This page describes all of Ronnie Anne Santiago's relationships with her family and friends.


Bobby Santiago

S4E03A Thanks, Bobby

Ronnie Anne with her big brother.

Bobby's her older brother, and the two seem to have a good relationship, as he is shown to be very protective of her, and he willingly broke up with Lori, after hearing that Lincoln made her cry. She in turn seems to care for him, though gets annoyed by his lovey dovey behavior with Lori.

In "Shell Shock", it is shown that she removes a splinter from Bobby's finger and washes all his work uniforms.

In "The Loudest Thanksgiving", Ronnie Anne, alongside her Mom and the rest of her extended family, do several things to prevent him from to spend Thanksgiving with the Louds.

In "Friended! with the Casagrandes", he was happy for his sister making a new friend since it isn't easy to do when living in a big city, and was all in with her plan to help make sure the Chang family get the new apartment.

In "Power Play with the Casagrandes", to help him cut back on using power in the apartment, she has him use only his laptop to video chat with Lori with a five minute timer, much to her irritation, and gives him Rosa's molcajete to make smoothies. When Sergio is revealed to be the one using all the excess power and water, it turns out Bobby has been letting him stay in the Mercado overnight instead of in his bedroom to get some sleep. To resolve this, Ronnie Anne allows Sergio to sleep in her room instead.

In "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes", she disagreed with him about the customers noticing he organized cans in rainbow order.

In "Roll Model with the Casagrandes", it is revealed that Ronnie Anne saw Bobby as her hero when she was younger. He even provided her with videos on his laptop to confirm this when she doubted it was true.

In "Face the Music with the Casagrandes", She offered to perform with him and Sergio on the conga for Hector's birthday (by playing behind the conga so no one can see her due to stage fright). But then she has to sing in Sergio's place when he loses his voice from eating spicy shrimp. As Bobby performs, Ronnie Anne gets too scared to sing in front of everyone and runs straight to her room. She soon comes back after talking it over with Hector and eventually joins in singing with everyone.

In "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes", he gets his revenge on Ronnie Anne for all the times she pranked him by helping CJ, Carl and Carlitos turn her and Carlota's pranks against them. After they finally catch on, they lure them into being sprayed with pickle juice and cover them in catnip, causing the gang of Street Cats to stampede into the building and attack the boys.

In "Store Wars with the Casagrandes", the two of them check out the grand opening of a new supermarket. And while Ronnie Anne is impressed with the market's features and service, Bobby is more concerned about the Mercado losing it's customers and could close down. So they, along with their family, work together to compete and keep the store running.

In "Walk Don't Run", after Pickles gets dirty, he offers to clean her up for Ronnie Anne with a doggy bath in the Mercado for a family discount.

In "New Haunts", while Bobby was bummed out at first that she and Sid got invited to a sixth grader's party rather than do their traditional haunted house for Halloween, he encourages her to go. Later when the girls come back, they bemoan how horrible their Halloween went. Ronnie Anne even admits that they would've had more fun if they stuck to tradition, but Bobby appreciates that at least she does something different. He manages to salvage the night for them by doing the vampire boogie at the haunted Mercado.

In "Stress Test", after realizing how focused Bobby is when working, Ronnie Anne was able to figure out how to help her brother stay focused enough on his B.A.T. test without getting nervous; making a replica of the Mercado for his desk while taking the test.

In "Operation Dad", he was just as thrilled to know their father was coming to visit. When she expressed wanting to convince Arturo to stay with them, he tells her that he tried to before and that she shouldn't get her hopes up. After her attempts to convince him so far had failed, Bobby tries cheering her up with his sticker gun and tells her not to take it personally.

In "Flee Market", On the eve of Bobby and Lori's "pizza-versary" date, she, along with CJ and Carl are asked by Hector to run the Mercado while they're away. As he tries to give them instructions on how to run it, they quickly send him off saying that they can take care of the place just fine and that he shouldn't be too worried. However, he continues to call in and uses a hidden camera to spy on them. They spot the camera and cover it with gum. After dropping off Lori, he heads back to the Mercado to complain with Ronnie Anne about how she, Carl and CJ are running the store. Seeing how picky Bobby is acting, they decide to quit, making Bobby's dilemma even worse for him. In the end, Bobby makes it up to his little sister and two cousins by letting them run the store their own way.

In "Away Game", they have a sleepover at their father's new apartment together, where they made pizza for dinner and played video games he bought for their visit. It is also mentioned by Ronnie Anne that he took them go-kart racing and indoor rock climbing. Later, Arturo takes them to the batting cages, but had to take them home early after Bobby took a baseball to the head.

Maria Santiago

S4E02A Ronnie Anne gives mom some gum

Ronnie Anne offering her mother gum.

The two have a good relationship, as she is shown how proud she is of how Ronnie Anne takes initiative. Such as preparing dinner after Maria worked two shifts in "Shell Shock".

