The following is a transcript for the episode "Roll Model with the Casagrandes".


[In the family room, Carl is watching TV.]
Boy on TV: "Help! help! I can't hold on!"
[The boy is dangling over a cliff by a root that is about to give out, below him, a heavy river. He starts to get scared when suddenly, a screeching sound comes from the skies.]
El Falcón: "I'll save you."
Boy on TV: [Gasps] "El Falcón de Fuego."
[Suddenly, Ronnie Anne blocks the view of the TV.]
Ronnie Anne: "Has anyone seen my skateboard?"
Carl: [Aggravated] "Hey! There's a hero on the screen, have some respect for The Falcon of Fire!"
Ronnie Anne: [Ignoring Carl, looks around] "Oh, there it is." [Lalo is sleeping on it] "Thanks for keeping it warm, buddy." [Picks it up] "Ew, and covered in drool."
[Carl runs around Ronnie Anne to keep watching the show. The root snaps and the boy falls, El Falcón sees him and dives down, he draws his talons and grabs the boy, he flies him to safety.]
El Falcón: "You okay, little guy?"
Boy on TV: [Sniffles] "Yeah."
El Falcón: "I know what always makes me feel better." [Takes some corn off his sash, and roasts it with his wings, seasons it, and gives it to the boy.] "Eloté."
Boy on TV: [Gasps] "Roasted corn, my favourite. Thanks, Falcón de Fuego."
El Falcón: "No problemo."
[Carl is amazed by this. Ronnie Anne is about to leave, when Frida walks in.]
Frida: "Oh, Ronnie Anne, if you're going to the park, do you mind taking Carl with you? He's been glued to that TV all day."
Carl: [His face literally pressed against the screen.] "I have not."
[Frida spins him around.]
Frida: "Go, go! Outside."
Ronnie Anne: "Come on dude, in the park, there's real birds."
Carl: [Subtly growls] "But they can't roast eloté with their wings." [Follows Ronnie Anne]

[At the park...]
Ronnie Anne: "Hey, want to take turns? You can borrow my board."
Carl: "I'll pass," [takes out his El Falcón action figure.] "El Falcón and I, have other plans."
[Carl screeches away, Ronnie Anne shrugs and gets skating when she sees familiar faces.]
Ronnie Anne: [Petting Nelson] "Hi Nelson, hi Mr. Nakamura. How's obedience school going?"
Mr. Nakamura: "I think we're making some real headway." [A squirrel runs past and Nelson barks at it and tries to chase it. Mr. Nakamura tightens his grip on Nelson's leash.] "Woah, easy, Nelson." [The squirrel blows raspberries at Nelson and runs. Nelson, really mad now, ties his leash around Mr. Nakamura's legs, and chases the squirrel.] "Nelson! Come back!"
Ronnie Anne: "Got you covered, Mr. Nakamura."[Starts skating after Nelson.]
[The squirrel turns around and sees Nelson after him, it freaks out and runs faster. Ronnie Anne is still skating after them both, they run past a kid with ice cream, a lady feeding the pigeons, and a guy with groceries, Ronnie Anne them skates past the guy, making him drop two of his eggs. Ronnie Anne looks back with guilt, she then looks forward and panics when she sees that she's headed for a mom and daughter with a kite, she skates right through it, and takes it off her face, and it stays around her neck like a cape. Meanwhile, at the fountain, Carl is making his action figure fly, when the squirrel and Nelson run past, followed by his cousin, who skates past, and her arms in a similar position to his action figure.]
Carl: "Huh?" [Looks as to where this is going.]
[The squirrel climbs up a tree and Nelson continues barking at it, the squirrel then sees a beehive on the branch and starts trying to knock it down.]
Mr. Nakamura: "Oh, no! He's allergic to bees!"
[Ronnie Anne gasps and skates faster, Carl gasps too. the hive falls, but Ronnie Anne grabs Nelson and kicks the hive back into the tree. It falls apart on the branch the squirrel is on, the bees come out, and the squirrel realizes this isn't going to end well. Ronnie Anne stops and Carl approaches her.]
Carl: "That was the greatest rescue I have ever seen."
Ronnie Anne: "Pfft. It was no big deal."
Mr. Nakamura: "You saved my baby. Thank you so much, Ronnie Anne."
Ronnie Anne: "No problemo."
Carl: [Gasps] That's exactly what El Falcón said.
[Ronnie Anne takes off her helmet and stands in a rather heroic position, her hair and cape blowing in the breeze, Carl likes what he sees.]

