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Rock Out Loud! is a minigame from's minigame collection Hall of Games. It is based on The Loud House.


Luna is jamming in the garage, but some objects such as hammers, paint cans, and guitar cases are falling down, due to the high volume caused by her amplifiers. The player must control her around to knock the objects back into the air with the sound wave that her guitar playing is causing.

The game starts with 30 seconds. Every time an object is knocked back, the clock gets an extra two seconds added to it. There are also skulls and guitar picks hovering in the air. If Luna can knock the falling objects into them, they'll add an extra second as well. As soon as the clock hits zero, the game ends with the final score shown, keeping track of how many objects they kept from hitting the floor, and skulls and guitar picks they collected for bonus time.

Each object knocked back is worth 100 points. Whenever Luna hits an object, she'll say one of the following phrases.

  • "Awesome!"
  • "Whoo!"
  • "Stage dive!"
  • "Luna is in!"

If she misses a single object and it hits the floor, the game is over, and she says "Sorry, bro...", so you cannot miss anything.


  • This is the first game based on the show not to feature or mention Lincoln.

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