This page shows all of Ronnie Anne Santiago's different attires she has used throughout the series, excluding her normal outfit.

Various Seasons

Image Episode(s) Description
Ronnie Anne's Night Outfit
Various episodes Ronnie Anne's night attire consists of a lavender t-shirt, dark purple pants, and white & gray socks.
Ronnie Anne Skateboarder
To skate, Ronnie Anne uses a purple helmet and a green skateboard.

Season Two

Image Episode(s) Description
Ronnie Anne's Gym Outfit
"Shell Shock" During a volleyball match, she was wearing a red t-shirt with a black stripe, red shorts with yellow stripes, white long socks with two pink stripes, and black sport shoes with pink stripes.
S2E13 Now you gonna get the boys' attention
"The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" Ronnie Anne gets dressed by Carlota in a black uniform, with yellow circular earrings.

Season Three

Ronnie Anne in her new sweatshirt
"City Slickers" and Ultimate Treehouse Lincoln gives Ronnie Anne a yellow Royal Woods sweatshirt, identical in design to her purple one but with "RW" written in blue. This is possibly a nod to her prototype design.
RA's White Tank Top
"City Slickers" Ronnie Anne wears a white tank top, with her new sweatshirt tied around her waist.
Casagrandes wearing turkey hats
"The Loudest Thanksgiving" Ronnie Anne, along with the rest of her family, are wearing turkey hats for their dance.

Season Four

Sid Chang and Ronnie Anne
"Friended!" Ronnie Anne wears blue safety goggles and yellow rubber gloves.
Super Ronnie Anne
"Roll Model" Ronnie Anne wears orange paper as a cape to be Carl's hero.
S4E04A Ronnie Anne 1st grade play before "Face the Music" In flashback Ronnie was wearing a cactus costume during a school stage play.
S4E05B Wrestling masks
"Lucha Fever" Ronnie Anne wears La Tormenta's Lucha Libre wrestling mask.

Season One

Image Episode(s) Description
Ronnie Anne in Halloween's outfit
"New Haunts" Ronnie Anne is dressed as a cyan gum ball machine.
CS1E03B Incomplete family picture
"Croaked" Ronnie Anne wears Dias de los Muertos makeup.
CS1E02A The Two of Clubs panorama 3
"The Two of Clubs" Ronnie Anne wears lab googles during a robotics club meeting.
CS1E02A The Two of Clubs panorama 2
Ronnie Anne wears a green lucha libre mask during a lucha libre club meeting.
Ronnie Anne's cowboy hat
"Finders Weepers" Ronnie Anne wears a purple cowboy hat with a white band.
12 is Midnight Ronnie Anne (Full Base)
Ronnie Anne wears a pink 12 Is Midnight hat.
Rubber Gloves Ronnie Anne
Ronnie Anne wears light blue rubber gloves.
CS1E07 Breakfast is for loser
"Operation Dad" Ronnie Anne dressed as a delinquent. It consists of purple eyeshadow, black leather vest, purple jeans with holes, black fingerless gloves, black boots with metal spikes.
CS1E08B Ronnia Anne stuck in the piniata
"Copy Can't" Ronnie Anne wearing a pinata, which fell on her.
Yoon Kwan tee Ronnie Anne
"Away Game" Ronnie Anne wears a yellow Yoon Kwan tee.
Ronnie Anne's swim outfit
"Slink or Swim" Ronnie Anne wears a purple top and pink swim trunks with a light pink strip on the side.
Team Effort Ronnie Anne
"Team Effort" Alongside her helmet, Ronnie Anne wears a custom purple tee with a graphic of a skateboard.

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