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"Rook, Line, & Sinker" is the eleventh episode of the third season and the eighty-sixth episode of The Casagrandes.


Carlos gets Carl into chess to keep him out of trouble, but Carl takes his rule of the kingdom literally.


At Chavez Academy, Principal Valenzuela tells Carlos and Frida that Carl is being a bad student by swindling students out of their pudding cups. Because of this, Carlos and Frida promise to Valenzuela that they will try to make Carl a better person.

At the Casagrande apartment, Carlos attempts to get Carl interested in a new hobby, like observing an ant farm or playing with a model of the Moon, but is unsuccessful in doing so. Later, Carlos is playing a game of chess against Lalo, when Carl arrives and asks what he's doing. When Carlos explains that he's playing chess, a game about strategy and "outsmarting your opponent". Fascinated, Carl asks how to play, and after several hours, Carl manages to beat his father for five games in a row. As a result, Carlos excitedly tells Frida that he got Carl interested in a new hobby.

Soon afterwards, Carl manages to become a better person to everyone, as he manages to surprise them by beating them with a game of chess and being less of a troublemaker at school. Later at night, Carl realizes that with his newfound knowledge on chess, he can con/trick his family out of certain things, like getting the last churro from Hector or getting his siblings to go to bed so he can have to TV to himself (his process of doing so is referred to as "chess mode", and his planning basically involves him throwing someone into the person of interest to stop them from intervening). The next day, as Carlos and Frida sit in the living room, they get a call from Valenzuela, and when they ask if Carl has been a good student, an angry Valenzuela reveals that Carl has actually become an even worse student than before, as he managed to overthrow her as school principal, among other things. Realizing the mess they ironically created, Carlos realizes that they need to beat Carl at his own game.

At night, as Carl goes to sleep after playing a game of chess with his El Falcon figure, CJ begins to snore rather loudly and farts incessantly. The next day, a sleep-deprived Carl asks his mother if he can get his own room, but Frida refuses. Having been denied of his request, Carl decides to use his tactics in chess to get what he wants.

Later, Carl manages to convince Bobby to sleep behind the mercado encounter, as it means he gets to wake up in the place where he works. With Bobby sleeping in the mercado now, Carl manages to convince CJ to move into Bobby's room. Carl believes he finally succeeded in having the bedroom to himself, but discovers that Frida has moved in, saying that with CJ out, she can use the room as her new art studio. When Carl asks where he's going to sleep, she and Carlos guide him to the rooftop, where he can sleep in Lalo's doghouse. Because of this, along with the rain coming down, Carl pleads with his parents to not make him sleep on the roof, to which Carlos and Frida declare "checkmate". After telling Sergio to turn off the fake rain, they reveal that they planned their actions all along; CJ was instructed to snore loudly (while the farting was improvised by him) so that Carl will ask for him own room and got the rest of the family to go along to avoid suspicion. Having finally gotten a taste of his own medicine, Carl promises to stop with his trickery, as well as stating that he'll play chess just for fun. As Carlos and Frida gather his stuff to take back to him room, Carl attempts to get out from helping, but is caught in the process, making Carl comment that he's still trying to get used to not tricking others.

When nighttime comes, Bobby, still tricked into sleeping in the mercado, wishes everyone a goodnight.


Ronnie Anne, Maria, Carlota, and Kingston have no lines in this episode.


  • This and "15 Candles" are the first pair of episodes to be written by the same writer, that being Alec Schwimmer.
  • According to Carlos, chess helps ease his stress when pushed to his "parental limit".
  • According to Carl, whenever Rosa makes churros for her family, Hector always gets the last one.
  • This episode reveals that Carlos trained Lalo to play chess, but Lalo cheats.
  • Irony:
    • Carlos thought that introducing chess to Carl would make him a better person, but as Valenzuela points out, he ended becoming an even worse person.
    • As punishment for tricking others, Carl ended up getting a taste of his own medicine.


  • Rook, Line, & Sinker - The title of this episode is a pun of the expression "hook, line, and sinker", which is used to emphasize that someone has been completely deceived or tricked.
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - The montage of Carl beating everyone in chess is accompanied by a techno remix of this piece of music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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