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Smell you later, Lame-o.

—"The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos"

Ronalda Anne "Ronnie" Santiago[n 1] is a supporting character from The Loud House, and the main protagonist of its spin-off, The Casagrandes. She is Lincoln's other best friend and former classmate. She also happens to be the younger sister of Lori's boyfriend Bobby.



Ronnie Anne is Lincoln's best female friend, and former classmate, who moved to Great Lakes City to live with her extended family, the Casagrandes. During her time in Royal Woods, and before they became best friends, she frequently bullied and humiliated Lincoln in front of his peers. Now a student on the honor roll at Cesar Chavez Academy,[n 2] Ronnie Anne was known as the toughest girl in Royal Woods Elementary School.

Heavy Meddle

She was first mentioned (but does not appear onscreen) in the episode "Heavy Meddle", in which she constantly bullies Lincoln and humiliates him in front of his peers. When Lincoln's sisters find out about it, they tell him that she's bullying him because she likes him and wants to get his attention. Thinking they might be right, Lincoln goes and kisses her when he tries to confront her, and she responds by giving him a black eye, seemingly proving his sisters wrong.

However, the sisters' statement turns out to be right after all, as she then gives Lincoln an apology letter with her phone number on it, and a steak to heal his eye with.

Save the Date

Ronnie and Lincoln's kiss.

She makes her first on-screen appearance in "Save the Date". In this episode, Lincoln's classmates tease him about Ronnie Anne's crush on him, resulting in him giving a speech about how he refuses to even consider her as his girlfriend. Unfortunately, she hears him saying this and was truly hurt by his words. When she tells her big brother, Bobby about it, he breaks up with Lori as a result. To set things right, Lori makes Lincoln go out with Ronnie Anne on a double date with her and Bobby so he can apologize in person.

Throughout the date, Lincoln gradually finds himself bonding with her, but things get awkward when his teasing classmates show up at the restaurant, and Lincoln, after a failed attempt to sneak out without them noticing, ends up insulting her again. Lincoln promptly apologizes to Ronnie Anne for his behavior and shares his first real kiss with her.

The next day, when Lincoln is still being teased by his classmates about this, she slaps him in the face and acts as though she doesn't like him, but once his classmates had left the scene with sympathy for Lincoln, she passes him an ice pack with an apology letter, saying she hopes that stopped the teasing, meaning their break up was fake.

April Fools Rules

Ronnie Anne pies Luan.

In "April Fools Rules", on the night before April Fools' Day, the day Luan is an unstoppable pranking menace, Ronnie Anne texts Lincoln saying she'll be over tomorrow to bring Lincoln a present. He begs Luan to call off her pranking spree so Ronnie Anne doesn't get pranked, but Luan refuses because anyone that steps on the Loud's territory is fair game, even her. He and the rest of his sisters try locking her up so she can't prank anyone, but that fails as she escapes and sets up her prank traps everywhere. Not wanting Ronnie Anne to suffer, he takes all the pranks for her. But when she arrives, Luan reveals that she told her to come over for a prank they set up together. Ronnie Anne has a pie and Lincoln fears she's gonna hit him with it, but she turns on Luan and hits her with it instead because she was grateful to Lincoln for taking all the pranks for her. They then go off to draw some eyebrows on him due to one of the pranks removing them and get a milkshake afterward. As they walk off, Luan is impressed with her betraying her for her relationship with Lincoln and thinks she's perfect.

Dance, Dance Resolution

Ronnie and Lincoln at the dance.

In "Dance, Dance Resolution", it is the day of the school's Sadie Hawkins dance, but Lincoln and Clyde are planning to go to Gus' Games and Grub, which is having a two-for-one arcade special, so Lincoln tries to avoid Ronnie, thinking she plans to ask him to the dance. When Lincoln tells his sisters that Ronnie didn't ask him to the dance, Luna, Luan, Lynn, and Lucy end up getting friends of theirs to be his dates. Eventually, Ronnie shows up at the dance and finds Lincoln, and as it turns out, she was wanting to ask him to go to the arcade with her, which he does.

Shell Shock

Ronnie Anne and Lincoln looking after the egg.

In "Shell Shock", Mrs. Johnson assigns Lincoln and Ronnie Anne to take care of an egg as a school project. Lincoln is afraid that Ronnie Anne is too reckless to take care of an egg, so he tries to not let her take it.

During lunch, Ronnie Anne asks Lincoln if she could see the egg. However, Lincoln, fearing what she could do to the egg, makes an excuse to see Lisa, since she's at a nearby table, much to Ronnie Anne's frustration. During art class, Ronnie Anne makes a surprise, forcing Lincoln to hide in the supply closet. While hiding in the closet, Lincoln hears Ronnie Anne say that once school ends, she's going to get the egg, and won't fall for any excuses. Lincoln, needing to come up with a plan, sees numerous containers of rubber cement, causing him to get an idea. Sometime later, Lincoln has made a complete replica of the egg; indestructible one. The moment he finishes, Ronnie Anne arrives, and Lincoln gives Ronnie Anne the egg. Befuddled by his sudden change in attitude, Ronnie Anne leaves.

Lincoln realizes that he gave Ronnie Anne the real egg instead of the fake egg so he goes to her house. Ronnie Anne asks what he's doing at her house. Lincoln says that he just wants to see the egg. Lincoln enters the house and sees the egg, completely safe. When Ronnie Anne exits the scene, Lincoln discretely swaps the real egg with the fake egg. Just as he's about to leave, Lincoln notices that Ronnie Anne is a thoughtful and helpful person, as she removes a splinter stuck in Bobby's finger, washed all of his work uniforms, and already has dinner prepared. Realizing that Ronnie Anne is not as reckless as he thought, Lincoln decides to put the real egg back. Suddenly, the fake egg begins bouncing around, and Ronnie Anne takes note of this. When Ronnie Anne realizes that there are two eggs present, Lincoln, realizing he has been caught, backs up to avoid Ronnie Anne's incoming wrath after saying that he thought he couldn't trust her with taking care of something so fragile. Suddenly, he bumps into the table, causing the real egg to fall and break. Heartbroken at the fact that they're going to flunk the assignment, and at how Lincoln perceives her, Ronnie Anne tells Lincoln to leave.