In "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", Maria brought her children to visit their extended family, but she was hiding the fact that they were actually moving in with them. Once she finally told them, Bobby was happy with the news, but Ronnie Anne was not. When they talk it over late at night, Maria stated she wouldn't make her move if she didn't want to, and was willing to bring her and Bobby back to Royal Woods. But after Ronnie Anne sees that she has been given a new room, she decides maybe it will be nice being part of a big family.

In "Friended! with the Casagrandes", after being informed by Rosa that Ronnie Anne sabotaged apartment 3A in order to get the Chang family to move in there, Maria scolds her daughter for her actions and tells her to repair all of the damage she did.

In "Power Play with the Casagrandes", to help her cut back on using power in the apartment, Ronnie Anne provides her with energy gum instead of using an espresso machine to make coffee and gives her a foot massage rather than using a foot massager.

In "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes", in order to stay at home and watch La Tormenta, she pulls off a very convincing act to fool Maria into believing that she has a low-grade fever and should stay in bed for the day.

In "Vacation Daze", Ronnie Anne had a whole day planned out to spend with her mother on her one day off for the month, but kept being interrupted by her family constantly needing her until she finally puts her foot down on them to let her spend the day with her mother. As she is planning their route by the subway, they get separated and spend the rest of the day trying to find each other. By nighttime, Maria calls her daughter via landline to tell her to come home. They apologize to each other for ruining their day together until the family attempt to ask Maria for her help again, but, after allowing her mother to sleep in her bed for the night, Ronnie Anne tells them that Maria is too tired at the moment. By morning, she thanks her for the much-needed sleep and gets the idea to bring Ronnie Anne along to her work at the ER so they can spend time together.

Arturo Santiago

S4E03A Yup, we're up and running

Ronnie Anne video chatting with her father.

Despite her parents being divorced, Ronnie Anne cares very much about her father and still maintains a good relationship with him while he is living in Peru and stays in touch via video chats.

In "Roll Model with the Casagrandes", he calls her to inform her the clinic in Peru is up and running. After being told about her situation with Carl, he tells her that she did the same thing with Bobby when she was Carl's age. Ronnie Anne finds it hard to believe, so Arturo tells her to confirm it with her brother.

In "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes", after being informed by Rosa that she's sick (when really she's faking it), he calls her to check and see how she's doing.

In "Snack Pact", Ronnie Anne calls him while he's in the middle of testing the healing powers of bat dung to ask if Sergio can stay with him in Peru for a while due to him blackmailing them.

In "Operation Dad", she becomes excited by his news of visiting the city for a while and intends to make his visit so worth it, Arturo would want to move to Great Lakes City. Ronnie Anne is the first to greet him at the airport and they arrive to the apartment where everyone but Hector greets him with warm welcomes. The next day, they travel the city while taking memorable pictures together. When Ronnie Anne asks her father to consider moving in the city, Arturo explains that as much as he would like to, he made a commitment to his patients in Peru. With some inspiration from Sid, Ronnie Anne comes up with a plan to pretend to be a punk rebel throwing her life away to convince Arturo that she needs his help and to stay. He sees through her facade however, leading Ronnie Anne to admit that she doesn't want him to go back to Peru. At first, Arturo decides to stay, but when she reads through a collection of thank you letters from all of his patients, Ronnie Anne decides to let her father leave. She makes him a scrapbook so he can remember their time together. And then, after looking through the scrapbook, he finally decides to take a job at his headquarters so he can stay for a while as his co-worker fills in for him in Peru.

In "Away Game", he lets his children sleepover at his apartment for the weekend, where they make pizza for dinner and play video games he bought for their visit. It is also mentioned by Ronnie Anne that he took them go-kart racing and indoor rock climbing. Later, he takes them to the batting cages, but had to take them home early after Bobby took a baseball to the head. After Rosa was caught in his apartment, she confesses that she didn't want Ronnie Anne and Bobby to live with Arturo, but Arturo explains that the two are their happiest when at their real home, since it's where their family is.

Casagrande Family

S2E13 Casagrandes watching TV

Ronnie Anne with her extended family.

In "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", Ronnie Anne loves her aunt, uncle, cousins and grandparents, but initially has a hard time dealing with them, due to not used to living with such a large family in one house—however, she eventually had a change of heart, and she, her brother and their mom moves in with the Casagrandes.

In "The Spies Who Loved Me", the Casagrandes are worried about her going out in the city by herself since she has lived in Royal Woods. They spy on her in order to keep her safe.

In "No Show with the Casagrandes", she initially refused to watch the family's favorite telenovela, but then after she changes her mind on the telenovela and ends up loving it, she tries to watch the finale in secret. The family catches on and end up pranking her with fake spoilers. Ronnie Anne is admittedly angry that they did something so malicious, but is happy knowing that they recorded the finale so they can watch it together.


