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"Rita Loud" is the eleventh episode of Listen Out Loud.


Mom is delighted to have listeners experience a day in the dentist's office while her family gets their teeth cleaned, but scaredy-cat Dad makes the visit a challenge.


Rita takes the listeners on a tour of her place of work, Dr. Feinstein's dental office, as Lori, Lola and Lynn Sr. - the latter being dragged inside against his will - enter the premises for an appointment. Immediately, Lynn Sr. makes things difficult for the others as he tries to resist, to no avail, to the point it takes an annoyed Lola to settle him down. Rita promises a froyo should he cooperate, though shortly after he complies, he drops it. Annoyed, Lola - with her mouth full - goes first.

Inside, Lola (who's been eating chocolate sandwich cookies) has her teeth inspected, though the faulty chair makes things slightly difficult. In the end, the inspection is completed without a hitch.

Next is Lori, due to Lynn Sr. making things difficult. As her mom goes about inspecting her teeth, Lori is just gossiping about someone in the Royal Woods High School marching band losing one of their teeth in a freak accident, so Rita sleep-gasses Lori for her safety. Otherwise, the inspection is completed, once again, without a hitch.

Rita eventually gets to a confident Lynn Sr., who had just finished a talk with Lola. However, his confidence is immediately melted away as he hears the sound of power tools - actually Lana fixing the chair - and as he tries to get away, Lynn Sr. is stopped using extra-strength floss and is promptly inflicted with laughing gas. As Rita tries to stop the laughing gas, she accidentally turns up the gas' intensity and manages to pop the knob off, inflicting everyone with intense laughter. Rita promptly ends the podcast as she attempts to open up a window to air out the gas, but instead knocks down a tray of dental equipment trying to do so.



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  • Cavity-Con - This dental convention is a spoof of the real-life Comic-Con convention.


  • This episode is erroneously labeled as "Mom Loud".


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