[The next morning, Bobby and Ronnie Anne are at the table, Rosa preparing breakfast. Carl comes whistling in, sees Ronnie Anne and gets excited. Rosa gives Bobby a stack of pancakes, but Carl pushes Bobby out of his seat and sits next to Ronnie Anne.]
Rosa: [To Ronnie Anne] "What would you like for breakfast, Mija?"
Ronnie Anne: "Huevos rancheros, please."
Carl: [Excited] "Ooh, I'll have that too, please."
[Rosa gets on that, and Bobby gets up.]
Bobby: "Whoops, I guess you didn't see me there, big guy."
Carl: "No, no, I did."
[Bobby is rather mixed up by this. Rosa returns with Ronnie Anne's breakfast.]
Rosa: "Huevos rancheros, just like you asked, and to be sure you don't go hungry, chorizo, hashbrowns, y un pancake."
[Ronnie Anne starts eating, and Carl looks at her with amazement as Rosa gives him the same thing.]
Ronnie Anne: [To Carl] "Hey, wanna see something cool?"
[Carl excitedly nods. Ronnie Anne propels her food off her fork and catches it in her mouth, she winks at Carl.]
Carl: [Amazed] "Ooh, let me try."
[Carl tries to do the same thing, but it just splatters into the wall, and falls on his head. Carl is bummed out by this.]
Ronnie Anne: "You'll get there, buddy."
[Carl is pleased until Rosa gives him a rag.]
Rosa: [Sternly] "But first, you clean my wall, buddy."
[Carl dolefully takes the rag and starts wiping the wall. Suddenly, Lalo appears and licks it clean.]
Carl: [Elated] "Good boy! But, uh, you missed a spot though."
[Carl points to his shirt, which Lalo licks clean off, Carl sees this and covers himself in annoyance.]

[Later, Ronnie Anne is watching TV.]
TV Announcer: "And now, back to Rank our Prank."
[Carl excitedly sits next to Ronnie Anne.]
Ronnie Anne: "Oh, hey, I can change it to El Falcón if you want."
Carl: "And miss our favourite show? The Prank Rank Tank thing?"
[Carl awkwardly smiles. Ronnie Anne is confused at first, but she then kicks off her shoes. Carl observes this and looks at his own feet, taking his shoes off as well. Ronnie Anne leans back, sighing, Carl does the same thing. She then takes some tortilla chips, and Carl takes some too. On the TV, a guy gives a wrapped present to another, who looks surprised and takes it, only to get a pie in the face, the first guy laughs at this, followed by Ronnie Anne, and then Carl.]
Ronnie Anne: "I'd give that an eight-point five."
Carl: "Yeah! Definitely an eight-point five."
[Ronnie Anne is even more confused.]

[Later, Ronnie Anne is leaning on the wall outside the mercado with a shaved ice. She takes a long sip and Carl joins her with his own shaved ice. He takes a sip that's a little too long.]
Carl: [In despair] "YAHHH! BRAIN FREEZE!"
[Next, Ronnie Anne is walking Lalo, when Carl walks by wearing her outfit and walking Sancho, this confuses her and Lalo. Next, Ronnie Anne is in the bathroom, brushing her teeth with one hand and swabbing her ear with the other, Carl joins her doing the same, Ronnie Anne looks at him in annoyance. Next, Ronnie Anne is walking along whistling, and Carl comes whistling by the other way, his hair in a ponytail, Ronnie Anne growls. Eventually, night comes.]
Ronnie Anne: [Yawns] "I thought this day would never end." [Gets into bed] "Finally a break from-" [Sees that Carl is in her bed and jumps out, screaming, Carl gets up and looks.] "Carl! What do you think you're doing?"
Carl: "Oh, I'm sorry, would you rather I slept on the floor?"
Ronnie Anne: "No, I'd rather you sleep in your own bed. I already share this room with a bird, that's my limit."
Sergio: [Squawks] "I'm right here."
[Ronnie Anne takes Carl back to his room.]
Ronnie Anne: [Tucking Carl in] "Here you go, don't make me strap you in." [Looks at the El Falcón poster above Carl's bed, and sees her picture taped over it.] "Did you put my face over El Falcón?"
Carl: "Of course, you're my hero now." [Yawns] "Get some sleep, cuz, we've got a big day tomorrow, and the day after that, and all the rest after that."
[Ronnie Anne is not pleased to hear this, she returns to her room.]
Ronnie Anne: [Groans] "I'm never going to be able to shake Carl now, he literally thinks I'm a hero."
Sergio: [Squawks] "If only he knew the truth."
Ronnie Anne: [Sarcastically] "Ha, ha, very funny, Sergio." [Realizes] "Wait, you may be on to something." [Smiles]