Ronnie Anne explains her stage fright

Ronnie Anne explains her stage fright to Hector.

Hector cares for Ronnie Anne as much as he cares for the rest of his family. In "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", he provided her with a mini-fridge in her room and stocked it with ice pops.

In "Face the Music with the Casagrandes", she wanted to perform for her grandfather's birthday, but was too nervous to perform in front of others due to an embarrassing incident when she was younger. He empathizes with her, explaning that he had a similar experience while performing at a young age and that she doesn't need to rush with overcoming her stage fright.

In "Flee Market", Hector asks her to look after the Mercado with CJ and Carl while he attends a convention and Bobby goes on his "pizza-versary" date with Lori.


S2E13 Rosa preparing food for Ronnie Anne

Rosa preparing food for Ronnie Anne

Rosa loves Ronnie Anne a lot, and gives her lot of food, even if she doesn't want to eat much. Ronnie Anne doesn't like her grandmother's traditional medicine methods, like putting her finger in one's bellybutton to get rid of a stomachache. In "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", she cleansed her new room of evil spirits and spiders.

In "Friended! with the Casagrandes", Rosa offered to put in a good word for the Changs when she saw how much Ronnie Anne and Sid got along. Later, Ronnie Anne takes responsibility for vandalizing the apartment upstairs when she saw that her Abuela was going to get fired for the damage.

In "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes", as Ronnie Anne fakes being sick, Rosa becomes very concerned for her. Despite reassurances from Ronnie Anne that she can take care of herself while sick, and has plenty of times before in Royal Woods, Rosa informs various tenants in the building to check in on her granddaughter before eventually returning home to take care of her in person. After overhearing her talk with her uncle about missing his award ceremony, Ronnie Anne confesses the truth to Rosa and then uses her skateboard to bring them straight to the award ceremony in time as Carlos nearly finished his speech.

In "Going Overboard", it is revealed that Rosa has been borrowing her skateboard before to move the fridge, but no longer needed it after working out.

In "The Horror-Scope", Ernesto Estrella predicted that Ronnie Anne will find love, and after hearing Lincoln was coming for another visit, she believed that the prediction was coming true, despite her protests of the two of them being just friends. Rosa even encouraged them to go to a fancy pizza restaurant. After Lincoln revealed that he was practicing his magic trick, Ronnie Anne states that Ernesto's fortune wasn't true to Rosa, when suddenly, she catches the bird Sid was looking for, which Sid says is a lovebird. This causes Rosa to point out that Ronnie Anne's fortune did come true after all.

In "Away Game", Rosa was very worried for her and Bobby's well-beings when they spent the weekend at Arturo's and became jealous at the thought of them wanting to spend more time with him. In attempt to make the apartment more fun than Arturo's, she tries to appease to Ronnie Anne and Bobby in any way she can, such as turning her granddaughter's bed into a bunk bed for her sleepover with Sid. Rosa even attempts to be more fun than Arturo by learning to skateboard and dancing to K-pop music. Despite Rosa's generosity, Ronnie Anne made plans with Bobby to spend time with Arturo for the weekend. Realizing her tricks didn't work, Rosa decides to take matters into her own hands and decides to sabotage Arturo's apartment. Upon returning from the batting cages and noticing the damages Rosa caused, Ronnie Anne compliments how her grandma can fix anything and tries to call her to fix them, but then catch her hiding in the couch. After she confesses that she didn't want Ronnie Anne and Bobby to live with Arturo, they reassure her that their home is always going to be with her and their family.


S4E02B Oh, thanks for the fun fact, Tio

Carlos sharing a fact with his niece.

Like with all of his family, Carlos enjoys sharing facts interesting facts with Ronnie Anne. Even though she is not all that interested in listening to the facts.

In "Going Overboard", after catching him riding her skateboard at night and learning he used to be a skilled skateboarder named "Carlos X", she begs her uncle to teach her some of his tricks. He agrees to as long as Frida doesn't know. After a few days of teaching, Carlos has started to become increasingly tired, and fears that his frequent yawning will make Frida catch on. When Ronnie Anne begs him to do one more trick, Carlos agrees, and they pull it off flawlessly. But then, he suddenly slips on his skateboard and breaks his left foot. Ronnie Anne attempts to hide his injury from Frida, but after her newest art installation causes him to accidentally reveal his bandages, they confess their secret and admit fault. However, thanks to the art gallery owner being a Carlos X fan, he gives Frida a second chance by having him and Ronnie Anne performing a trick Carlos taught them for Frida's second art installation.

In "Copy Can't", Carlos reassures her that Carlitos needs time to warm up to her when he wasn't copying her like he does with the rest of the family. When he mentioned the average infant needs around six months, she wasn't willing to wait that long. After her plan to get him to copy her worked (a little too well), he gives his niece the idea of making Carlitos get sick of her and be back to being around him and his wife.


