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"Really Loud Music" is the thirty-second episode of the third season, the one-hundred-thirty-third episode, as well as the fifth full-length episode of The Loud House.


Hoping to win a song-writing contest, Luna contemplates whether she should go with a song that’s true to her sound or try to make something that the whole world will love.


Act I

In Luna and Luan's room, Luna is hard at work performing a song ("Play it Loud") to submit to the contest America's Next Hitmaker. Before submitting her song, Luna sees the commercial for the contest, which states that the top 5 best songs will be performed by their artists, and the single most popular song will be given a record deal. However, just before hitting the submission button, Luna learns from the commercial the goal of the song is to be sure everyone in the world will love the song. This causes Luna to question if her song is something that the whole world will love. Suddenly, Luna begins hearing her other siblings sing, ranging from...

  • Lana singing a vaudeville about how much she likes to fix the toilet ("Toilet Jam")
  • Lola singing a show tune to highlight her beauty ("Glam Song")
  • Lisa singing a rap about the periodic table ("Periodic Table Rap")

As they finish their songs, the three tell Luna that they weren't singing at all, and Lisa, after suggesting that Luna sit down to talk about her problems, tells Luna that she's hallucinating her siblings singing, and her subconscious is trying to find the right sound of music for her song. After exiting Lisa and Lily's room, Luna continues to see the rest of her family sing, such as...

  • Lori and Leni singing a slow jam in response to a text Leni got from Chaz ("Lori2Leni")
  • Luan singing about how life becomes less scary when viewed through the lens of comedy ("Luan's Laugh Parade")
  • Lucy giving a poetic speech embracing her gothic lifestyle ("Song of Silence")
  • Lynn singing an electronic song about her athleticism ("Get Pumped!")
  • Rita and Lynn Sr. singing a country song detailing their love ("That's Our Kinda Song")
  • Lincoln and Clyde singing a techno song detailing how they're friends, despite their imperfections ("Best Buds")
S03E17 Louds cheering

Luna believes a bubblegum pop song is the best way to go.

Hearing all of her family members "sing" their favorite types of music, Luna starts to lose hope, feeling that she will never come up with something the world will love. As Luna plops her head in defeat, she hears some music playing in the hallway. She discovers that it's Lily, dancing to a song on the radio ("Best Thing Ever"). Suddenly, the other family members join in (including the pets, Clyde and Mr. Grouse), dancing to the song. Once the song ends, Luna comes to the conclusion that the world loves bubblegum pop songs, and decides to get to work while everyone else heads off to get a Flippee.

Act II

Luna comes up with a brand new song to submit ("What Everybody Wants"). After performing the song, Luna promptly submits it to America's Next Hitmaker, confident that she will win.

Sometime later, Luna is informed via email that "What Everybody Wants" has made it to the top 5, and gets to perform it on America's Next Hitmaker. The siblings congratulate Luna on the opportunity.

Later, Luna arrives to the performance hall where America's Next Hitmaker is taking place, and discovers the two judges running the show, Michelle and Doug. When Luna introduces herself to them, the two tell Luna that she wasn't what they were expecting, and offer to give Luna some "tweaks" to better herself ("Changing Luna"), saying that it'll help her become somebody the world will love. After the "tweaks", Luna's new look makes her virtually unrecognizable (even her family thinks she's someone different), and they decide to change her name to Lulu, saying that Luna Loud is not a name anyone will like. When Luna tries to object, she is given an ultimatum: either she perform the way she is, or not perform at all. Realizing the bad spot she put herself into, Luna laments her situation ("What Have I Done?"), saying that she regrets selling herself out for world fame.

S03E17 People cheering for Luna

Playing it loud, and no time for turning it down!

Later that day, a crowd of thousands are attending the show, including the Loud family. Michelle and Doug present "Lulu" to the stage, much to the confusion of the Louds. Luna, as Lulu, approaches the stage, when suddenly, she tells the crowd that she's not performing... as Lulu. She promptly rips off her outfit to reveal the Luna Loud we all know and love, and begins performing "Play it Loud", and the crowd starts jamming out. Michelle and Doug, angry that Luna is going against them, attempt to sabotage her performance by unplugging her amps (which is located at the center of the stage). Lynn and Lana take note of this and stop them by blasting them with cannons. After performing, Michelle and Doug ask Luna what she has just done, and Luna simply states that she may have given up worldwide fame, but there is one thing she is keeping: her real self.