Sometime later, Lincoln arrives at the Santiago house, carrying a basket. After setting the basket down on the front step, Lincoln rings the doorbell and takes cover in a bush. Ronnie Anne answers the door sees the basket and reads the note attached to it. The note says that there's a replacement egg inside, and Ronnie Anne can easily tell that Lincoln is involved in this. Coming out of the bush, Lincoln explains that he talked with Mrs. Johnson to let Ronnie Anne get a second chance because he learned that she's not as bad as he thought. Mrs. Johnson decides to let Ronnie Anne have a second chance. However, they won't be rewarded with the big waffle breakfast, but Lincoln doesn't care, just as long as he and Ronnie Anne get the assignment done. Ronnie Anne, grateful for what Lincoln did, invites him inside since they're having waffles for breakfast. After walking into the kitchen, Ronnie Anne suddenly grabs the egg and breaks it against a bowl. However, this just turns out to be a prank, as she still has the egg in her pocket. Lincoln, realizing it's just a prank, lets out a forced sigh of relief.

The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

Ronnie Anne and Lincoln's first hug.

In "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", Ronnie Anne and Bobby are visiting their extended family in the city. Lori, and later Ronnie's aunt Frida, insists on referring to Ronnie as Lincoln's "girlfriend," which the two vehemently decline. Despite the trip is two days long, Lori is heartbroken she won't be with Bobby. Ronnie Anne tells Lincoln she will have a lot of fun in the city and hints that he might like her grandparents.

Upon arriving at the city, Ronnie Anne is initially unenthusiastic about the trip, but when her mom reveals that they're all moving to the Casagrande Apartment, she is very shocked and calls Lincoln and Lori to come over to convince Maria that they're not going to move out of Royal Woods. Ronnie and Lori brainstorm a way to keep them from moving, including a Dream Boat-styled dinghy date, and one involving one of Rosa's love potions. Later that night, she reveals to Maria that she doesn't want to move, as she likes it back at Royal Woods. However, she decides to change her mind when she sees that the Casagrandes has fashioned a room out of what used to be the storage closet (thus making her room similar to Lincoln's in the way it's a closet).

When Lincoln and Lori are about to leave, Ronnie Anne shares her first hug with Lincoln, saying she'll miss him. Before he leaves, Lincoln tells Ronnie Anne a tip that'll help her: breaking the fourth wall.

Back Out There

In "Back Out There", Lincoln is revealed to have developed a case of post-break-up blues after Ronnie moved to the city. Clyde enlists the help of Lincoln's friends Zach, Liam, and Rusty to help. By the end of the episode, she sends Lincoln a package containing a pie that splats in his face.

City Slickers

Ronnie Anne happy that she's accepted for being from Royal Woods.

In "City Slickers", Ronnie Anne and her brother are happy to see Lori and Lincoln again. It is revealed she has made some friends in the city named Casey, Sameer, and Nikki. When Lincoln meets her new friends and says that he is from Royal Woods, she thinks that her living in a small town with him is awful.

When she complains to Lincoln that she didn't want him to come here in the first place, Lincoln angrily leaves her, feeling sad that she said something dumb. As she tries to apologize to him for what she said, Lincoln tells Ronnie Anne she doesn't know why she was from uptown instead of her old home, she thinks that being a big city kid is getting her friends to hang out with her, but Lincoln says that they like her for what she is and not where she's from and Ronnie Anne agrees with him and tries to tell her friends that she isn't from Great Lakes City and tells them that she is from Royal Woods with him and apologize to them that she lied and worries that they don't want to hang out with her, but they forgive her, saying they'll hang out with her, even if she's from Royal Woods.

Missed Connection

In "Missed Connection", Ronnie Anne consoled Bobby, when he was upset over his rocky long-distance relationship with Lori. Although Bobby specifically told her not to get the rest of the family involved, Ronnie Anne immediately had the rest of the Santiago/Casagrande family jump in to help him.

The Spies Who Loved Me

Ronnie Anne quickly finds out that Carl and Carlota are spying on her.

In "The Spies Who Loved Me", Ronnie Anne went out for a day on the town on her own. Little did she know, her paranoid grandparents chipped her without her knowledge and tracked her every move. Ronnie Anne's chip fell out and landed on some gum that was stuck to a rat, causing Rosa and Hector to track a rat around Great Lakes City, leading them to follow it into an abandoned building, where they were attacked by a plague of rats that Ronnie Anne independently had to save them from.

Really Loud Music

Ronnie Anne and her cousins dancing to "Best Thing Ever".

In "Really Loud Music", Ronnie Anne and her siblings/cousins danced to Lily's music, "Best Thing Ever".

The Loudest Thanksgiving

Lincoln and Ronnie Anne celebrating Thanksgiving.

In "The Loudest Thanksgiving", Ronnie Anne and her extended family visit Lincoln's house to see him and his family for Thanksgiving. Both families' opposing ideas would start a big fight between them, to the point Bobby and Lori decided to escape to Flip's.

At the end of the episode, both families apologize for what they did to this Thanksgiving, and they make it up by fixing it. Both families are now happy with their holiday.

Friended! with the Casagrandes

Ronnie Anne meets her new best friend.

In "Friended! with the Casagrandes", Ronnie Anne makes a new best friend in new girl Sid Chang, who she finds out is going to live in the same apartment building as hers. However, the Reynolds want the very same room, so Ronnie Anne and her family gets to sabotaging others so the Changs can get the room.

