This page describes all of Rocky's relationships with his family and friends.


Rusty Spokes

S2E04B Rusty thinks Rocky is bleeding

Rusty sees Rocky covered in blood, despite that it's fake.

Rocky and Rusty seem to have a friendly relationship. Rusty appeared to be concerned for Rocky when he ran out of the Loud's residence, and fainted at the sight of Rocky covered in fake blood.


Lucy Loud

S2E04B Lucy and Rocky blush

Rocky and Lucy blushing.

As soon as Lucy laid eyes on Rocky, she was infatuated with him, citing his "cuteness". At first she was led to believe she frightened him, with him seemingly backing off at her initial advances. Throughout "Back in Black", Lucy tried to gain his attention by dressing up as a "normal" girl. Rocky was surprised at her new look, initially not recognizing her. After a train wreck date, Lucy was convinced that Rocky didn't like her at all. Later, it was revealed that her feelings towards him were mutual, and that Rocky thought Lucy was "too cool" for him, and was very happy when she returned to being herself. Afterwards, Lucy asked if Rocky wanted to see her coffin collection, to which the latter gleefully agreed to. He also was fascinated by Lucy's efforts at fake blood, then afterwards, he helped her to get it just right.

Lincoln Loud

S2E04B Fake blood

Lincoln and Rocky.

Lincoln is friends with Rocky's older brother Rusty. Lincoln doesn't know much about Rocky, but he thinks he's an average and regular boy. Despite not knowing each other a lot, they seem to have a good relationship.

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