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"Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes" is the third episode of the fourth season, the one-hundred-fifty-second episode of The Loud House, and the third episode of the Casagrande story arc.


Desperate to find a place in their own building, Ronnie Anne and Sid find a hidden room in the laundry area and try to keep it a secret from the rest of the tenants.


In Ronnie Anne's room, Ronnie Anne and Sid attempt to copy the dance moves of their favorite K-pop band Twelve is Midnight. As they dance, the two keep getting interrupted by Ronnie Anne's family members. When Sid suggests they go to her room instead, they keep getting interrupted by Sid's younger sister, Adelaide, who wants someone to play with her. Needing another place to hang out, they try several different parts of the apartment such as the roof or the hallway, but they're occupied by the other tenants of the apartment.

Room for Improvement Main Image

The perfect room.

Going down as far as the laundry room basement, the two realize that it's not occupied. While looking around, Ronnie Anne discovers a secret room behind one of the machines and she and Sid realize that they can use this as their secret hideout. With this in mind, Ronnie Anne and Sid attempt to bring some of their belongings to place in the secret room. However, they keep running into their respective family members, forcing them to come up with fake excuses as to what they're doing with them. With their secret room fully decorated, the two state that they have things to do, so they'll have to hang out later.

While Ronnie Anne works in the mercado and Sid plays with Adelaide at the park, the various tenants of the apartment arrive and apologize if they got in the way of hanging out and state that if the two want to hang out in the apartment, they can simply ask them and they'll leave. Sometime later, Ronnie Anne and Sid arrive at their secret room, but as they dance, the two admit that they feel bad, saying that they're being selfish for keeping the room a secret and decide to tell everyone about this room.

Later, knowledge of the secret room is around and Ronnie Anne and Sid are letting the tenants use it for their personal interests for a short amount of time.



  • According to Sammie Crowley, the tenants introduced in this episode were named after some of her friends.[1]
  • This episode has a similar premise to the Season 3 episode "Pipe Dreams", as both episodes involve two people having a secret room all to themselves and making sure they keep it hidden.
  • This episode reveals that Ronnie Anne and Sid both love K-pop music and that their favorite K-pop band is called Twelve is Midnight.
  • This episode reveals that Sergio has a habit of stealing credit cards so he can buy things he sees on TV. So far, he bought a panini press because of this.
  • The game console Cory was playing with was the Super-Snap 95, which was first seen in "Game Boys".
  • Hector reveals that he owns a sewing kit.
Carlitos with building blocks

Calitos' blocks spelling out Lalo.

  • If one were to notice, Carlitos' building blocks spell out Lalo. Also in the background, the blocks spell out "LDH" which are the first three letters of the production codes of the episodes.
  • Irony: Ronnie Anne and Sid wanted to keep their hidden room a secret, but when the tenants state that they can use parts of the apartment as long they can, the two admit that keeping the room a secret makes them more selfish than they thought.


  • Room for Improvement - The title of this episode is a phrase meaning to say that something is not perfect and needs to be improved.
  • BTS - Twelve is Midnight seems to be a reference to BTS.
  • Maknae - As Carlos points out, the youngest member of a K-pop band is referred to as a maknae.



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