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Smell you later, Lame-o.

—"The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos"

Ronalda Anne "Ronnie" Santiago[n 1] is a supporting character from The Loud House, and the main protagonist of its spin-off, The Casagrandes. She is Lincoln's other best friend and former classmate. She also happens to be the younger sister of Lori's boyfriend Bobby.


Ronnie Anne is Lincoln's best female friend, and former classmate, who moved to Great Lakes City to live with her extended family, the Casagrandes. During her time in Royal Woods, and before they became best friends, she frequently bullied and humiliated Lincoln in front of his peers. Now a student on the honor roll at Cesar Chavez Academy,[n 2] Ronnie Anne was known as the toughest girl in Royal Woods Elementary School.

Early Life

As a baby, Ronnie Anne would soil her diapers and fart a lot.[4]

In "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes", it is mentioned that she used to prank Bobby so frequently that he now cannot grow hair on the right side of his face.

In "Face the Music with the Casagrandes", it is shown that Ronnie Anne flubbed her first-grade play by tripping over a piece of scenery and had stage fright for years afterward.

"Roll Model with the Casagrandes" reveals that when she was about Carl's age, Ronnie Anne used to mimic Bobby's every move. It drove Bobby so crazy that he would sometimes shut himself in the bathroom.


Ronnie Anne's first appearances initially depicted her as a very surly, tough and mean-spirited girl who sometimes came off as unkind and somewhat cruel, though later appearances - mostly following the Season 4 premiere - depict her as a nice, friendly and compassionate person who is kind to everyone and has a knack for planning, just like Lincoln, her first best friend, whom she deeply cares for; in the city, Ronnie Anne has made another best friend in Sid Chang, and she doesn't want to disappoint her two best friends,[5] wanting the best for them. In addition to Lincoln and Sid, her closest friends, she has also befriended a group of city kids by the events of "City Slickers", along with Laird following "The Two of Clubs". After Ronnie Anne moved to Great Lakes City, she and Lincoln would occasionally hold video chats (sometimes vlogs) to catch up with each other's lives and hang out in general, and either friend would occasionally come over to their house to visit (which occasionally happens on Lincoln's side from "City Slickers"), or to sleep over (which happened on Ronnie Anne's side when Rosa roped her family into thinking all of Great Lakes City was cursed[6]).

Ronnie Anne is a compassionate and forgiving person, as shown by her accepting Lincoln's apology after he insulted her and apologizing herself for the sloppy joe in "Save the Date" and Lincoln trying to ditch her when she was trying to look for him to ask him to the arcade in "Dance, Dance Resolution" (though he thought she was trying to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance). In regards to earlier episodes, her gratefulness and kindness is also shown in "April Fools Rules" where she pranks Luan in return for Lincoln protecting her from Luan's pranks. In addition, as seen in "Shell Shock", Ronnie Anne appears to be less chaotic than she is credited for, as she is shown doing gratuitous tasks for her family and taking great care of an egg.

Ronnie Anne is a hardcore tomboy who seems to dislike girly things (she called her former elementary school's Sadie Hawkins dance "lame"[7]), and enjoys more boyish hobbies, such as skateboarding, pranks, and video games. Her goal implies she enjoys cooking too. In regards to her tomboyish demeanor, she is shown to dislike cheesy romance, and kissing in public, evident upon barfing at the nicknames Bobby and Lori give each other along with their kissing and saying that her Abuela and Abuelo's anniversary trip is "the mushiest, but sweetest thing [she's] ever heard."[8] Although she is still a tomboy and known for disliking girlish activities, she would still dance to Yoon Kwan for Sid or do anything else that she would not do otherwise.

However, Ronnie Anne is also sensitive, insecure and fragile, and she doesn't like to be misjudged. She teared up when Lincoln called her out as a "rude, gross and totally annoying" person in "Save the Date" and initially expressed her feelings to Lincoln through tough love, one of many instances by pranking him, thus humiliating him in front of the school (in addition, Lincoln's sisters deduced correctly that she had a crush on him,[9] but was too shy and prideful to properly show them, so she used pranks and the aforementioned tough love to gain his attention). They became best friends following the events of "Save the Date", and both their rocky relationship and this tough love, while mostly shown in earlier episodes, would seemingly disappear by the time of "The Horror-Scope", their relationship stabilizing by then.


Ronnie Anne's prototype design.

Ronnie Anne is a Mexican-American girl with dark tan skin (tan in season 1), black hair worn in a low ponytail, freckles on her cheeks, and two buck teeth that stick out of her mouth. She wears a purple hooded jacket, dark blue jean shorts, a white tank top, and dark purple flats with light pink socks worn high. Her nightwear consists of a light purple shirt, and dark purple pants with white socks. Now, her clothes are darker.