However, it is revealed that Mr. Scully, the apartment's manager, is threatening Rosa with being fired from her job, so Ronnie Anne comes clean; she now needs to return the room back to normal and apologize to the Reynolds. Just as she comes down, she sees a moving van with Sid inside, and she is overjoyed at the fact her new friend can stay in the same building as her. She thanks Mr. Scully and takes Sid inside, excited to learn more about her and her family.

Power Play with the Casagrandes

As someone who uses too many electrical devices at once, Ronnie Anne wants to help her grandparents scale back the electricity usage.

In "Power Play with the Casagrandes", it is the time for Hector and Rosa's annual anniversary trip, but the high utility bill threatens to end tradition. Not wanting this tradition to end, Ronnie Anne and the family tries to help scale back the utility usage. However, the usage increases, attributed to Sergio's midnight rave in the Mercado, also attributed to Bobby placing him there so Sergio won't disturb his sleep. With the utility usage lowered, Hector and Rosa are finally able to go on the anniversary trip, and Ronnie Anne is able to solve Bobby's dilemma by letting Sergio stay in her room.

Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes

Ronnie Anne and Sid have obtained the secret room.

In "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes", Ronnie Anne and Sid tries to copy the dance moves of their favorite K-pop band, Twelve is Midnight, but are constantly interrupted by the Casagrandes and the Changs, Adelaide, Sid's younger sister, in particular.

The girls try to look for a new space in the apartment building, but it is occupied. They resort to the laundry room basement, which is not occupied, and find a secret room behind one of the machines. Ronnie Anne and Sid decide to use this space as their secret hideout, placing all of their things there. However, the apartment tenants all apologize to the girls for getting in their way, and they could just ask politely to use the space if need be. The girls, admitting that they feel bad for keeping the room a secret, decide to tell the tenants about it.

Roll Model with the Casagrandes

After seeing Ronnie Anne save Nelson from certain danger, Carl is awestruck.

In "Roll Model with the Casagrandes", Ronnie Anne is looking for her skateboard as Carl watches his favorite superhero, El Falcón de Fuego, in action. She finds the skateboard, which is covered in Lalo's drool. Frida suggests Ronnie Anne take Carl with her to the park.

At the park, Ronnie Anne sees Mr. Nakamura's dog, Nelson, chasing a squirrel; she takes off after Nelson. Carl watches this just as Ronnie Anne skates past, her arms in the same position as his El Falcón action figure. Intrigued, he continues to watch this; seeing Ronnie Anne save Nelson, who is allergic to bees, from a falling beehive just in time, and dropping El Falcón's catchphrase, Carl is now starstruck over his cousin.

Over the next few hours, Carl starts to copy Ronnie Anne's every action, down to dressing just like her and tying his hair in the same ponytail she has. By bedtime, she finds out Carl has deemed her as his new hero. Wanting to shake him off her tail, she tries to act afraid, but all of her attempts prove futile as Carl is only more impressed by his prima's abilities.

This is until Arturo shows her that she was very much like that during her childhood, copying Bobby and following him wherever he goes. Ronnie Anne decides to head back to the park to skateboard, and Carl wants to come. Stopping at the Mercado for a quick snack, Carl sees Par save an old woman from a stack of falling cans, and deems him his new hero. Seeing this, Ronnie Anne decides to go to the park, leaving Carl starry-eyed at Par.

No Show with the Casagrandes

Ronnie Anne initially dismissed the telenovela, though one peek into the content gets her hooked and excited for more.

In "No Show with the Casagrandes", the Casagrandes are hooked on a new telenovela titled Adiós, Ana, Adiós, which Ronnie Anne dismisses. However, after seeing a quick excerpt from an episode, she is also hooked. Wanting to keep her now-alleged dislike for the telenovela, Ronnie Anne tries to find other ways to watch without getting in the Casagrandes' way.

This continues until the day of the Adiós, Ana, Adiós finale's premiere; with the Casagrandes preparing a big "finale day" and Ronnie Anne having obtained a new haircut similar to Ana's in the penultimate episode of Adiós, Ana, Adiós, Bobby decides to close the Mercado for an hour, though Ronnie Anne offers to keep it open. However, it is for the toughest customer of the Mercado, Maybelle, who is very particular with her shopping.

By the time Maybelle is done (Ronnie Anne shipped the items to Maybelle's apartment by herself), the finale is over, and a rerun is set for the next day, which means Ronnie Anne has to avoid spoilers until then. This works right up until the very hour the rerun is set to air; Hector manages to spoil the finale for her. Ronnie Anne comes clean about her newfound obsession with the series, though the Casagrandes have always known about it ever since she had the haircut with Margarita. In the end, Ronnie Anne is able to watch the finale with her family. With the series over, Ronnie Anne is about to leave, but a new telenovela, titled Mi Madre Luchadora and revolving around a Lucha Libre wrestler who is also a mother to a baby, comes on, and also likes this telenovela.

Face the Music with the Casagrandes

Ronnie Anne's stage fright.

In "Face the Music with the Casagrandes", Hector's birthday is coming up, and everyone is expected to perform. However, Ronnie Anne has intense stage fright due to falling during a first-grade play. She turns to Sid, who is able to help her best friend conquer her fear. However, Sid's help doesn't work as well as she thought, so Ronnie Anne turns to gifting, though she overhears Hector saying he doesn't really want gifts. Seeing Sergio and Bobby practicing their duet, she decides to be the percussion.

That night, it is time for the performance; Ronnie Anne assures herself that she is only performing in front of family, though her assurance almost evaporates as she realizes she will perform in front of every one of the Casagrandes' friends. With Sergio unable to perform due to eating all the spicy shrimp cocktails, Ronnie Anne is now performing in Sergio's place; seeing everyone looking at her, she drops the mic and runs into her room. Hector comforts her by revealing that he has stage fright too. Now reinvigorated, Ronnie Anne is back on stage with everyone to perform the song.

Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes

Ronnie Anne had difficulties bonding with her older cousin, Carlota.

In "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes", Carlota is to take care of CJ, Carl and Carlitos while the adults dine out at an adults-only restaurant. It is revealed Ronnie Anne has a hard time bonding with Carlota, as the two are always awkward around each other, unlike her boy cousins who get along easily. According to Sid, with Carlota in the house for the moment, it is the best time for Ronnie Anne to bond with her.

Her initial attempts to bond with her older cousin are in vain, until the boys pull one of many pranks on them. Ronnie Anne decides to help Carlota get back at the boys, thus helping her bond with her. Bobby, seeing the girls' first prank, reveals that Ronnie Anne pranked Bobby all the time during their time in Royal Woods. A few moments later, the boys have not fallen for the prank yet; the girls investigate, only to get hit by their own prank. The girls try to launch more pranks, but the boys are successful turning the pranks against them. It is revealed that Bobby has joined the boys' side to get back at Ronnie Anne for all her pranks against him.

Having deduced the boys that Ronnie Anne is going to the Mercado (after Maybelle questioned Bobby on why it was closed), the girls sneak-attack the boys with pickle juice and catnip, and the street cats come in and attack the boys, and Carlota's room. Seeing Carlota's messed up room, Ronnie Anne admits she wanted to get back at the boys just so she can spend time with her older cousin. However, Carlota thinks that their interests conflict, which means Ronnie Anne would not want to hang out with her; in the end, they begin to hang out together.

Store Wars with the Casagrandes

The Casagrandes get to stepping up the mercado's presentation if they want to compete with Hi N' Buy.

In "Store Wars with the Casagrandes", a new competing convenience store, titled the "Hi N' Buy", sporting flashy visuals and a larger store footprint, has opened just next door to the Mercado. Soon enough, this new store attracts all of the Mercado's regulars; fearing that the Mercado will be driven out of business, the Casagrandes go the extra mile to update the Mercado shopping experience. However, their new focus on round-the-clock availability makes them work over time, causing them to strain themselves. Seeing delivery man Par deliver a shipment and commenting that the Mercado is the only place that sells his preferred brand of hair wax, they ultimately decide to just be themselves, as they know their customers well.

Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes

Not wanting to miss the pro Lucha Libre championship, Ronnie Anne decides to fake sickness.

In "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes", Ronnie Anne and Sid watch the pro Lucha Libre wrestler La Tormenta. Ronnie Anne plans to watch the Lucha Libre championship as it will be La Tormenta's final match before retirement, though the championship falls on the same date and time an awards ceremony Carlos is attending, and everyone is expected to attend to support him. Ronnie Anne decides to feign sickness so Maria, who falls for the trick, to allow her to stay at home.

However, it soon becomes trickier to fake the sickness, due to things like a call from her father and Par checking up on her (as Rosa has asked everyone she knows to check up on Ronnie Anne), though Sid helps her drive everyone arriving to the apartment away. This is further exacerbated by Rosa coming back to the apartment and helping Ronnie Anne heal, over supporting Carlos. This causes Ronnie Anne to miss the championship. Ronnie Anne admits she faked the sickness just to watch the championship; Rosa is displeased.

Ronnie Anne is able to board all the way to the university, somehow carrying Rosa on her back, just in time for Carlos to give his speech. In the end, all the Casagrandes are about to watch the final match, though the Internet goes out.

Don't You Fore-get About Me

S4E20A Lincoln is messy.png

In "Don't You Fore-get About Me", Ronnie Anne followed her Tio Carlos to Fairway University, the university Lori is going to. As she had nothing to do, she decided to make skating videos with Lincoln, with the latter flubbing every trick. In the end, Ronnie Anne was satisfied with the footage she took, and so was Lincoln, despite him messing up all the tricks.

Going Overboard

Ronnie Anne and Carlos after pulling off a trick.

In "Going Overboard", Ronnie Anne confronts her cousins about a brand-new scratch on her skateboard; her question as to who did it is answered when she is jolted awake when her board is taken while she is sleeping. She chases the board-napper into the park, where she sees - and is momentarily amazed by - the board-napper's exceptional boarding skills. The moment she sees that it's her cousin Carlos, who was known as "Carlos X" during his time in college, she wants to learn some of his tricks. However, he made a promise to Frida that the moment they had kids, he would stop shredding; seeing this, Ronnie Anne decides to make this a secret operation.

The following night, Ronnie Anne is able to pull off one of Carlos X's tricks before Frida is awakened by Lalo drooling on her face. The next day, the issue in Ronnie Anne's plan is quickly shown by Carlos being visibly sleepy. Carlos can now only teach her one last trick, one where the two skaters will swap their boards once they reach the highest vertical points. The two are able to perform the trick flawlessly, though Carlos is badly injured due to his board slipping away. With his leg broken, Carlos is worried Frida will pick up on his secret skateboarding trips, but Ronnie Anne helps him mask the bandaged leg.

However, this happens on the very day of the new installation, where Carlos will jump on a giant calculator's buttons. However, his broken leg causes him to flub the showcase, causing everything to be broken. Carlos reveals to everyone that he has been skating, which gets the attention of the gallery owner, Romeo, who recognizes him as Carlos X, being a big fan of his. The do-over installation, titled "Ode to X", has Ronnie Anne, Carlos and Romeo doing the trick Carlos taught Ronnie Anne - swapping their boards - and other assorted tricks to gradually reveal a mural tribute to Carlos X.

Walk Don't Run

In "Walk Don't Run", Ronnie Anne and Sid see Mr. Nakamura experiencing back pains, so they offer to walk Nelson while he recovers. This gives the girls, who wanted an expensive skateboard, an idea of walking other people's dogs for money and they end up walking Nelson, Big Tony, Little Sal, Buttercup, Ninja, Fluffy, Pickles, and Lalo. However, when the cats arrive, the dogs run away and get lost.