S2E13 Ronnie Anne gets flashed by Frida

Frida taking a picture of her niece.

Frida likes to take memorable pictures of Ronnie Anne, just like she does with the rest of her family while getting emotional.

In "Power Play with the Casagrandes", to help save energy in the apartment, Ronnie Anne suggests for Frida to paint pictures rather than use studio lights for her photography.

In "Going Overboard", she keeps a secret from Frida about Carlos teaching her some skateboarding tricks since she made him promise not to after they got together.

In "Vacation Daze", when Frida tried to paint a picture of Maria since she is the only one she hasn't captured in a portrait, Ronnie Anne tried to speed up the process by scribbling a green face of her picture. When she stated that she'll have to restart, Ronnie Anne takes a picture of Maria and gives it to Frida so she can use that to paint a portrait of instead, which she approves thanks to the better angle.

In "Copy Can't", when she worries that Carlitos may not like her since he doesn't copy her, she quickly reassures her that's not the case. When Ronnie Anne does finally get her baby cousin to copy her, he ends up wanting to be around her more than his parents, making Frida emotional at the thought of her youngest son not needing her or her husband. In an effort to win him back, she dresses up as her niece and tries to act like her, despite the fact that Carlitos has already moved on from Ronnie Anne and goes back to his parents.


S4E04B Happy Together

Ronnie Anne and Carlota happy together.

Carlota is the only girl from the family that treats Ronnie Anne like a little sister. She offered her in trying on new clothes and leg depilation, but Ronnie Anne didn't like any of them.

In "The Spies Who Loved Me", Carlota and Carl follow Ronnie Anne nearby.

In "Friended! with the Casagrandes", they work together to take down all the flyers advertising the apartment for rent.

In "Power Play with the Casagrandes", she asks Carlota to go for a natural look rather than using a hair dryer and curler to save power.

In "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes", she and Carlota work together to prank their brothers and male cousins. By the end of the prank war, they finally get the chance to bond with one another.

In "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes", as she leaves with her family, Carlota tells Ronnie Anne to feel better, even though she's faking to be sick so she can stay at home.

In "Operation Dad", she dresses Ronnie Anne to look like a punk rebel as well as getting her a haircut as a part of her plan to convince Arturo to stay in Great Lakes City.

In "Trend Game", Carlota was excited when Ronnie Anne asked her to get her up to speed on all the latest trends and travel the city while taking pictures together. The next morning when her friends want to hang out with her, Carlota was unable to help due to live streaming with Sergio. She later texts to her cousin about a secret party at the abandoned subway tunnel, but ends up being a mistake when she meant to text there's a band in South Bay Tower.

According to the conversations with Lincoln through video chat, Ronnie Anne likes it when Carlota paints her nails.


S4E02A Look, it's low tide!

Ronnie Anne and CJ playing pirates.

Despite having Down Syndrome, Ronnie Anne gets along very well with CJ. In "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", he made her a sign for her new rooms that reads, "Ronnie Anne's room. KEEP OUT!".

In "Friended! with the Casagrandes", he helps make sure the Chang family move in apartment 3A by keeping Rosa distracted.

In "Power Play with the Casagrandes", she convinces CJ to play with his pirate toys in the sink rather than the bathtub to avoid wasting water.

In "Arrr in the Family", she does everything she can to get CJ be picked to be on stage at a pirate dinner show and raise the flag. After Ralphie is chosen instead, she runs on stage to reason with the Captain of the show. Ralphie attempts to run Ronnie Anne off the ship, but CJ proceeds to run on stage to save her, followed by the rest of the family. a sword fight occurs between CJ and Ralphie, resulting in CJ having the upper hand and pushing Ralphie off the stage. By the end of the show, CJ finally gets to raise the flag and he thanks Ronnie Anne for helping him.


S4E03A Ronnie Anne asks Carl to go grab a snack

Ronnie Anne invites Carl to hang out

The interactions between these two cousins are similar to a brother and sister type of relationship.

In "The Spies Who Loved Me", Carlota and Carl follow Ronnie Anne nearby.

In "Roll Model with the Casagrandes", after witnessing her saving Nelson on her skateboard, Carl becomes obsessed with being just like her and spent a lot of time copying every little thing Ronnie Anne does, much to her annoyance. After learning from Arturo and Bobby that she did the same thing with her big brother, she learns to accept this, but then he sees a new role model in Par, leading Ronnie Anne to seize the opportunity to get him to stop annoying her.

In "Walk Don't Run", Carl offers to pay her and Sid $4 a day for walking Lalo. While trying to track him down, he swindles them into paying him $10 when Lalo was hiding behind him. He then starts his own dog-walking business, but is then attacked by the Street Cats and tries to chase after the dogs.

In "Monster Cash", she was skeptical about Carl's haunted tour and tags along to point out everything fake about it. So, he fools her into being left behind by having her get hot dogs from Bruno and driving off while turned around. Later, after finally arriving back home, Ronnie Anne states that if she wasn't so exhausted from having to run across the city back to the Mercado, she'd kick his butt for ditching her at Bruno's stand.