In Season 1, her jean shorts were initially blue.

In Season 2, her jean shorts are now a darker blue with her skin and jacket becoming darker.

Starting with Season 3, she now has bags under her eyes, likely from the stress of dealing with a big family like Lincoln.

In her prototype design, her skin was light, her hair was red, her sweatshirt was yellow, she wore black sandals, and she didn't wear any socks.


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DECEMBER 8, 2016 • Nickelodeon Animation[10]
  • Much like her older brother, Bobby, who is dating Lori, Ronnie Anne had a crush on Lincoln, but was too shy to show or admit it so she picked on him specifically because of her feelings towards him.
    • Despite both liking each other in early episodes, they only dated once, and even that time was only to get Bobby and Lori back together.[11] This was also stated in a promo for one of the episodes.
      • Lincoln mentioned on The Loud House's Instagram that although he likes Ronnie Anne as a friend, she's not his girlfriend.
      • Episodes following "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" (most notably "The Horror-Scope") imply that Lincoln and Ronnie Anne just wanted to be best friends, though members of their respective families often still view the two as a couple.
      • However, this was contradicted to an extent in two graphic novels, We're All Familia and Love Out Loud, where the romantic implications between the two were increased, reminiscent of their earliest appearances together, as Ronnie Anne blushed throughout both novels, and Lincoln blushed throughout Love Out Loud only. However, neither of the books outright state if they're indeed a couple in the comic continuity.
  • Ronnie Anne's ideal superpower is to be weightless to get sick air.
  • Both Santiago siblings have first names that start with an R, as well as second names starting with an A.
  • Her phone number is 555–0121, excluding the area code.[12]
    • This is a fictitious phone number used by many TV shows and movies. This would prevent real people from being called, as people would attempt trying to call the phone number itself.
  • Ronnie Anne is the only character to appear in the episode "April Fools Rules" to not get pranked.
  • She has a large family like Lincoln, but they are an extended family rather than an immediate family.[13]
  • Ronnie Anne has a slight redesign in Season 2, with her clothes having a darker shade, as well as her skin tone being slightly darker.
  • As of "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", she breaks the fourth wall like Lincoln does.
  • Ironically, in "Finders Weepers", it is revealed that she does not like waffles, yet she made waffles for breakfast in "Shell Shock".
  • Ronnie Anne is the third character to change voice actors/actresses due to their voice actor hitting puberty, with the first two being Lincoln and Clyde.
  • Despite being considered a major character for the series, she only made four onscreen appearances total in the main show before moving to Great Lakes City.
  • She made only 9 appearances in Season 4 before the spin-off premiered.
  • According to Carl, she has a diary.[14]
  • She is a good student, having made the honor roll in school.[15]
  • She inherited her planning skills from her mother.[15]
  • She got her smarts from her maternal grandfather.[16]
  • She knows a few words in Spanish, but cannot speak it fluently.[17]
  • Ronnie Anne was born under a fire sign,[18] making her an Aries, a Leo, or a Sagittarius. This makes her the second Loud House character to have their zodiac sign revealed, after Lynn Sr. was revealed to be a Libra.[19]
    • This establishes that she was born either from March 21 to April 19 (Aries), July 23 to August 22 (Leo) or November 23 to December 21 (Sagittarius).
  • She is skilled at pottery, but bad at engineering, knitting, and preparing calamari.[20]
  • She appears to be the only one in her family not to hate cats, since she watches cat videos,[18] but the rest of her family admit to hating cats.[21]
  • She had a dream where she was marrying Artemis.[22]
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JANUARY 3, 2021[23]
  • Ronnie Anne is 4 feet tall.
  • As mentioned in "Croaked", she, Bobby, and Maria used to have a goldfish, but it died. Maria and Ronnie Anne discovered its death before Bobby, replaced it, and Bobby was fooled. Seeing as the Santiagos don't appear to have a goldfish now, but the trick apparently still works on Bobby, it's unknown what the status of the second goldfish is.
  • While she can't tolerate foods as spicy as CJ and Carlitos can,[24] she can tolerate spicier foods than Bobby.[25]
  • Like Bobby and Clyde, she is afraid of crawling through air vents.[26]
  • She apparently finds pigs boring, and she has enjoyed Ferris wheels from a very young age. She also has good throwing aim.[27]
  • "Fool's Gold"/"Flight Plan" is the first episode of The Casagrandes where Ronnie Anne is absent from both segments.
  • She once mistook a man on the subway for a thief, when he was actually taking his grandmother's purse to the repair shop.[28]


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