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"Recipe for Disaster" is the eleventh episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-sixtieth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln and Clyde, as Ace and Jack, investigate when they discover a frozen food company using Dad's recipes.


While hanging out in the living room, Lincoln hears a frantic knock at the door. He answers the door, and discovers it's Clyde, who wants to tell something urgent. He empties out his backpack, revealing three boxes of frozen food from Frosty Farms Frozen Feast. After warming up the food, Clyde stuff them into Lincoln's mouth, making Lincoln point out that they taste exactly like his father's lasagna, mac 'n' cheese bites, and Salisbury steak. Clyde says that there's a chance that the frozen food company that made this food stole Lynn Sr.'s recipes, but to make sure before they jump to conclusions, they consult Lisa. She instructs them to put Lynn Sr.'s food and the frozen food into a machine that will analyze them. After a few seconds, the results come in, and the results state that the ingredients in both Lynn Sr.'s meals and the frozen food are the exact same, right down to the secret ingredients being included. Realizing that they have a case to solve, Lincoln and Clyde don their Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack outfits.

Lincoln and Clyde arrive to Lynn's Table, and tell Lynn Sr. about the frozen food company's theft. When Lynn Sr. states that it couldn't be possible, since they would have to steal his cookbook, he discovers that his cookbook really is missing, causing him to break down crying, since that cookbook contains all of his recipes he created ever since home-ed class in middle school. Lynn Sr. describes the book as black, having food stains and saying "Property of Lynn Loud" in it. With this newfound information, Lincoln and Clyde start to interrogate.

Lincoln and Clyde proceed to interrogate Kotaro and Grant, since they believe that they're the most likely suspects due to working alongside Lynn Sr. They first interrogate Kotaro at the ATM machine, asking him where he got the extra money. He states that his great-aunt passed away, but when Lincoln and Clyde think of it as a cheap excuse, Lucy arrives and confirms that Kotaro was telling the truth. They then proceed to interrogate Grant, who is riding a bike. When they question that the bike and his sneakers are new, they ask if they gave Lynn Sr.'s cookbook to Frosty Farms Frozen Foods, and Grant states that his birthday was a few days ago (the bike and sneakers were gifts), and they were there as well.

Realizing that the two have confirmed alibis, Lincoln and Clyde realize that someone may not have given Lynn Sr.'s cookbook away, but that someone stole it. As luck would have it, the headquarters for Frosty Farms Frozen Foods is in Royal Woods so they proceed to head there. Arriving to the HQ, they attempt to let the security guard give them access, but they promptly get kicked out. They attempt to pose as plumbers, but get kicked out when the guard sees through their disguises. They attempt to pose as firefighters, but a bulge in their hose flails them out of the building. As the two try to figure out how to get in, a delivery truck arrives, and proceed to jump into some boxes. When the delivery man drops the boxes off in the building, Lincoln and Clyde jump out and proceed to follow a familiar smell. Arriving to the kitchen, they discover the woman in there using Lynn Sr.'s cookbook. Barging into the room, the two immediately accuse the woman of stealing the cookbook, but the woman doesn't know what they're talking about, since she has had the book since she founded Frosty Farms Frozen Foods. Lincoln initially denies, but when looking through the book, it turns out the name inside is not Lynn Sr.'s, but Mildred Scalise. When Lincoln also points out that the dishes in the book are the same as Lynn Sr.'s, Mildred believes that Lynn Sr. stole the recipes from her, and demands to see him.

Arriving back to Lynn's Table, Lynn Sr. encounters Mildred, and at first, the two get at each other's throats, but it turns out that Lynn Sr. actually knows who Mildred is, since she was his home-ed teacher in middle school. When the two would work together, Mildred gave Lynn Sr. some unique cooking tips, and the two proceeded to write all their recipes in their own cookbooks (which explains why Mildred's cookbook looks exactly like Lynn Sr.'s cookbook). Feeling sympathy for her former student, Mildred decides to let Lynn Sr. borrow her cookbook, and the two proceed to get to cooking to create a new dish. As a result, Lincoln and Clyde declare the mystery solved, but Lincoln questions what really happened to Lynn Sr.'s cookbook.

It was Leni who took Dad's cookbook.

It turns out that Lynn Sr.'s cookbook was taken by Leni, who attempted to turn it in at the library, along with Lucy's poetry book and Lola's diary. When Lola tells Leni about how personal these books are, she tells her to come with her to return the book to their father (and the other books). This makes Leni comment that Lola is being over-dramatic, since she believes that Lynn Sr. never noticed that it's missing.


Librarian Wetta has no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Bienvenue chez les Loud: Saison 4: Partie 1" DVD.


  • This episode reveals that Lynn Sr. learned all of his recipes from home-ed class, and that his teacher has the exact same cookbook as Lynn Sr.
    • This episode also reveals that the secret ingredient in Lynn Sr.'s mac 'n' cheese bites is caramel and how it became a secret ingredient was by complete accident.
  • This episode shows that Flip was a middle school delinquent, as he often hid in Mildred's classroom when he was expected to be at the principal's office.
  • Apparently, Lola's diary leaves a trail of glitter when moved.
  • When Lincoln and Clyde are outside Frosty Farms, two adults wearing clothes looking similar to Lynn Sr.'s and Rita's are seen walking past them pushing Billy.

International edits

  • The scene where Clyde shoves Mac 'n' cheese bites into Lincoln's mouth was removed in the UK version.


  • Recipe for Disaster - The title of this episode is a phrase that means that an event is very likely to have unpleasant consequences.
  • Superman - When Lincoln and Clyde change their regular clothes into Ace Savvy and One-Eyed Jack, their quick transformation into them is similar to Clark Kent when changing to the Man of Steel.
    • Alternatively, it could be how various most Japanese or Tokusatsu Superheroes (Super Sentai/Power Rangers, the Sailor Scouts/Sailor Senshi from the Sailor Moon franchise and Kamen Riders as examples) change from their Civilian forms into their super-powered egos complete with a pose to conclude the transformation sequences.


Door handle shown...

...but disappears a second later.

  • When Clyde enters the house in the beginning, the door handle is missing from the door.
  • In certain scenes in the episode, Lincoln was missing his eye bags that are even seen while he wears his mask.
    • When Lincoln and Clyde came in the Frosty Farms Company as firefighters.
    • When Lincoln and Clyde were by the Snail Shipping Van as they look at each other, knowing they have an idea to get in Frosty Farms.


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