[The next day, Ronnie Anne is in the living room, making sure she's alone, and takes out a spider in a jar.]
Ronnie Anne: "Hey little guy, I got a job for you." [Puts the spider on the floor.] "I don't want you to take any of this personally, I just need to get Carl off my back." [Stands up on the couch, clears her throat, and pretends to be scared.] "AHH! HELP!"
Carl: [rushes in] "What's happening?!"
Ronnie Anne: [Jumping up and down.] "SPIDER!"
Carl: "Wait, you're afraid of a spider?"
Ronnie Anne: Yeah! Terrified!
[It saddens Carl to see his hero like this. Suddenly, Bobby walks in with a clay sculpture.]
Bobby: "Hey, where should we put Tia Frida's latest sculpture?" [He sees the spider on the ground, and being actually afraid of spiders.] "Aah! A spider!" [Bobby throws his hands up and Frida's sculpture goes flying, Ronnie Anne dives and catches it before it hits the floor, Bobby and Carl sigh with relief.] "Great catch, thanks, Ronnie Anne."
Carl: "Awe, so brave, she faced her fear to save my Mom's art, a true hero."
[The spider crawls past a very annoyed Ronnie Anne. Later, Ronnie Anne is in the kitchen having an ice cream bar, with Carl. She puts her wrapper in the, very full, trashcan.]
Ronnie Anne: "Look at the trash, what a mess, the heroic thing to do would be to take it out for Abuela, but, I'm not going to."
Rosa: [Runs into the kitchen.] "Please tell me nobody has taken out the garbage! I think I accidentally dropped one of my rings in there." [Digs through the can and finds her ring.] "Phew, that was a close one, Mija."
[Rosa leaves, and Carl, who's now covered in garbage, is even more amazed.]
Carl: "Amazing, the instincts of a hero, always two steps ahead."
[Ronnie Anne is annoyed again. Later at the park...]
Ronnie Anne: "Hey, Carl, wanna see the new trick I've been working on?"
Carl: "Yes, obviously."
[Ronnie Anne starts skating, but then starts spinning out of control and falls into the fountain, with a rather large splash, and a little steam offscreen. Carl runs up to Ronnie Anne, who gets up and spits out some water.]
Ronnie Anne: "Guess I'm not as good as I thought I was."
Bruno: "Holy mustard, you saved my cart, Ronnie Anne. First fire in twenty years and you just happened to be there."
Ronnie Anne: [Deadpan] "Of course I was."
Bruno: "Have you ever been called a hero before?"
Ronnie Anne: "Just a few times." [Looks at Carl, who is more amazed by her than ever.]

