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Got kicked out, Resident Upheaval?
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"Resident Upheaval" is the fourteenth episode (fifteenth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-thirteenth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln and Clyde are at odds when they discover there's only room for one of their grandmas at Sunset Canyon.


At Sunset Canyon, Lincoln, Pop-Pop, and Myrtle are taking a tour of the retirement home with Seymour as their driver. Once the tour ends, Myrtle expresses desire to move here so that she could be closer to Pop-Pop, and hands Seymour her application to take the available room. After reading the application, Seymour informs them that they currently have another applicant wanting the room, and states that they'll inform them in a couple days if she ends up getting the room. After Seymour leaves, Lincoln assures his grandparents that he has a plan to make sure Myrtle gets the room.

Later, Bernie is giving a tour of the retirement home to Clyde, Harold and Howard, as Clyde's grandmother, Gayle, wants to move in. After completing the tour, Gayle presents Bernie with her application to take the available room. Upon taking it, Bernie informs them that there's another applicant wanting the room, and will notify them in a couple days if she gets the room. When Gayle expresses desire to live closer with her family, Clyde assures her that he has a plan to make sure she gets the room.

Throughout the day, Lincoln and Clyde attempt to convince either Seymour or Bernie to consider giving the room to their respective grandmothers. Lincoln tries to convince Seymour while exercising with him at the mall, and Clyde tries to convince Bernie while getting a spa treatment at the Royal Woods Spa. That night, Lincoln and Bernie arrive at the theater to watch an opera (from the balcony) in order for Lincoln to convince him to give the room to Myrtle. While looking through his opera glasses, Lincoln spots Clyde and Seymour in an opposing balcony, making the two question why they're here. Excusing themselves to the lobby, the two friends discover that their respective grandmothers are the applicants, and begin to argue over the other trying to convince the elders to give their vote to them. At that moment, Seymour and Bernie, having been alerted by the boys' shouting, tells them who they're putting their votes for: Seymour wants Myrtle, and Bernie wants Gayle. Realizing that it's a tie, Bernie tells the boys that they need to go to the head of the board. Scoots, who is revealed to be the head of the board, tells the boys that in order to win the room, the two elderly ladies have to fight for it. When they tell their grandmothers about this, they both tell them that they can allow the other to take the room, not wanting to fight. However, Lincoln and Clyde state they have a plan.

Later, Lincoln is at Sunset Canyon dressed up as Myrtle. After putting on lipstick, Lincoln bumps into who he thinks is Gayle, but discovers it's actually Clyde dressed up as her. Realizing they both have the same plan to get their grandmother the room, their heated rivalry only gets bigger. At that moment, Scoots arrives and tells them that it's time to settle things once and for all. Scoots explains to the two "ladies" that there are five challenges in order to test who's more compatible with the retirement home's lifestyle (with her beau Tyler keeping score), and whoever wins the most challenges will win the room.

  • The first challenge is to put together a jigsaw puzzle. Clyde succeeds in completing his puzzle first. (Lincoln - 0, Clyde - 1)
  • The second challenge is a bean bag toss. Clyde accidentally overshoots his aim, but Lincoln manages to get his bean bag into the hole. (Lincoln - 1, Clyde - 1)
  • The third challenge has the two trying to race through the hallway on food carts. After making Lincoln spin out, Clyde crosses the finish line. (Lincoln - 1, Clyde - 2)
  • The fourth challenge has the boys sitting on top of Seymour and Bernie's shoulders, and using pool noodles to fight. Lincoln successfully knocks Clyde off Bernie's shoulders. (Lincoln - 2, Clyde - 2)
  • The fifth and final challenge has the two wrestle in a kiddie pool full of pudding. During their scuffle, Lincoln and Clyde's disguises accidentally fall off.