In "Señor Class", they teamed up on getting rid of their Abuelo in going to school, because they might get embarrassed by him.

According to the conversations with Lincoln through video chat, Ronnie Anne is afraid Carl is going to steal her swim goggles during the trip to the water park.


IMG 20200308 005526

Carlitos and Ronnie Anne making bro-fist.

Carlitos likes imitating Ronnie Anne in "The Loudest Thanksgiving", much like with the rest of his family. However, in "Copy Can't", he doesn't copy her as much as he does with the rest of his family and she worries that he may not like her. She tries various ways to get him to copy her, but to no avail. Just when she is about to give up on trying, he finally starts copying her, but then she gets more than she bargained for when he prefers to be around her a lot more than his parents. Even at bedtime. With Sid's help, they turn Bobby into a Ronnie Anne clone so he can keep their cousin distracted while she can compete in a go-kart race. But he catches onto the trick and rides after them on Lalo onto the tracks. They pull him into the kart with them, but end up crashing and losing the race. Back at the apartment, she gets the idea of making him get sick of her to the point where he wants to be with his parents again.

Lincoln Loud

CS1E04B I'm really glad that we've stayed friends

Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's friend hug.

Ronnie Anne is Lincoln's other best friend and one of her love interests. He was initially bothered by her bullying him in "Heavy Meddle", but after she sends a note apologizing to him, Lincoln begins to see that she may not be such a bad person after all.

In "Save the Date", Lincoln tells a few kids at school that he would rather lick the bathroom floor than kiss Ronnie, but only to hide their relationship. Unfortunately, Ronnie overhears him saying this and is heartbroken about it, which makes Bobby break up with Lori. Lori then forces Lincoln to make it up to Ronnie and fix her relationship by going on a double date with Bobby and Ronnie Anne. While Ronnie is still mad at him at first, she understands his conflict with Lori, stating that she has similar problems with Bobby. Near the end, Lincoln kisses her in front of his classmates. The next day, Ronnie once again hides their relationship by slapping him in the face and seemingly breaking up with him, which she soon reveals to be fake via note.

In "April Fools Rules", Ronnie Anne is coming over on April Fool's Day, the day Luan basically becomes a monster and sets up cruel pranks around the house. To protect her, Lincoln sacrifices himself and ends up setting the pranks, causing severe injury to himself. Ronnie Anne then comes to the house and throws a pie at Luan and offers to draw eyebrows on Lincoln and invites him for a milkshake, saying she was grateful for him protecting her from Luan's pranks and the two head off on their way.

In "Dance Dance Resolution", Lincoln ducks from Ronnie Anne to ensure she doesn't ask him to the Sadie Hawkins Dance, not because he doesn't like her, but because he wanted to go to the arcade that night instead. When Luan, Lucy, Lynn, and Luna each get him a date to the dance and he sees Ronnie Anne is at the dance as well, he tries to avoid her because he fears he will hurt her feelings if she finds out he went to the dance without her. When she finds him, she states she actually never wanted to ask him to the dance but rather to go to the arcade with her. Upon learning he was avoiding her all day, she forgives him and admits that she would've done the same if he were to ask her to a dance. The two are then seen together at the arcade, playing Dance Battle.

In "Shell Shock", Mrs. Johnson assigns Lincoln and Ronnie Anne to take care of an egg as a school project. Lincoln is afraid that Ronnie Anne is too reckless to take care of an egg, so he tries to not let her take it.

Because Ronnie Anne said that once school ends, she's going to get the egg, and won't fall for any excuses. Lincoln made a complete replica of the egg from rubber cement and he gave it to Ronnie Anne. She was surprised by his sudden change in attitude.

Lincoln realized that he gave Ronnie Anne the real egg instead of the fake egg, so he went to her house. Ronnie Anne asks what he's doing at her house and he answered he just wanted to see the egg. Just after Lincoln switched the eggs he notices that Ronnie Anne is a really thoughtful and helpful person at her house. Realizing that Ronnie Anne is not as reckless as he thought, Lincoln decides to put the real egg back.

However, Ronnie Anne caught Lincoln on trying to replace the eggs and was furious at him when he told he didn't trust her and saw her as a reckless monster not able to take care of something so fragile. Lincoln accidentally caused the real egg to fall and break. Heartbroken at the fact that they're going to flunk the assignment, and at how Lincoln perceives her, Ronnie Anne demanded Lincoln to leave her house.

Sometime later, Lincoln arrived to the Santiago house with a replacement egg. Lincoln explained that he talked with Mrs. Johnson to let Ronnie Anne get a second chance, because he learned that she's not as bad as he thought. The teacher agreed, but they won't be rewarded with the big waffle breakfast, but Lincoln didn't care, just as long as he and Ronnie Anne get the assignment done. Ronnie Anne, grateful for what Lincoln did, invited him inside, since they're having waffles for breakfast. Then Ronnie Anne pranked Lincoln into thinking she's going to break the replacement egg as a revenge.