[Back at the apartment...]
Carl: "So, what's next? Are you gonna stop a bank robbery? Or, or save some endangered sea turtles?"
Ronnie Anne: "No, I'm just going to the bathroom."
Carl: "Cool! Let's do that."
Ronnie Anne: "Seriously, dude?"
Carl: [Realizes] "Oh, right, uh, you can take that one solo but, hurry back."
Ronnie Anne: [Closes the door and sighs.] "I'll never shake him." [She gets a call.] "Ugh, if that's Carl I swear I'll-" [Sees who it is.] "Oh, hi Dad."
Arturo: "Hey, Amorcito."
Ronnie Anne: "How's Peru? Did you get the clinic set up?"
Arturo: [Shows her] "Yup, we're up and running. What's new with my girl? I miss you."
Ronnie Anne: "I miss you too Dad, thanks for the care package, I love the alpaca hat, can't wait to wear it this winter."
[The doorknob starts rattling.]
Carl: "Hey, I hear you talking in there. Are you having a hero meeting?"
Ronnie Anne: [angry] "Private call, Carl!" [Returns to her dad.] "Sorry Dad, Carl's been driving me crazy lately, he's following me everywhere, copying my every move."
Arturo: [Chuckles] "Kinda reminds me of someone."
Ronnie Anne: "Who?"
Arturo: "You, Chiquita."
Ronnie Anne: [In disbelief] "Me?! What are you talking about?"
Arturo: "When you were about Carl's age, you did the same thing to Bobby, everywhere he went, you were on his tail."
Ronnie Anne: "Pfft, no way, I never did that."
Arturo: "Don't take it from me, ask your brother."
[Bobby's room]
Bobby: "It's true, and I've got the videos to prove it."
[Bobby shows some old home movies on his laptop. Starting with Halloween.]
Young Bobby: "Look Mom, I'm a zombie." [Growls]
Young Ronnie Anne: [Joins him] "Look, Mom, I'm a zombie too." [Also growls]
[Next is one at the beach, Bobby putting the flag on his sandcastle.]
Young Bobby: "Dad, check out my sandcastle, it's got four turrets."
Young Ronnie Anne: [Next to a pile of sand with some shells.] "I made a sandcastle too," [bummed out] "mine doesn't have turtles though."
[Bobby sees his sister sad and puts a hand on her back to comfort her. The next home movie is one of their birthdays, Bobby takes a swing at the piñata and hits it. Ronnie Anne is up next, she swings and misses, and again for a second time, her third swing, the stick flies out of her hands, she lowers the blindfold to see if she hit it, only to find that she just splattered cake all over her brother.]
Ronnie Anne: [Slightly embarrassed] "Wow, I had no idea I was such a pest, an adorable one but, still. How did you handle it?"
Bobby: "It really wasn't so bad, it's just part of being a big brother. Sure, every now and then, I'd have to lock myself in the bathroom to get a break."
Ronnie Anne: "Been there."
Bobby: "But mostly, I was flattered that you looked up to me so much."
Ronnie Anne: "I still do, even if I don't follow you around. I guess I grew out of that part."
Bobby: "Just like Carl will with you. I know you've never expected to take on a big sister role, but, you're getting pretty good at it."
Ronnie Anne: [nudges Bobby] "Thanks, Bobby. Well, [gets off the bed] I should go talk to Carl."
Bobby: "And I should talk to Lori. [takes out his phone] If I'm late for our hourly call with her, she won't speak to me until our next hourly call."
[Ronnie Anne smirks at this.]

[In the living room, Carl is lying on the floor, bored.]
Ronnie Anne: "Hey, Carl." [Carl immediately gets up, excited.] "I was thinking of heading back to the park to skateboard, want to come with me? I'll grab us some snacks at the mercado on the way."
Carl: "Count me in! I'll get our boards." [Runs off to do so, Ronnie Anne smiles.]

[Later in the mercado, Par is making a delivery, and Ronnie Anne is having another ice cream bar and gives Carl one.]
Ronnie Anne: "So Carl, about the way I've been acting, I'm sorry if-" [Before she can finish, she knocks her skateboard over.] "Whoops."
[The skateboard knocks over a cantaloupe, which rolls into a stack of cans, and the stack starts shaking.]
Par: [Seeing the old woman next to the pile.] "Ma'am, watch out."
[The woman screams, and Par gets her out of the way right before the cans fall on him, he gets up and spits one out of his mouth.]
Old Woman: "Ah, thank you young man."
Carl: "That was the greatest rescue I've ever seen!"
[Par gets up in a rather heroic position, his hair and apron blowing in the breeze.]
Par: "No problemo."
Carl: [Gasps] "That's exactly what El Falcón said." [To Ronnie Anne] "Uh, what were you saying?"
Ronnie Anne: [Seeing her chance to get rid of Carl.] "Uh, nothing."
[Carl smiles and goes to hang out with Par, much to Ronnie Anne's satisfaction.]

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