make a good impression.

The duo of Luna and Sam at the Astonishing Quest.

At the center of town, where countless pairs of people are attending like Lincoln and Clyde, Zach and Rusty, and Lisa and Darcy. Luna finds Sam sitting by the fountain, and the two meet up. Mayor Davis tells the contestants that the Astonishing Quest is a scavenger hunt taking place across the town, and whoever wins the final challenge will win a trophy (a really tiny one). After being given their first clues, the Astonishing Quest officially begins.

  • The first challenge Luna and Sam have to do is get 500 points in a game of laser tag. Luna manages to score 100 points by zapping Lisa and Darcy, but when Scoots and her partner Helen zip by, Sam fumbles with her laser gun, and accidentally zaps Luna, giving Scoots and Helen 100 points.
  • After getting their clue after scoring 500 points (which took some time), Luna reads it, and Sam deduces that it takes place at a farm. Arriving to Liam's farm, Liam tells Luna and Sam that their task is to collect a dozen eggs from the chicken house. Sam is able to collect the eggs after communicating with them, but when the chickens crowd around Luna, she ends up losing her balance and falls onto Sam, dropping all of their eggs.
  • After getting another dozen eggs, Liam gives Luna and Sam their next clue. After reading the clue, Luna says that they need to go the dance hall. At the dance hall, the dance instructor tells the contestants that they simply have to copy his moves, and they will get the next clue. As the teams start to copy the dance moves, Sam, who is revealed to not be much of a dancer, ends up knocking down all of the contestants.
  • When Luna and Sam get their next clue, they read it, and realize that it involves rock climbing. As Sam climbs the wall flawlessly, Luna, who is shown to be dangling, tells Sam that rock climbing is not her thing, and Sam, clearly not surprised by this, grabs the next clue, and heads back down.

As Luna sadly sits on a bench while Sam is in the bathroom, Lori and Leni arrive, participating in the quest as well. When Luna tells them that things are not going well because of how she and Sam have nothing in common, Lori suggests that Luna embrace the things Sam likes so she can better understand her. Sometime later, Luna and Sam go back to the challenge:

  • Luna reads the next clue, and Sam deduces that they need to go to the organic juice store (where Luna feigns being into organic juice). When they get there, they are challenged by drinking a new juice, and determine what ingredients make it up. After they both take a sip, Sam manages to list off some ingredients, Luna pretends she likes it, but disgusted with its taste, spits it all over Sam.
  • At Tall Timbers Park, Luna and Sam are tasked with having to ride a boat across the pond, while Luna continues to feign interest by saying that she's in boats after Sam mentions that she loves to sail. As they ride into the pond, Sam tries to instruct Luna on what to do, but Luna, having zero knowledge on what she's talking about, accidentally loosens the sail, causing it to spin rapidly, and fling the two off their boat and across the pond.

Together, they will discover new interests they both like.

As Luna and Sam sit on the edge of the pond, soaking wet, the two admit that they literally have nothing in common, and Sam initially asks if they should forfeit, but Luna says that they made it this far, so they might as well finish the quest as "friends". After reading the clue, the two head to a café, and Mayor Davis instructs them to bake a pie. To their surprise, they're both not fans of baking, which relieves them, since they found something they have in common. After putting in the ingredients, they start stirring the batter and end up making a mess, but the pair simply laughs it off. Suddenly, the Mayor announces that the quest is over, as the winners have been announced: Scoots and Helen. Luna and Sam, realizing that they lost, brush it off, saying that while they don't have much in common, they can still take the time to learn new things about each other. Suddenly, while Scoots and Helen celebrate, Helen is revealed to be Lynn in disguise, because she was banned from the Astonishing Quest for too much roughhousing last year. With her secret revealed, Mayor Davis starts chasing after Lynn and Scoots, demanding the trophy back.


Lincoln, Lana, Lola, Clyde, Lynn Sr., Rita, Rusty, Zach, Pop-Pop, Myrtle, Darcy, Coach Pacowski, Nurse Patti, Penelope, Flat Tire, Flip and Mr. Grouse have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Cooked", "The Complete Third Season", and "Saison 3 intégrale" DVDs.


Kevin Sullivan confirming Sam's return.

  • Kevin Sullivan confirmed that Sam has a major role in this episode.
  • This is the first episode where Alyson Stoner voices Sam.
  • This episode reveals the following about Luna and Sam:
    • Luna
      • She likes laser tag.
      • She dislikes farms.
      • She can neither rock climb nor sail.
    • Sam
      • She knows how to communicate with chickens.
      • She is not very good at dancing.
      • She likes to rock climb.
      • She likes organic juices.
      • She has extensive sailing knowledge.
      • She dislikes laser tag.
    • Both
      • They are not that much into baking.
  • Astonishing Quest teams:
    • Luna and Sam
    • Lincoln and Clyde
    • Lori and Leni
    • Rita and Lynn Sr
    • Scoots and Helen (Lynn)
    • Lana and Lola
    • Lisa and Darcy
    • Pop-Pop and Myrtle
    • Rusty and Zach
    • Flip and Mr. Grouse
    • Coach Pacowski and Nurse Patti
    • Penelope and Flat Tire
  • Lynn's disguise as Helen is similar to one of pageant judges from "L is for Love".
  • Luan, Lucy, and Lily are the only siblings not to be in the competition.
  • Foreshadowing: There are a couple subtle hints that foreshadow the fact that "Helen" was Lynn in disguise:
    • Helen's shoes and jacket are red, just like Lynn's theme color.
    • The second syllable of the name Helen sounds extremely similar to Lynn.
  • Irony:
    • It is shown that Luna and Sam don't have a lot in common, despite the fact that the two of them have an extreme passion for music.
    • In Polish dub "Helen" is Lynn's actual name.


  • Racing Hearts - The title of this episode is a reference to the feeling of a "racing" heart, or the feeling of your heart beating much faster than normal due to sudden physical exertion, intense fear, or extreme nervousness.
  • Fried Green Tomatoes - The scene where Luna and Sam try to cook parodies the "food fight" scene from this 1991 film, which is also about a lesbian couple.


When did the twins' front teeth grow back?

  • During the opening of the quest, the Little boy's arm is yellow instead of the colored skin.
  • During the dance challenge, Lana and Lola can be seen with front teeth.
  • After Luna spits juice all over Sam, the cup Sam was holding disappears.
  • In the two zoomed out shots of Luna and Sam, Luna is missing her freckles.
  • When Sam dodges the mainsail after Luna accidentally loosens it, the tiller is on her left hand side. Then right before Luna falls on her, the tiller is on Sam's right hand side.
  • When Luna grabs the last clue from the post, the nail that was on it disappears. Then it reappears on the post when Luna reads the last clue.


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