The girls call back Nelson and Buttercup with Sid's dog whistle, but the others are still missing. Eventually, they find Ninja asleep in the park with Hector, lure Big Tony out with a squirrel, find Fluffy in the Hi 'n' Buy, Little Sal in the pet store using a cat tree, Pickles in a mud puddle, and get Carl to find Lalo. However, they lose their money since Fluffy stole some baloney, Vito demanded they buy him a hot dog, they had to pay Bobby to wash Pickles, and Carl demanded ten dollars to find Lalo. They then ended up losing the rest of the money when the dogs escaped again and they got fined by the dogcatcher.

The Two of Clubs

In "The Two of Clubs", Ronnie Anne and Sid try to find out which extracurricular club they should join. They first try lucha libre, but Sid is too shy and not very good at the sport. Then, they try the robotics club, but Ronnie Anne is incompetent at engineering and makes a mess. Then, they try pottery, knitting, and cooking, but Sid is bad at pottery, Ronnie Anne is bad at knitting, and neither of them can cook.

They eventually decide to go to separate clubs (luche libre for Ronnie Anne and robotics for Sid), but when they crash and Laird asks them if they're starting a "luche libre robotics club", it inspires them to actually start one.

Vacation Daze

In "Vacation Daze", Ronnie Anne and Maria plan to spend a day out together, but it goes awry. First, Maria's family wants her help, and when they get to go out, Maria, having worked late the previous night, falls asleep on the subway, causing the two to become separated and spend the day searching for each other.

When they get home, Ronnie Anne has Maria take a nap and Maria, once she wakes up, promises Ronnie Anne a proper day out later.

New Haunts

In "New Haunts", Ronnie Anne has her first Halloween in Great Lakes City and tries to spend it with Sid at a popular party. However, when the girls get to the party, they get laughed at since they're the only ones in costume and they end up making a mess.

They go to another party, but it turns out that this one is a costume party, forcing them to dig their costumes out of the trash. When the costumes get destroyed in a skateboarding accident, the girls get kicked out.

Eventually, the girls go back to the store, where Bobby teaches them a dance called the "Vampire Boogie".


In "Croaked", Ronnie Anne tries to help Sid cheer up Adelaide, whose pet frog Froggy has died, by telling her about the Day of the Dead. However, Adelaide believes that Froggy is going to come back to life. The girls try to humour her by replacing Froggy, but Adelaide now thinks you can resurrect anyone and tries to bring back her Great-Aunt Millie, Mr. Woodford, and Abraham Lincoln.

The girls try to pretend those people were brought back, but Adelaide finds them out and gets mad at them for lying. Ronnie Anne enlists Rosa's help, who tells Adelaide that the Day of the Dead is about memories, which cheers up Adelaide.

The Horror-Scope

In "The Horror-Scope", Ronnie Anne watches an astrology show, which predicts that "love will find" Ronnie Anne. When Lincoln comes over, she fears that he has a crush on her, especially when he brings out the fake egg he made (or possibly the real egg with its insides removed) from "Shell Shock" and jokes about them being good parents.

On their way to an Italian restaurant, Ronnie Anne becomes more nervous when Lincoln ask her for advice regarding a friend of his with a crush on a long-distance female friend as she thinks he's lying to cover up his own feelings about her. She asks Sid to accompany them to the restaurant, but when they're there, Sid sees a bird she's looking after and must leave. Ronnie Anne tries to stall Lincoln's questions by having Hector play music (only for him to play a song about young love) and having a waiter list everything in a salad, but Lincoln leaves and comes back wearing a suit. She nervously tells him they must leave, lying that she has arthritis.

Ronnie Anne becomes even more nervous when they get home and Lincoln takes out a wedding ring. However, he was actually only planning to do a magic trick with it, and the advice really was for a friend (namely Rusty). Ronnie Anne's fortune does end up coming true, but only in the sense that she ends up finding Sid's bird, which is a lovebird.

Arrr in the Family

In "Arrr in the Family", Ronnie Anne learns that CJ loves going to a pirate dinner show, but he never gets picked to raise the Jolly Roger, which makes him sad. Upon learning this, she becomes determined to get him to raise the flag.

She moves the family to some seats in the front row, only to be told to go back to their assigned seats. Then, Ronnie Anne tries to get CJ picked by covering him in Bobby's glowsticks, only for a boy named Ralphie to lie that it's his birthday, causing him to be picked to go onstage. Ronnie Anne runs onstage and tries to tell Captain Dave what happened, only to get into a fight with Ralphie.

This prompts the rest of the family to run onstage as well to bail Ronnie Anne out, and, due to winning a swordfight with Ralphie, CJ finally gets to raise the flag.

Finders Weepers

In "Finders Weepers", Ronnie Anne and Sid find a purse with $100 in it. They search for the owner, but end up spending the money on lunch, a game, a movie, and 12 is Midnight merchandise.

Eventually, the girls find out that Maybelle is the owner and they try to earn the money back, but they only earn a few dollars. They own up, and Maybelle has them do her chores as punishment.

Operation Dad

Father and daughter reunion.

In "Operation Dad", Arturo has paid a visit to Great Lakes City for a conference with his workplace. While the visit is only for a week, Ronnie Anne wants her dad to stay in the city, putting "Operation: Get Dad to Stay" into motion. At the airport, Ronnie Anne greets her father, who has just arrived in the city, and shortly after a quick taxi ride, arrive at the apartment, where the Casagrandes have prepared a welcoming party (though Rosa and Hector are both visibly sour). The next day, Ronnie Anne takes her dad on a city sightseeing and activity trip, spending some bonding time after a very long period of separation.

