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"Robot Reboot" is a short based on The Loud House.


Lisa makes a film about her robots to win a science award but discovers their programming is unpredictable.


Inside of Lisa's underground bunker, Todd, FriendBot 1000, Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms and Toaster are watching funny videos on the TV. Suddenly, Lisa arrives and announces that she wants to review video footage she took of the robots interacting with the kids and wants to submit it to a film festival in the hopes of winning the Scientific Community Robotic Award and Grant (S.C.R.A.G.). However, as Lisa watches the footage, she discovers that the results aren't what she was expecting.

  • The first video shown is FriendBot 1000 having a tea party with Lola. Lola requests him to drink a cup of tea, but FriendBot 1000 politely refuses because liquids will damage his circuitry. Not taking no for an answer, Lola demands him to drink the tea, ending with the two fighting when FriendBot 1000 intentionally spills his tea to firmly tell her doesn't want to drink it.
  • The second video shown is Mr. Reinforced Titanium Allow Arms doing baseball practice with Lynn. After successfully batting two balls, Lynn wants him to swing the ball at his fastest speed, and the robot responds by activating his baseball launchers, where he proceeds to chase after Lynn while pummeling her with baseballs.
  • The last video shown is Todd trying to teach Lily how to count by using her wooden blocks. However, Lily rather wants to pretend she's a dinosaur. When Todd comments that Lily's roaring doesn't sound accurate to an actual dinosaur's roar, he proceeds to call in Dolly the velociraptor to provide a demonstration, resulting in the dinosaur to violently burst through the door, flinging both him and Lily across the room.

Unsatisfied with this footage, Lisa berates them for not doing what they were built to do, but the robots refute that she programed them like this, causing Lisa to realize they're right. When nighttime comes, as the robots sleep, Lisa proceeds to reboot them by changing their personality settings so that they're completely devoid of any emotion.

The next day, Lisa enters the bunker again, and is greeting by her robots, who now speak with complete monotone in the voices and gesture her to her seat so they can review their new footage. The new footage shows the robots interacting with the Louds by solving their problems, but their methods of doing so are unconventional.

  • First, FriendBot 1000 is shown interacting with Leni which dress to choose. FriendBot 1000 responds by disintegrating the dress he doesn't like.
  • Second, Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms is shown interacting with Lynn Sr. who is showing him his secrets of cooking. As Lynn Sr. cuts a piece of carrot into a heart and says that the secret ingredient is love, Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms disagrees with his notion and uses his lasers to cut up the heart-shaped carrot piece, making Lynn Sr. cry in response.
  • Lastly, as Lisa works on her laptop, Todd can be seen rushing over to Luna and Luan's room, where Luna is currently playing her music, and proceeds to destroy all of Luna's instruments after Todd remarks that the noise she's making is over the preferred decibel level.

Lisa is satisfied with this new footage, but her moment of joy is cut short when the robots immediately hand her a box of her things and order her to leave, saying that they have tasks to complete and would rather keep their relationship with her in a professional manner. In Lisa and Lily's room, as Lisa looks through her box of items, she comes across a photo of herself and the robots just lounging on the couch. Hurt by how much she changed her friends, she enters the bunker and tells them that she's withdrawing from trying win the S.C.R.A.G., saying that her friendship with them is more important. Before long, the robots have allowed her to reboot them by restoring their true personalities.

With the robots now back to being themselves, Lisa decides to hang out with them by showing blooper videos of her own siblings, to which she and the robots laugh along to.



  • This is the first short to premiere in 2022.
  • This is the first short where the Loud sisters are in their new age.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as a puff of smoke from Lisa's test tube.
  • Not counting "Muscle Fish", which has slightly different title card text than usual, this is the first short to depict the title card text in a gradient color.
  • Dolly, the velociraptor who first appeared in "School of Shock", reappears in this episode.
  • This episode reveals that Lisa's robots wear sleep masks when they charge, and that they have dials that determine their level of emotion.

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