S2E13 Lincoln returns the hug

Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's first hug.

In "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", Lincoln and Ronnie Anne helped each other in separating Lori and Bobby overreacting on the Santiagos leaving Royal Woods to visit their grandparents. Lincoln wished Ronnie Anne a nice time with her big family. After a while, Ronnie Anne called Lincoln on her laptop after her mother announced that they're staying, and told him she feels unhappy with her big family. Lincoln decided to help her because he fully understood her situation, since he himself also lives in big family (in his case, a large immediate family). After getting to know the Casagrandes better, Lincoln tried to convince Ronnie Anne to stay with them. Ronnie Anne hugged Lincoln for a farewell, but told him to not get used to the hug. Finally, Lincoln gave her an advice, and it was "breaking the fourth wall".

S3E05A Linc comments on sweatshirt

Lincoln giving Ronnie Anne a new sweatshirt.

In "City Slickers", he and Lori pay a visit to the Casagrandes' bodega and gives Ronnie Anne a yellow Royal Woods sweatshirt. As they hang out with her friends Nikki, Sameer and Casey, Ronnie Anne continuously tries to stop Lincoln from mentioning anything about her being from Royal Woods, eventually leading the two to have an argument and he decides to pack up and return home. Realizing her mistake, Ronnie Anne catches up to Lincoln and admits she thought her friends would want to hang out with her if they believed she was a city kid. He then tells her that if they are her friends, they will accept her for who she is rather than where she's from. After explaining where she's really from to her friends, it turns out that they don't care that she's from Royal Woods and still accept her as their friend.

In "The Horror-Scope", after getting a prediction by Ernesto Estrella that she will find love, Lincoln calls to inform her that he's coming for another visit. As they hang out, Ronnie Anne begins to think Lincoln is showing signs of affection towards her and asks Sid to tag along with them as her wingman and kill the vibe, but she leaves them after spotting the bird she was hunting. Her fear grows as they're having pizza together and Lincoln changes into a tuxedo and leaves. Arriving back to the apartment, her anxiety reaches a critical level when Lincoln suddenly presents a wedding ring on one knee, but it turns out that Lincoln was actually preparing himself for a magic trick involving interlocking wedding rings. This revelation throws Ronnie Anne completely off, but relieved that they're still just friends.

In "Don't You Fore-get About Me", She and Lincoln made a skating video while the others are busy in exploring at Fairway University.

Lincoln's sisters generally

While she has had no direct interaction with Lincoln's sisters, she seems to get along well with them, and all ten of Lincoln's sisters are shown to be very supportive of Ronnie Anne's relationship with their brother. When they learned in "Heavy Meddle" that a bully was picking on him, they tried to intervene to protect him, due to initially assuming that the bully was a boy. But after Lincoln revealed that the person bullying him was actually a girl, the sisters immediately assumed that the girl was only bullying Lincoln to hide the fact that she had a crush on him. They then cringed when Ronnie Anne punched Lincoln after they encouraged him to kiss Ronnie Anne (although it's later revealed that she does have a crush on Lincoln). The sisters are asking Lincoln in "Dance Dance Resolution", if Ronnie Anne asked him to the Sadie Hawkins Dance, and disappointed when he says no.

S2E13 Lori and Ronnie Anne with an idea

Ronnie Anne and Lori planning.

So far, Ronnie has only truly interacted with two sisters. In "Save the Date", Lori makes Lincoln go on a double date with her, Ronnie Anne, and Bobby after Bobby breaks up with her since Lincoln accidentally made Ronnie Anne cry. She gets annoyed at Lori and Bobby's lovey dovey moments.

S1E18A Ronnie Anne tossed the pie at Luan

Ronnie Anne pelting Luan with a pie.

In "April Fools Rules," Luan uses her as bait to lure Lincoln out of his room on April Fool's Day by texting Ronnie Anne to come over that day knowing that during that day the entire house turns into a war zone full of pranks. However, this backfires on Luan, as Ronnie Anne was touched by Lincoln doing such at thing for her and throwing a pie at her face as retribution, and invites Lincoln for milkshakes as thanks for protecting her from Luan's pranks. This earns her Luan's respect, and she says Ronnie Anne is a keeper, showing that despite using her originally as bait, Luan approves of Lincoln's relationship with Ronnie Anne.


S2E15A I know who you are Clyde

Clyde talking to Ronnie Anne

In "Heavy Meddle", Clyde seems intimidated by Ronnie Anne and worries that she will do something very bad to Lincoln.

In "Shell Shock", after Lincoln makes up an excuse to sit with Lisa, she sits at the edge of a table with Clyde and Penelope, and seems them feeding her egg, she then rolls her eyes at them for unknown reasons.

