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This article is about the Season 4 episode. For the Season 3 episode, see Middle Men.
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Got kicked out, Rocket Men?
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"Rocket Men" is the seventeenth episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-sixty-sixth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln and Clyde beg their parents to let them go to space cadets camp, but it's not as fun as they expected.


Lincoln and Clyde are watching a Starship Groupers movie at the Loud House. When a commercial break comes up, Lincoln and Clyde see a commercial for the Space Cadets Experience, a one-week event taking place at a space camp. Amazed by what they witnessed, Lincoln and Clyde proceed to ask their parents if they can go. At first, Rita, Lynn Sr., Howard and Harold are hesitant, since Rita and Lynn Sr. believe it to be too expensive, and Howard and Harold fear that Clyde won't be able to take care of himself for a whole week. However, when they see how excited the boys are, they agree to let them go.

The duo goes to space camp.

Lincoln and Clyde arrive to the space camp, and are awestruck at the amount of activities there are. However, throughout the day, Lincoln and Clyde realize that not everything is cracked up to be, as they get injured while playing in zero gravity, being unable to tolerate the gyroscope, the space toilet sucking Clyde's loafer off, and the cafeteria food being a mysterious green substance. As they eat, they learn from a couple girls that the activity that everyone does at the end of their week is the flight simulator, and become worried when the girls tell them that a group of kids used it, and three of them passed out.

At night, Lincoln and Clyde admit that the Space Cadet Experience is not as fun as they thought, and proceed to call their parents to pick them up. The parents, feeling sorry for their kids, encourage them that they stay a little bit longer, saying that while they may not like it at first, they'll eventually find something they'll enjoy. The moment they hang up, Lincoln and Clyde proceed to break out by exiting through the front gate and using the moon rover, but their attempts are stopped by their counselor, Tarreyn, who directs them to their cabin.

While looking at their map, Lincoln spots a building with a recycling symbol, and assumes it's the recycling building, where everything that gets tossed out goes out the camp. Lincoln and Clyde head to the building, and turn on the light. However, to their horror, they're actually in the flight simulator. To make matters worse, the door behind them locks, forcing the boys to partake in the simulator. The simulator blasts off, and instructs the boys to safely maneuver through an asteroid field. Unfortunately, they end up hitting an asteroid, and the simulator instructs them to go outside the ship and flip the switches to reactivate the ship's life support systems. Donning space suits, Lincoln and Clyde act quickly to flip the switches and when they do so, gravity kicks in, leaving the boys dangling. Sometime later, the boys express their excitement from the experience, when suddenly, Tarreyn comes in and says to the boys that she's sorry that her camp disappointed them. She also informs them that their parents are here, ready to pick them up.

Lincoln and Clyde decide to stay at the space camp.

Outside, Lincoln and Clyde wait for their parents. When the parents arrive, they notice how down the boys are. Lincoln and Clyde explain that they gave the Space Cadet Experience a chance, and say that while they didn't enjoy it at first, they actually like it now. This speech makes the parents state that as long as they had fun, they can stay if they want, much to the boys' happiness.



  • This and its sister episode are the most viewed episodes of Season 4.
  • Sammie Crowley made a thread on Twitter explaining why this episode is personal to her:

This was an episode I’d wanted to do for years as this lesson is extremely close to my heart. I had two experiences as a kid where I went to an overnight camp and on the first night called home begging to be picked up. And you know what my parents said both times? Nope! Good luck! It taught me a lot about sticking out a tough situation and trying to find the silver lining (or in the worse of the two situations knowing that bad things come to an end). I felt like a camp with a space theme would be perfect for Lincoln and Clyde and would also lend itself to a ton of fun visuals and gags. And big shout out to my dear friend Tarreyn who gave me tons of useful insight as a kid who didn’t enjoy astronaut camp and who voices herself as the camp counselor! I’m so proud of the way this one turned out and so much of that is because of one the most talented board artists around, Jordan Rosato, our truly outstanding director Jessica Borutski and the whole design team led by the extraordinary @_AshKs.

—Sammie Crowley, Twitter[2]
  • On the first few airings of this episode, it came on before its sister episode, "Love Birds". This has been fixed as of November 4, 2019.


  • Rocket Men - The title of this episode is likely a reference to Elton John's song "Rocket Man".
  • Starship Troopers - The movie Lincoln and Clyde were watching, Starship Groupers, is a reference to this 1997 sci-fi film.
  • Alien - Lincoln and Clyde sleeping upside-down in bags on the ceiling is similar to the alien cocoons in this 1979 sci-fi horror film.


Lincoln's pants changing color.

  • Lincoln's pants change color from sky-blue dress pants to his signature jeans during the conversation with his parents.



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