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Rainy Day Interactive Guide is a promotional video. Its premise is that it is a rainy day in Royal Woods, too rainy to go outside, and each Loud must be given a form of entertainment in a certain room to avoid conflicts. The job of the guide is to determine who is going where and how they will entertain themselves.


  • Lana is first, and she actually wants to go outside so she can play in the mud, but Rita and Lynn Sr. do not approve, so Lola is tasked to keep an eye on Lana so that the latter does not bring mud into the house. However, the twins must be kept occupied to avoid any fighting. The narrator suggests they could watch TV but they argue over what to watch, so instead, they are sent to the kitchen to guard the leftover Lynn-sagna as the "Feast Force".
  • Lisa is next, but unfortunately her and Lily's room is not available due to her having made a mess in there with one of her explosions. She gets sent to the dining room and brings her stool samples with her.
  • Next is Leni, who is sent to her and Lori's room to design clothes for her siblings.
  • Lori stays in her and Leni's room as well because their younger siblings cannot disturb her due to not being allowed in their room. Leni briefly leaves due to thinking she is not allowed either, but Lori calls her back. She entertains herself by talking to Bobby on her many devices.
  • Lincoln is next, and his form of entertainment is reading the newest Ace Savvy comic in his undies. The narrator suggests the bathroom, but Luan has booby-trapped it, so he lets her stay in the bathroom. The narrator tries the vents, but Lucy is already there, writing a poem. The narrator writes a poem of his own, then sends Lincoln to his bedroom to read.
  • Next up is Lynn, and the narrator suggests she could run around in her and Lucy's room, but their room is too small, so she takes the upstairs hallway.
  • The next Loud selected is Luna, and the narrator suggests the living room, but she is not allowed to play music in there because of the time Chunk kicked Lynn Sr. out of the house, so she is sent to her and Luan's room is next.
  • Lily is last, and she gets put in the living room where she runs free without her diaper.

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