In "Back Out There", Clyde believed Lincoln suffers a post break up blues after Ronnie Anne's move and tried to make him forget about her. When Clyde directly told her he needs to separate herself from Lincoln, she was annoyed, but explained to him what's the case.

In Living Loud: Surprise Party, Clyde assists Ronnie Anne, along with Bobby and the Loud kids, in preparing for Lori's birthday party.

Casey, Sameer, & Nikki

S3E05A Still friends

Ronnie Anne and her city friends

Ronnie Anne gets along well with her city friends. In "City Slickers", they accepted the fact that Ronnie Anne and Lincoln are both from Royal Woods.

In "Operation Dad", the trio are recruited by Ronnie Anne in her plan to convince her father to stay in the city with Casey and Nikki pretending to be rebels, alongside Ronnie Anne, and Sameer pretending to be getting bullied by them with a fake black eye.

In "Trend Game", they make her realize how she's unable to keep up with the latest trends in Great Lakes City. But after seeing trending photos of her and Carlota, they name her "the Queen of Cool". The next morning, they wanted to spend the day with her to see all the new latest trends she's checking out. Since Carlota was unable to help, she improvises new trends in order to live up her new nickname. She later receives a text from Carlota about a secret party at the abandoned subway tunnel. However, there was no party to be found since Carlota meant to text there's a band in South Bay Tower. They encounter a huge pack of rats and are chased out. Ronnie Anne confesses how she isn't what she appears to be, but it turns out that they always believed she was cool, even if she isn't caught up with the latest trends, still accepting her for who she is. The next day, it turns out everyone at school has actually caught on to her trends.

In "Team Effort", they work together to create the first skateboarding club for the sports fair. They recruit Sid as their mascot and eventually Laird, who surprises them with his skills at riding a skateboard. The next day, four of the gang get sentenced to detention; Nikki and Sameer have to clean the dishes in the cafeteria after vandalizing a photo of their principal, and Casey and Laird are in detention after leaving gum under their desks, despite claiming to be innocent. With Sid's help, Ronnie Anne gets them out of detention in time and they skate all the way to the match they have to win in order to be declared a team. However, they arrive at a hair salon and realize that Coach Crawford set them up so that their club wouldn't be created. They confront him at the school and he admits that they proved his ideology on skaters wrong with their teamwork and lets him keep their club.

Sid Chang

S4E01 I'm Sid Chang! Nice to meet you!

Ronnie Anne meeting Sid for the first time.

From the moment Ronnie Anne met Sid Chang, they quickly became best friends. In "Friended! with the Casagrandes", Ronnie Anne wanted Sid to live in the Casagrande Apartment, so they can be closer together. Ronnie Anne made a plan with her brother, cousins and Sid to scare off any applicants and turn apartment 3A into a total disaster so the Chang Family can move in. At the end of the episode, the Changs were allowed to live in the apartment, and Ronnie Anne and Sid became closer BFF's.

In "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes", the duo come across a hidden room in the laundry room while looking for a place of their own to practice their dancing and inconspicuously bring some of their belongings to place in the secret room to decorate it and plan to use it later. Throughout the rest of the day, the various tenants of the apartment arrive and apologize if they got in the way of hanging out and state that if the two want to hang out in the apartment, they can simply ask them and they'll leave. Feeling bad for keeping the room a secret, they decide to tell everyone and work out a system so that everyone can use it in their own time, including Ronnie Anne and Sid when they practice their dancing in peace.

In "Face the Music with the Casagrandes", when Ronnie Anne confides to Sid about her stage fright with Hector's birthday coming up, she attempts to help her conquer her fears by performing in front of folks on the subway and on an empty street, but with no success.

In "Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes", Sid was impressed by how well Ronnie Anne gets along with her male cousins. But when it came to Carlota, it ends up feeling awkward. Sid empathizes her situation with how she can't connect with a kookaburra at the zoo. When the adults leave, Sid tells her to seize this chance to bond with Carlota. By the end of the episode, Sid sends Ronnie Anne a picture of her finally bonding with the kookaburra just as she is bonding with Carlota.

In "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes", after fooling her family to think she's sick, Sid joins in watching La Tormenta on the wrestling championship with Lucha Libre masks and capes she designed for them, and with Sid's help, they manage to drive away everyone who comes to check on her.

In "Walk Don't Run", when they offer to walk Nelson for Mr. Nakamura, he pays them for their help, which gives them the idea to start a dog-walking business to save up on money. They are paid by the tenants for each dog they are given to walk, but they get scared off by the Street Cats and end up using the money they were paid while trying to get them all back. In the end, they're back to walking just Nelson.

