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Rodney[1] Spokes is a minor character in The Loud House, and the father of Rusty and Rocky. He made his first appearance in the episode "Back Out There".


Aside from being Rusty and Rocky's father, not much is known about him, minus the fact that he works at a clothing shop called "Duds for Dudes."

He first appears in "Back Out There" where he allows Rusty and his friends to borrow some suits, stating that they better come back clean or else Rusty would be grounded for a month. He was later seen overseeing Rusty, Clyde, Liam, and Zach use a cleaning remedy on the suits when they have gotten dirty.

In "Stall Monitor," Mr. Spokes attends a parent teacher meeting. Rusty, in order to stall for time, informs his father that Mrs. Johnson is interested in a new outfit. Seeing a potential sale, he brings in several samples from his car, only to be turned down.

In "No Bus No Fuss," Mr. Spokes gave Rusty and his friends a ride to school. Though he made a detour to offer some of his clothes to a pedestrian.

In "Dad Reputation" and "Musical Chairs", Rodney plays the drums for The Doo Dads, a (nearly) all-Dad band.

In "Haunted House Call", he called Lucy and the Morticians Club to deal with a ghost that was haunting Duds for Dudes and making a mess of the shop. Turns out he had given the ghost a Tuxedo T-Shirt, interpreting his order as the cheapest possible option, leading to the ghost feeling ripped off and unable to pass on in such tacky clothes. Rodney was stubborn about not allowing a refund, so Lucy was able to negotiate an exchange instead, giving the ghost a real tuxedo, and allowing him to enter the afterlife. Rodney then thanked them with some money for a job well done.

In "Scoop Snoop", he's revealed to be in a relationship with Katherine Mulligan, revealing that he is single; it is currently unknown what happened to his wife.

In "Save the Last Pants", he entrusted Rusty with running Duds for Dudes while he was in Hazeltucky making a fabric exchange. It is revealed that he's trained Rusty in the art of being a salesman and passed on much of his knowledge of clothing and persuasion.


For the most part he is a typical father, who is helpful and loving towards his children, but punishes them if they damage property of his shop. A natural salesman, he's known to keep an array of clothing samples in his jalopy, and will dive head first into any potential sales and customers he sees. He also tends to get emotional at times, and will sport puppy dog eyes as one of his methods of persuasion.


Like his sons, Rodney has light fair skin, buck teeth, curly red hair, and suffers from acne. However, unlike his sons, his hair also has sideburns. He wears a light green shirt, with a turtleneck collar, a dark green jacket, light blue jeans, held by a black belt with a silver buckle, and white shoes.



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