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"Roll Model with the Casagrandes" is the fourth episode of the fourth season, the one-hundred-fifty-third episode of The Loud House, and the fourth episode of the Casagrande story arc.


When Carl witnesses Ronnie Anne save a dog, he becomes obsessed with being just like his newfound hero.


In the living room, Carl is watching a show featuring his favorite superhero, el Falcón de Fuego (the Falcon of Fire). At that moment, Ronnie Anne says that she's heading to the park to do some skateboarding and Frida insists that she take Carl with her, as he has been attached to the TV all day.

At the park, as Carl plays with his Falcon of Fire action figure, Ronnie Anne meets up with Mr. Nakamura, who is walking his dog, Nelson. As they chat, Nelson spots a squirrel and proceeds to chase after at, prompting Ronnie Anne to chase after him. During the chase, Ronnie Anne nearly runs into several people and ends up with a kite stuck around her neck (like a superhero cape). The squirrel runs up a tree and attempts to fight back by trying to knock down a beehive, but Ronnie Anne manages to get Nelson in time and ricochet the beehive back to the squirrel. This entire act of heroism was witnessed by Carl and he takes an immediate liking to Ronnie Anne, calling her his "hero".

The next day, as Ronnie Anne and Bobby have breakfast, Carl arrives and states that he wants the same thing Ronnie Anne is having. Before long, Carl attempts to copy every little thing Ronnie Anne does, such as watching the same TV show, hanging out in the same spot, dressing up like her, as well as sleeping in the same bed. Now fed up with Carl following her, Ronnie Anne plans to act like a coward towards Carl in the hopes that he will doubt her.

The next day, Ronnie Anne attempts to dissuade Carl by being afraid of spiders, refusing to take the trash out and being bad at skateboarding by falling into the park fountain. Unfortunately, these acts only fuel Carl's interest in Ronnie Anne, as they end up being beneficial for someone else (Bobby's fear of spiders makes him toss Frida's latest art piece in the air, prompting Ronnie Anne to save it, her refusal to take out the trash allows Rosa to find one of her rings that she accidentally tossed out and her falling into the fountain saves a hot dog cart from going up in flames). When Ronnie Anne uses the bathroom, she gets a call from her father, Dr. Santiago. She explains her dilemma with Carl and Dr. Santiago says he's not surprised, as Ronnie Anne did the same thing to Bobby when she was younger. Ronnie Anne initially denies this, but when she asks Bobby, he reveals that what their father said was true. Bobby explains that when they were younger, Ronnie Anne had a habit of copying everything he did, such as wearing the same Halloween costume and making the same sandcastles. When Ronnie Anne asks Bobby how he was able to tolerate it, he says that it's just one of the perks of being the older sibling, and she soon realizes that Carl looks up to her like somewhat of an older sister figure, figuring that she simply has to do the same.

Later, as Bobby, Ronnie Anne and Carl hang out in the mercado, Ronnie Anne attempts to explain to Carl about what she was told, when suddenly, Ronnie Anne's skateboard knocks down a melon, which then bumps into a pile of stacked cans about to topple onto an old lady. When Par discovers the danger the old lady is in, he quickly pushes her out of the way. Seeing this act of heroism, Carl sees the delivery man as his new hero and Ronnie Anne decides to forget what she wanted to tell Carl, as she sees this as an opportunity to get him to stop annoying her.


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Saison 4 : Partie 1" DVD.


@Lance Said This Twitter Picture.jpg
Lance Said This
Hey people with little ones, I wrote this one. Check it out!
(And it's "roll" because she's a role model and a skateboarder. You know how much kids appreciate the subtlety of title puns.)
Jun 12, 2019[1]
  • The title of this episode references the fact that Ronnie Anne likes to skateboard.
  • This is the first episode where Arturo Santiago appears physically and speaks.
  • This episode reveals some insight into Bobby and Ronnie Anne's relationship: when the two were younger, Ronnie Anne would copy everything Bobby did, as she looked up to him as a hero.
    • In the Latin American Spanish dub, Bobby in the flashback sequence is voiced by an actual prepubescent boy, who is uncredited.
  • The episode also reveals that Bobby is arachnophobic.
  • This the first time Diem Doan storyboards an episode by herself.
  • Irony:
    • The squirrel attempted to attack Nelson with a beehive, but it ended being used against him.
    • Ronnie Anne was annoyed that Carl was looking up to her, but eventually realized that she was doing the same thing to Bobby when she was Carl's age, making everything she's been through come full circle.


  • Roll Model - The title of this episode is a pun of "role model", which is a person one would look up to as inspiration.


  • In flashbacks, Ronnie Anne has eyebags as a younger kid. However, in episodes before "City Slickers", she did not have them.
  • When Ronnie Anne was talking with her father, her facial expression changes immediately after one scene. At one point, she was questioning what her father said, but in the next scene, she looked shocked.



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