In "The Two of Clubs", they look for an after-school activity club to do together as to not lose any of their hangout time. Lucha Libre club was right for Ronnie Anne, but too aggressive for Sid. Robotics club was fun for Sid, but Ronnie Anne barely knew what to do. After trying various other clubs with none of them working out, they try to compromise to let the other do their favorite clubs separately. The next day, they decide they wanted to join their clubs for their friend's sake. But then, Laird gives them the idea to combine their favorite clubs and start a Lucha Libre Robotics club.

In "New Haunts", they get invited to a sixth grader's Halloween party and arrive in costumes while no one else is wearing a costume. They end up ruining the party and throw away the costumes before going to Sameer's party, but when the bouncer won't let them in without a costume,they retrieve their costumes from the trash to get in, despite how much they reek. After finding a rat in Sid's costume, she and Ronnie Anne fall into the half pipe and end up destroying their costumes, making the bouncer kick them out. As the girls bemoan how horrible their Halloween went, they arrive back to the Mercado and manage to salvage the night, thanks to Bobby, by doing the vampire boogie.

In "Croaked", she helps Sid cheer up her little sister Adelaide grieving over the death of her pet, Froggy with teaching her the celebration of the Day of the Dead.

In "The Horror-Scope", while Sid is on the lookout for a missing bird, Ronnie Anne asks her to accompany her and Lincoln and be her wingman to keep anything romantic from happening between them. As they hang out, she spots the bird she was hunting and leaves them to catch it. Later, Ronnie Anne catches the lovebird in her apartment and Sid arrives to pick it up.

In "Finders Weepers", they discover a coin purse in the Mercado and find a $100 bill inside. The duo ask all the tenants of the apartment if they lost a coin purse, but none of them state that it's theirs and then post flyers for the lost purse around the city. But then they continuously give into temptations to spend the money in the purse until Maybelle calls to pick up her coin purse. Ronnie Anne and Sid desperately attempt to make $100 in order to make up for all of their careless spending, but only to succeed in making a few dollars, forcing them to come clean with Maybelle and do chores for her until they're paid off.

In "How to Train Your Carl", she, along with CJ and Carl, joins Sid and Adelaide on a safari tour with their parents.

In "Operation Dad", Sid gives her a boost on the subway to get a better reception on her phone to hear Arturo's news. Later, Ronnie Anne vents to her best friend about her Dad going back to Peru after his visit and when she points out that it may be because he doesn't think she needs him like his patients, this gives her an idea of how to convince him to stay. The next day when Sid sees her in her rebel appearance, she cowers in fear of getting bullied, but is quickly reassured that it's only Ronnie Anne and is then asked to call Arturo, impersonating in a teacher's voice, to lure him to the back of a fish market.

In "Copy Can't", they both prep to enter a go-kart race together with Sid adding customizations to their helmets and kart. She even tries to offer her help with getting Carlitos to copy her. On the day of the race, she helps make a Ronnie Anne clone out of Bobby so Carlitos will focus on him instead of his cousin. But as they start racing, Carlitos rides after them on Lalo onto the tracks. They pull him into the kart with them, but end up crashing and losing the race.

In "Away Game", Sid got invited to a sleepover with Ronnie Anne. With the help of Ronnie Anne's Abuela Rosa, she transformed Ronnie Anne's bed into a bunk-bed.

In "Trend Game", Sid thought it was hilarious how Ronnie Anne was doing the backwards challenge by wearing her sweatshirt backwards. Later, she tags along with Ronnie Anne, Casey, Sameer, and Nikki after helping her Mom give some lemurs a haircut and had to be out of the apartment for a while so they can calm down.

In "Señor Class", Sid felt very happy that Hector is part of their class with Ronnie Anne, and was stunned that she has a Chinese ancestor.

In "Fast Feud", Ronnie Anne and Sid can barely got any sleep when a new burger joint named "Burger Blast". It kept them up all night because of how bright their sign is and how they kept repeating the Burger Song over and over.

They went inside the store to talk to the employees, Padma and Pierre, Pierre told them that "If you have any complaints, put in the complaint box."

Sid wrote down their complaints and got really 'cranky'. The next day, it just got worse, and they asked help from Carl and Sergio. As they tried everything to shut the place down, it was useless, so Carl had to call Jim Sparkletooth and close the restaurant.

When Padma and Pierre told Ronnie Anne and Sid that they already fixed every problem they've had, they were too late because Jim already interviewed and said that their using 'pigeon' meat with their burgers.

As Jim already got the scoop, Ronnie Anne and Sid stopped him to make his article to go live on TV. They made an agreement on how they make another 'juicy' story than the one that he has.

Then they apologized to Padma and Pierre for everything that they've tried to do.

In "Never Friending Story", she promised Sid that she will help her after she helps Bobby find a friend, which she was fine with it.

In "Team Effort", she recruits Sid to be part of a skateboarding team, which she was reluctant to as she recalls the first time she tried skateboarding, but Ronnie Anne offers to teach her and allows her to be a hotdog mascot for the team.

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