As Ronnie Anne pitches her idea that her dad stays in the city, Arturo shoots her suggestion down, as his Peruvian job is very important to him and the community there. Seeing this, Ronnie Anne decides to forge bad grades to convince Arturo that she's flunking school (despite getting good grades and making the honor roll), and gets herself a delinquent makeover, which is very effective. Later, Arturo sees the "delinquents" (actually her friends) hanging out in an alleyway and takes Ronnie Anne with him to the taxi, where he gives her a talk about her "behavior", and she opens up to her dad about wanting him to stay in the city. Arturo reveals that he has been finding ways to stay in the city. Ronnie Anne helps him unpack his stuff when she sees some thank-you letters and drawings addressed to him. Feeling bad, Ronnie Anne realizes how selfish she has been acting over the past few days, and lets Arturo go back to Peru.

Just as Arturo is about to leave for the airport, Ronnie Anne hands her dad a scrapbook to let him remember his visit; seeing how much fun they had, Arturo decides to stay in the city, with one of his co-workers filling in for him.

Copy Can't

In "Copy Can't", Ronnie Anne notices that Carlitos hasn't been copying her and wonders if that means he dislikes her. She tries to make him copy her at the table, at the skatepark, and at the store, but nothing works until she falls over, prompting him to finally copy her.

However, he annoys her by becoming very clingy towards her, demanding that she feed and bathe him, keeping her up at night, and calling her "Ow" due to not knowing her name. When Carlos reveals that Carlitos grows bored of things easily, Ronnie Anne deliberately annoys Carlitos by playing with his toys, bathing with him, and sleeping in his crib.

This succeeds in making Carlitos no longer clingy, but he still likes Ronnie Anne and learns her name.

Away Game

In "Away Game", Ronnie Anne spends time with Bobby at Arturo's place, playing video games and eating delicious food. However, Rosa fears that the grandchildren will have nothing to do or eat and when Ronnie Anne and Bobby share what a great time they had, Rosa fears they will move in with him.

Trend Game

In "Trend Game", Ronnie Anne feels embarrassed at not knowing what the trends are in Great Lakes City, so she goes to Carlota, who spends a day doing trendy things with her cousin.

When Ronnie Anne's classmates find out about this, they want to spend the day with her, so Ronnie Anne makes up lies like claiming squatting is popular (inspired by seeing Vito's dogs squatting to poop). Ronnie Anne texts Carlota for advice, and she tries to say that there is a band in South Bay Tower, but accidentally mentions an abandoned subway tunnel.

When the kids go down to the tunnel, they are attacked by rats, forcing Ronnie Anne to tell the truth.

Señor Class

In "Señor Class", Hector is enrolled in Ronnie Anne and Sid's class due to never having finished school. He embarrasses her by farting, showing a photo of her as a baby with a messy diaper, and telling embarrassing stories about her infancy.

Ronnie Anne tries to kick Hector out of school by pretending he has lice and trashing the mercado, and when the truth comes out, he decides to be homeschooled.

Fast Feud

In "Fast Feud", Ronnie Anne is kept awake by the loud music, bright sign, and smells from a newly opened burger joint. She and Sid try to complain, but the workers don't listen, so they sic the pigeons on the workers and pretend the burgers are made from pigeon meat.

However, once the girls find out that Rosa negotiated with the burger joint workers and had them turn down the volume, block out the smell, and dim the sign, they realise they did wrong and tell the truth on live TV.

Grandparent Trap

In "Grandparent Trap", Ronnie Anne sees a romance talk show, which convinces her that her grandparents' marriage is in trouble. She and her cousins try to help them by staging a date, but when that doesn't work out, she tricks the grandparents into appearing on the show. They eventually reassure her that no matter how much they bicker, they won't divorce.

Team Effort

In "Team Effort", Ronnie Anne and her friends try to make a skateboarding team, but the rules keep getting in the way. Then, they discover that the coach had been making up the rules as he mistrusts skateboarders. When he wrongly puts some of Ronnie Anne's friends in detention, she bails them out and proves the coach wrong.

Guess Who's Shopping for Dinner?

In "Guess Who's Shopping for Dinner?", Rosa has Ronnie Anne buy some ingredients. However, Ronnie Anne wanted to go to a movie, so she bought them from Hi 'n' Buy instead of following Rosa's instructions. When she finds out that Rosa was expecting a food critic, Ronnie Anne admits what she did and the two go off and buy the ingredients the way Rosa wanted.

Rosa apologises for making Ronnie Anne miss the movie, but Ronnie Anne says that the trip to get the ingredients was as good as being in the movie.

Blunder Party

In "Blunder Party", Ronnie Anne has a slumber party with her friends, but Carl and Adelaide want to join in. She tries to kick them out, but Carl tells Rosa, who sides with Carl.

Carl and Adelaide get in the older kids' way and spoil their ghost stories, so Ronnie Anne sends them away by making a scavenger hunt. However, when she thinks they've gone to the dump, she becomes very worried and confesses to her wrongdoings.

As it turns out, though, Carl and Adelaide were not at the dump.

Fails from the Crypt

In "Fails from the Crypt", Ronnie Anne wants to spend a night over at the Great Lakes City cemetery, in the hopes of breaking a long-standing local record established by the "Fearless Four" over four decades ago. While Hector, Rosa and Sergio initially relent, Ronnie Anne uses her ability to do the puppy eyes to convince Hector to go.

As the night begins, the kids are initially confident in their ability to stay there for the night, though as the night goes on, they slowly lose their confidence and take off running. Just as Laird leaves, Ronnie Anne and Sid, the former wanting to break the record, no matter what, and the latter suggesting they forfeit, but are also scared out, all by the Fearless Four, having reunited in the hopes that their own record is forever kept. The next night, the kids' attempts to break the record is foiled even more by both the Fearless Four and Carlos and Maria.

