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This article is about the Season 4 episode. For the Season 2 episode, see Room with a Feud.
Episode Information

"Room and Hoard" is the fortieth episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-eighty-ninth episode of The Loud House.


Unable to part with their childhood toys, the kids try to convince Mom and Dad that they still play with them.


Rita and Lynn Sr. are looking through the attic trying to find a VHS tape of Lynn Sr. and Kotaro's first trip to Cowbella. When they are unable to find it in the abundance of items in the attic, they decide to call up the kids and motivate them to get rid of their old items. However, as the kids enjoy some of their old belongings, they tell their parents that they don't want to get rid of them because of sentimental value. The kids decide to make a deal: if they can prove that they still play with them, they get to keep them.

Throughout the day, the kids partake in various activities with their old belongings.

  • Lucy uses her baby shovel to hold a funeral for a bee (complete with a tiny casket).
  • Lori has a conversation on a toy phone that plays only animal sounds.
  • Lynn plays basketball with her plastic hoop.
  • Lana and Lola watch a preschool cartoon about frogs with an irresistibly catchy song.
  • Lily gnaws on an old toilet paper roll and refuses to let go of it.
  • Leni plays a fashion-related board game.
  • Lisa uses her microscope to examine the numerous bags of infant fecal samples she collected.
  • Luna and Luan play with their puppets in a cardboard stage.
  • Lincoln rides on his toy tricycle while wearing a shirt too small, a bib with his first Flippee stain, and a propeller beanie.

Having seen all the kids play with their items, they call them downstairs and proclaim that they're convinced that they still play with them, and are allowed to keep them. However, they state that they still have standards and say that if they plan on getting something new, they need to get rid of something old in return.

At Gus' Games and Grub, Lincoln and Lola play a ring toss game and win enough tickets to earn some prizes. However, when they remember the new rule of getting rid of something old if they get something new, they proceed to hide their newly acquired items. At the mall, Leni is shopping for clothes, Lily buys a wig, and Lori is revealed to have been given some golf clubs from Carol. Before long, the kids start to bring home more belongings, like Lucy with a dug up animal skull, Lana with a tossed out burrito (whom she names "Burt"), Lisa with a bag of Charles' feces, Luna with a Mick Swagger pinball machine, Luan with a chicken feathered boa, and Lynn with a set of tackling dummies. As the family watches The Dream Boat. A sudden accident causes all of the belongings that the kids brought home to spill out all over the living room. With all the belongings exposed, the kids state that they brought them home and hid them out of fear of getting rid of their old items. Knowing that they have to make room, the kids decide on what they must do.

The next day, the kids proceed to give away all of their old belongings, much to Rita and Lynn Sr.'s joy, as they finally learned to move on. They also revealed that they found the VHS Lynn Sr. wanted, as it was under Lisa's collection of infant fecal samples.


Louds' customers have no lines.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Saison 4 : Partie 2" DVD.


Room and Hoard AC.jpg
  • This episode was revealed by Ari Castleton on Instagram.
  • This is the first episode to be directed by Ari Castleton.
  • This is the last episode where Tex Hammond voices Lincoln.
  • A clip from this episode was first shown in "The Loud House & Casagrandes Hangin' at Home Special."
  • Among Loud's customers is the white-haired cashier from episode "Don't You Fore-get About Me".
  • New items the kids obtained and places they hid them:
    • Lincoln - An Ace Savvy doll he won from a game; in the TV stand.
    • Lori - Some golf clubs Carol gave her; in the air vent.
    • Leni - Some clothes she bought at the mall; also in the air vent.
    • Luna - A Mick Swagger-themed pinball machine she got from a pile of free items; up the chimney.
    • Luan - A chicken-feathered boa she got from a pile of free items; also up the chimney.
    • Lynn - Some tackling dummies she got at a sports match; somewhere in the living room.
    • Lucy - An animal's skull she dug up at a cemetery; in a potted plant.
    • Lana - An old burrito she got out of the trash; under a living room rug.
    • Lola - A rag doll she won at a game; under the couch.
    • Lisa - A stool sample from Charles; in the lamp.
    • Lily - A rainbow wig Lori bought her; somewhere in the living room.
  • Innuendo: Lisa is studying her very first infant fecal samples, which her parents had no idea she had kept all of those years.


  • Room and Hoard - The title of this episode is a pun of room and board, which is where, in exchange for money, labor or other considerations, a person is provided with a place to live as well as meals on a comprehensive basis.
  • Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards - While searching through the attic, one of the items Rita finds is an orange blimp, which is the trophy given during this awards show.
    • Ironically, The Loud House hasn't won a KCA yet in the USA (although the show already did in Mexico in 2018).


  • As the kids are digging up their old childhood toys in the attic, the word "Woops" written on a box in the background is layered over Luan's hair.
    • In the same scene, "Taxes 1999" written on a box is also layered over Lincoln's pants, though not in every frame.
  • As Lori is calling Leni, she has her phone in her left hand. Then after Leni hangs up, the next shot shows Lori holding the phone in her right hand.
  • As Lincoln and Lola are hiding their new things, Lola hides her new doll under the couch. But when all the siblings' new things are revealed to the parents, Lola's doll comes out from the right side as if it was in a different hiding spot.
  • In one scene the thite-haired woman in black jacket has picture of school on her right side, but in another scene the skull is on her left side.
  • Possible: As the family is watching TV and when the siblings' new things are revealed, Luna is on the couch. Then when it cuts to Luan says "Yeah, we promise we'll start giving them away", Luna is sitting on the floor.
  • Luna and Luan's cardboard stage is shown to have a door on the bottom of it. But the door is missing when the two get stuck in the stage.
  • When Luna and Luan get stuck in their cardboard stage, Luna is on the right and Luan is on the left. Later, when the parents are talking to the kids, Luna and Luan have switched sides.
  • When Luna has her Mick Swagger puppet say, "That's bloody brilliant," the closed-captions instead say, "That's blood brilliant."
  • When Flip's raccoon is shown wearing Lincoln's small shirt, it has no helmet. Then when Leni gives the raccoon one of her sunglasses, it's wearing a helmet.
  • When Lori says "We know, and you were right. In a house with thirteen people, there's no room for old stuff we don't actually use," the closed-captioning switches "don't" and "actually."


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