With their real identities exposed, Lincoln and Clyde try to explain themselves to Scoots, but she reveals that she actually knew all along that it was the boys. She also states that because they tried to cheat to make sure their respective grandmothers got the room, neither of them gets to occupy it. Realizing they cost their grandmothers the opportunity to stay at the retirement home, Lincoln and Clyde apologize to each other and attempt to sort things out with Scoots.

Arriving to Scoots' room, Lincoln and Clyde try to ask Scoots to give Myrtle and Gayle a second chance. When the two insist that their grandmothers can have the room, Scoots, not wanting to consider a decision, tells the two to come back once they made a decision. Suddenly, Scoots accidentally backs her scooter into the back wall, causing it to fall over and reveal a hidden space with Tyler occupying it. Seymour and Bernie, alerted by the noise, discover that Scoots has been hogging a two-person suite to herself this whole time.

With this secret revealed, Lincoln and Clyde proceed to have both Myrtle and Gayle occupy it, while Scoots is downgraded to a one-person room. The moment Scoots leaves, Myrtle and Gayle meet each other for the first time, and express their excitement of being roommates. At that moment, an ice cream truck arrives and when Bernie says that they get senior discount, Lincoln and Clyde take advantage of this opportunity by posing as their grandmothers. When Scoots arrives, wanting ice cream as well, the truck says they're sold out, and in a moment of frustration, she accidentally sets her scooter into reverse again.


Mazzy, Unnamed Brunette Woman, Whitney, Kyle Marshall, Parvana, Tyler, and Unnamed Girl 1 have no lines in this episode


  • The plot of the episode is identical to "Intern for the Worse", because in both episodes, Lincoln and Clyde compete and fight each other only to learn they were manipulated by someone else.
@JordanG Koch Twitter Picture.jpg
Jordan Koch
After boarding 34 episodes and over 44,000 storyboard panels during my time on the show, my last episode of #TheLoudHouse aired yesterday! Including a not-so-subtle cameo of my favorite curmudgeons! Who knew then that it’d have the tiniest overlap with what I’m working on now...
Jan 30, 2021[1]
  • This is the last episode Jordan Koch boarded before his departure from Nickelodeon but he returned to Nickelodeon Animation on February 7, 2022 although he does not storyboard for the show anymore.
  • This episode marks the debut of Nana Gayle, her first physical appearance after only being mentioned since "Get the Message" in Season 1.
@Swindletopher Twitter Picture.jpg
Christopher Swindle
Replying to @VincentSophuok
Awe, thank you so much! It was an honor, but in this case I filled in for just one episode and someone else will take over the role! Hope you enjoy it!
Jan 29, 2021[2]
  • This is the first episode where Pop-Pop has a speaking role since Season 4's "Geriantics". This is also the first episode where Pop-Pop speaks after the passing of his original voice actor, Fred Willard.
    • According to Christopher Swindle, the actor who voiced Pop-Pop in this episode, the crew is currently still looking for a replacement voice actor, and his role in this episode was just a one-off for this episode only.
  • This episode reveals that Scoots is Sunset Canyon's head of the board.
    • It is also revealed that she has been occupying a two-bedroom suite throughout her entire time at Sunset Canyon, unbeknownst to the other seniors.
  • According to Myrtle, her mode of transportation to get from Sunset Canyon to her home is by the bus, which takes her to a ferry, by which she takes a taxi.
  • Myrtle is revealed to be a former fighter, as she used to attend a wrestling association from South America.
  • This episode revealed that Myrtle never lived in Sunset Canyon but rather visited it a lot to see Pop-Pop.
  • Innuendo: Myrtle reveals a tattoo she has on her chest.


Statler and Waldorf cameos.

  • Resident Upheaval - The title of this episode is a pun of the zombie horror video game franchise Resident Evil.
  • The Muppets - When looking through his opera glasses, Lincoln spots two elderly men in a balcony that bear a strong resemblance to Statler and Waldorf.
    • According to Jordan Koch, who boarded the episode, their cameo was his idea, and he even put the two characters in his original storyboard.



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