The Fearless Four, Carlos and Maria all apologize to the kids for their meddling, just as the Sun rises. Seeing everyone survive the night, Rosa declares that three generations - the elders, adults and kids - now hold the record for the longest time spent in the cemetery, and changes the name of the Fearless Four to the Fearless Twelve.


Ronnie Anne sabotages Rosa's pancakes.

In "Cursed!", Ronnie Anne follows her family, who was following with Rosa's claims that the city is "cursed" after Ernesto Estrella cancelled a scheduled trip, to the Loud House, where they bunk with the Louds for a day. Following Lisa's idea to show Rosa that bad luck can happen anywhere, they sabotage the pancakes Rosa was cooking, the Casagrandes' clothing and the toilet. The latter causes the toilet to flood, proving Rosa right. Because of this, she takes Ronnie Anne and the Casagrandes out into the woods.

On a short detour to Flip's Food & Fuel, Ronnie Anne discovers Ernesto's tour bus and confronts him about his lie, all due to a pimple. He offers to "cleanse" the family, which apparently works; satisfied, the family heads back to Great Lakes City.


In "Prankaversary", Lincoln is paying a visit to Ronnie Anne's place to celebrate their yearly "Prankaversary" - a competition where Lincoln and Ronnie Anne pull pranks against each other to see who's worthy of the title of Prank Master. Ronnie Anne is in the process of setting up the first few pranks as Sid offers to chip in and assist Ronnie Anne, though the latter is rather concerned as Sid isn't up to date with her pranks. Just as Sid leaves her apartment area, Lincoln arrives, managing to dodge the first few pranks set up.

With Lincoln here and Sergio as the ref, the prank battle begins. Lincoln starts to set up prank traps at the Mercado while Ronnie Anne and Sid plant a fishy surprise in his backpack; planting a particularly stinky fish. However, the strong smell escapes the room due to Sid opening the window, causing the alley cats to storm the room and attack Ronnie Anne. This is the first of many backfires and lost points (which makes her go into the negatives). Due to Sid accidentally tripping the prank in one way or another (in one occasion getting Breakfast Bot involved, injuring Sergio and even getting her abuela involved, the latter instance causing her to ban all pranks in the apartment), Ronnie Anne continues to receive point deductions. Wanting the clearly inexperienced Sid off her back, Ronnie Anne offers her to go spy on Lincoln, but she once again trips his prank, causing him to lose 10 points.

Calling a truce, Ronnie Anne tells Sid that she is not experienced enough in the art of pranking to participate, and Sid, surprisingly taking it well, decides to go to the Great Lakes City Zoo. This is also the moment where one of Ronnie Anne's pranks finally work against an intended target, as Mr. Inflatable sends Lincoln flying. The prank war continues as Adelaide is accidentally roped into this (once again deducting Ronnie Anne's points), where she tells the two that Sid is in trouble. Little did they know Sid has prepared a surprise for the two.

At the zoo's reptile enclosure, the two initially think that a snake swallowed Sid full. They try to free her, though Sid and the zoo animals ambush the two, revealing the lump is actually a giant turkey. By the end, Ronnie Anne received -8 points and Lincoln -10, with Sid being the surprise winner with 2 points.


Ronnie Anne listening to music.

In "Maybe-Sitter", Ronnie Anne is in her room listening to music and wearing clothes that look similar to Lofi Girl. Later, in the ending, she comes out of her room and says what did she miss.

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The Loud House Movie

Ronnie convincing Bobby about not giving up about Lori.

Ronnie Anne appears as a minor character in the movie, who ask Bobby if Lori broke up with him, which Bobby answers that he thinks that Lori said she was in love with another boy (due to a misunderstanding caused by Scotland's faulty coverage). So she encourages insisting that he can be Lori's only one "Boo Boo Bear", convinced by his sister, Bobby goes to Scotland riding a bike, leaving Ronnie very confused.


Ronnie Anne's first appearances initially depicted her as a very surly, tough and mean-spirited girl who sometimes came off as unkind and somewhat cruel, though later appearances - mostly following the episode "Friended!" - depict her as a nice, friendly and compassionate person who is kind to everyone and has a knack for planning, just like Lincoln, her first best friend, whom she deeply cares for; in the city, Ronnie Anne has made another best friend in Sid Chang, and "An Udder Mess" shows she doesn't want to disappoint her two best friends, wanting the best for them. In addition to Lincoln and Sid, her closest friends, she has also befriended a group of city kids by the events of "City Slickers", along with Laird following "The Two of Clubs". After Ronnie Anne moved to Great Lakes City, she and Lincoln would occasionally hold video chats (sometimes vlogs) to catch up with each other's lives and hang out in general, and either friend would occasionally come over to their house to visit (which occasionally happens on Lincoln's side from "City Slickers"), or to sleep over (the latter which happened on Ronnie Anne's side when Rosa roped her family into thinking all of Great Lakes City was cursed in "Cursed!").

Ronnie Anne is a compassionate and forgiving person, as shown by her accepting Lincoln's apology after he insulted her and apologizing herself for the sloppy joe in "Save the Date" and Lincoln trying to ditch her when she was trying to look for him to ask him to the arcade in "Dance, Dance Resolution" (though he thought she was trying to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins' dance). In regards to earlier episodes, her gratefulness and kindness is also shown in "April Fools Rules" where she pranks Luan in return for Lincoln protecting her from Luan's pranks. In addition, as seen in "Shell Shock", Ronnie Anne appears to be less chaotic than she is credited for, as she is shown doing gratuitous tasks for her family and taking great care of an egg.

Ronnie Anne is a hardcore tomboy who seems to dislike girly things (in "Dance, Dance Resolution", she calls the Sadie Hawkins' dance "lame"), and enjoys more boyish hobbies, such as skateboarding, pranks, and video games. Her goal implies she enjoys cooking too. In regards to her tomboyish demeanor, she is shown to dislike cheesy romance, and kissing, evident upon barfing at the nicknames Bobby and Lori give each other along with their kissing and saying that her Abuela and Abuelo's anniversary trip is "the mushiest, but sweetest thing [she's] ever heard" in "Power Play". Although she is still a tomboy and known for disliking girlish activities, she would still dance to Yoon Kwan for Sid or do anything else that she wouldn't do otherwise.