Bobby, Ronnie Anne, Carlota, CJ, Carl, Chunk, Teen Girl, and Dana have no lines in this episode.


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  • This is the last episode to air in 2018.
  • This episode was selected by the staff for the three categories the show was nominated in (Outstanding Children's Animated Series, Outstanding Writing for an Animated Program and Outstanding Musical Direction and Composition) for the Daytime Emmys in 2019, winning both Outstanding Children's Animated Series and Outstanding Writing for an Animated Program. [3]
  • Kyle Marshall considers this episode one of his personal favorites.[4]
  • This is the first special episode where Sammie Crowley and Whitney Wetta aren't the writers, as well as the first special to be solely directed by Kyle Marshall.
  • This is the first episode to be boarded by Diem Doan, albeit with Miguel Puga and Jordan Rosato.
  • When Chris Savino first announced this episode, he announced it as a rock opera. A rock opera is when a majority of the dialogue (if not all the dialogue) is sung.
  • The two people skydiving during "Best Thing Ever" were Kevin Sullivan and Karla Sakas Shropshire, the writers of this episode.
S3E17 SB GIF tumblr pse7ovYSjv1rvsfh9o4 400
S3E17 GIF tumblr pse7ovYSjv1rvsfh9o8 400
  • In the original storyboard The Casagrandes kids weren't originally going to appear in the Great Lakes City town square it was going to be random civilians.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the microphone Luna is screaming in.
  • This episode takes place after "L is for Love", as it is revealed that Leni is dating Chaz.
  • The car Luna is seen riding in during her song resembles a 1959 Chevrolet Impala 2 door Convertible. This car is also seen in "Butterfly Effect" and "Vantastic Voyage".
  • In some international dubs, Luna's solo songs are all left undubbed, while everyone else's are translated.
  • In the Latin American dub, half of the characters that appeared with dialogues, changed their voices in the moment of performing their songs.
  • Doug Rockwell played a caricature character of himself in the episode while Michelle Lewis was played by a different actress. According to Doug in an interview on the Loud Crowd podcast, both he and Michelle had to audition for the roles despite the characters being themselves and Michelle did not play her character because she was unable to convey the personality needed for the character.[5]
  • Innuendo: Luna's second song, "What Everybody Wants", has a satirical meaning behind it, as all the lyrics blatantly state that the whole point of the song is to make everyone love it.
  • Irony: Luna, Doug, and Michelle claimed/assumed that Luna playing her original song as herself wouldn't be what everybody wants. However, when Luna sang her song as herself, everybody liked it.


  • Really Loud Music - The title of this episode is a reference to loud music and a pun on the last name of the family "Loud".
  • Guns N' Roses - One of the promotional arts is a parody of the Guns N' Roses album Appetite for Destruction.
  • So You Think You Can Dance - Doug telling Luna she must be looking for So You Think You Can Head Bang is a reference to this reality competition show.


  • When Luna says, "Maybe I better think about this", her eyelashes are missing.
  • When Luna is watching her siblings sing, her notebook and pen disappears and reappears at some points.
  • Luan's unicycle keeps its surreal design after her song is over.
S03E17 Louds cheering

Lily is so happy that she put her eyebrows again.

  • When the Loud Family is cheering, once again, Lily has eyebrows and Lana's eyelashes are gone.
    • This also happens when Lynn Sr. and Rita meet "Lulu".
  • When Luna is Lulu, the highlight in her wig keeps switching sides.
Door error
  • During the song, "What Have I Done?", when Luna sings "For a moment in the spotlight 'til it's gone" the second time, the door on the side of the America's Next Hitmaker building has a light, a window, and some steps that were not there in all wide shots of the building.
  • Before Luna's performance, Lynn is next to Lucy in the crowd. Then during the song, "Play It Loud", Lynn is next to Lana.
Paperclip earring error

Did you see that?

  • Throughout the song "Play It Loud" near the end of the episode, Luna's paperclip earrings disappear and reappear. Also Luna's ears aren't pierced in those scenes.
    • To make matters worse, her left paperclip earring appeared in the last few frames during her line, "I can't be wrong, don't need direction, I can find my way."



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