However, Ronnie Anne is also sensitive, insecure and fragile, and she doesn't like to be misjudged. She teared up when Lincoln called her out as a "rude, gross and totally annoying" person in "Save the Date" and initially expressed her feelings to Lincoln through tough love, one of many instances by pranking him, thus humiliating him in front of the school (in addition, Lincoln's sisters deduced correctly in "Heavy Meddle" that she had a crush on him, but was too shy and prideful to properly show them, so she used pranks and the aforementioned tough love to gain his attention). They became best friends following the events of "Save the Date", and both their rocky relationship and this tough love, while mostly shown in earlier episodes, would seemingly disappear by the time of "The Horror-Scope", their relationship stabilizing by then.


Ronnie Anne's prototype design.

Ronnie Anne is a Mexican-American girl with dark tan skin (tan in season 1), black hair worn in a low ponytail, freckles on her cheeks, and two buck teeth that stick out of her mouth. She wears a purple hooded jacket, blue jean shorts, a white tank top, and purple flats with light pink socks worn high. Her nightwear consists of a light purple shirt, and dark purple pants with white socks. Now, her clothes are darker.

In Season 1, her jean shorts were initially blue.

In Season 2, her jean shorts are now a darker blue with her skin and jacket becoming darker.

Starting with Season 3, she now has bags under her eyes, likely from the stress of dealing with a big family like Lincoln.

In her prototype design, her skin was light, her hair was red, her sweatshirt was yellow, she wore black sandals, and she didn't wear any socks.


15388883 554217798104777 7736032451457187840 n.gif @theloudhousecartoon Instagram Picture.jpg theloudhousecartoon Verified
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  • Much like her older brother, Bobby, who is dating Lori, Ronnie Anne had a crush on Lincoln, but was too shy to show or admit it so she picked on him specifically because of her feelings towards him.
    • Despite both liking each other in early episodes, they only dated once, and even that time was only to get Bobby and Lori back together.[5] This was also stated in a promo for one of the episodes.
      • Lincoln mentioned on The Loud House's Instagram that although he likes Ronnie Anne as a friend, she's not his girlfriend.[6]
      • Episodes following "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" (most notably "The Horror-Scope") imply that Lincoln and Ronnie Anne just wanted to be best friends, though members of their respective families often still view the two as a couple.
      • However, this was contradicted to an extent in two graphic novels, We're All Familia and Love Out Loud, where the romantic implications between the two were increased, reminiscent of their earliest appearances together, as they got presents for one another and blushed several times throughout said novels. Though, neither of the books outright state if they're indeed a couple in the canon of the comics.
  • Ronnie Anne's ideal superpower is to be weightless to get sick air.
  • Both Santiago siblings have first names that start with an R, as well as second names starting with an A.
  • Her phone number is 555–0121, excluding the area code.[7]
    • This is a fictitious phone number used by many TV shows and movies. This would prevent real people from being called, as people would attempt trying to call the phone number itself.
  • Ronnie Anne is the only character to appear in the episode "April Fools Rules" to not get pranked.
  • It is revealed in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" that she also has a large family, just like Lincoln, but they are an extended family rather than an immediate family.
  • Ronnie Anne has a slight redesign in Season 2, with her clothes having a darker shade, as well as her skin tone being slightly darker.
  • As of "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", she also breaks the fourth wall like Lincoln does.
  • In "Shell Shock", it was revealed that Ronnie Anne's real name is Ronalda.
  • Ironically, in "Finders Weepers", it is revealed that she does not like waffles, yet she made waffles for breakfast in "Shell Shock".
  • Ronnie Anne is the third character to change voice actors/actresses due to their voice actor hitting puberty, with the first being Lincoln and the second being Clyde.
  • Despite being considered a major character for the series, she only made four onscreen appearances total in the main show before moving to Great Lakes City.
  • She made only 9 appearances in Season 4 before the spin-off premiered.
  • According to Carl in the episode "Miss Step", she has a diary.
  • It is shown in "Operation Dad" that Ronnie Anne is a good student, having made the honor roll in school.
    • In the same episode, Maria says Ronnie Anne got her planning skills from her.
    • In "Señor Class", Hector says she got her smarts from him.
  • She knows a few words in Spanish, but cannot speak it fluently.[8]
  • It is revealed in "The Horror-Scope" that Ronnie Anne was born under a fire sign, making her an Aries, a Leo, or a Sagittarius. This makes her the second Loud House character to have their zodiac sign revealed. The first was Lynn Loud Sr., who is revealed to be a Libra in "Fed Up".
  • She is skilled at pottery, but bad at engineering, knitting, and preparing calamari.[9]
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  • She appears to be the only one in her family not to hate cats, since she watches cat videos,[10] but the rest of her family admit to hating cats.[11]
  • In the episode "Gossipy Girl", it is revealed that she had a dream where she was marring Artemis.
    • It is also revealed that she does a funny dance.
  • Ronnie Anne is 4 feet tall.[12]
  • As mentioned in "Croaked", she, Bobby, and Maria used to have a goldfish, but it died. Maria and Ronnie Anne discovered its death before Bobby, replaced it, and Bobby was fooled. Seeing as the Santiagos don't appear to have a goldfish now, but the trick apparently still works on Bobby, it's unknown what the status of the second goldfish is.
  • While she can't tolerate foods as spicy as CJ and Carlitos can[13], she can tolerate spicier foods than Bobby.[14]
  • Like Bobby and Clyde, she is afraid of crawling through air vents.[15]


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