The following is a transcript for the episode "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes".


[At the Casagrande apartment, Sid and Ronnie Anne are in Ronnie Anne's room, watching K-pop on her computer.]
Sid: "And it's not just the music that makes Twelve is Midnight the best K-pop group of all time, it's their style too."
[Sid plays the video of the group dancing.]
Ronnie Anne: "I totally agree, plus Yoon Kwan has the best moves ever."
Sid: [Pauses the video and sighs] "Did I tell you that my grandpa's second cousin's car mechanic once saw Yoon in a store?"
Ronnie Anne: [gasps] "That's crazy. What was he buying?"
Sid: "I'll bet it was a shirt with a bunch of zippers, or bubblegum."
Ronnie Anne: "Okay, are you ready to nail this dance?"
[Ronnie Anne hits play on the video and the two girls attempt to do the dance, when suddenly...]
Rosa: [Enters the room] "Mija!"
[The two yelp in fright, Ronnie Anne pauses the video.]
Ronnie Anne: "Oh, hey Abuela, what's going on?"
Rosa: "I just whipped up some Queso Fundido for you, and your [winks at them] bestie. Eat, eat."
Ronnie Anne: "Aw, thanks, that sounds delicious but we're still pretty full from the taquitos you made us twenty minutes ago."
Rosa: "Of course, what am I thinking? I'll go make dessert." [Leaves the room]
[Sid laughs and Ronnie Anne plays the video again. Two seconds into the dance, her Tio Carlos enters the room.]
Carlos: "Good afternoon, girls. [They yelp in fright once again.] Is that K-pop music I hear? [Ronnie Anne pauses the video.] "Did you know that the youngest member in a K-pop group is called a maknae?"
Ronnie Anne: "Oh, thanks for the fun fact, Tio."
[Ronnie Anne pushes him out of the room and plays the video again. Three seconds into the dance, Sergio flies into the room.]
Sergio: [Squawks] "Can't find my credit card."
Ronnie Anne: "Sergio, get out of here! [Sergio flies out of the room.] And you're not supposed to buy stuff off the TV anymore!"
Sergio: [Squawks] "Try to stop me!"
Ronnie Anne: [To Sid] "Sorry we keep getting interrupted."
Sid: "Don't worry about it. Hey, you wanna go upstairs to practice our moves in my room instead?"
Ronnie Anne: "Great idea."

[Later in Sid's room, while Sid and Ronnie Anne dance to the music, Adelaide appears.]
Adelaide: "Sid, I need your help. I’m playing princesses and I need a dragon." [Shows a dragon mask.]
Sid: "Sorry, Adelaide. I’m hanging out with Ronnie Anne right now. But I promise I'll play later."
[Adelaide groans and leaves the room. Ronnie Anne and Sid are back to dancing. Adelaide appears again with an iguana.]
Adelaide: "Is it later yet?"
Ronnie Anne: "Yah! What is that?"
Adelaide: "Oh, that’s Meatball. Mom brought him home from the zoo while his habitat is being renovated. They’re giving him a new sunning stone."
Sid: [As Meatball crawls over Ronnie Anne.] "Maybe my place wasn’t such a great idea. Let’s try somewhere else."

[Later, Ronnie Anne and Sid arrive on top of the roof, where Mr. Nakamura and his dog Nelson are.]
Sid: [Ronnie Anne runs into her.] "Oof! Oh, hi Mr. Nakamura."
Mr. Nakamura: "Hey, girls."
Ronnie Anne: "Hi, Nelson." [Nelson barks. A guitar tuning is heard, showing that Hector is here.] "Hey, Abuelo."
Hector "Hola, girls." [Suddenly a beanbag knocks Hector's hat off.]
Miranda: "Sorry!"
[The girls look in the direction the bean bag came from, and see Miranda playing corn hole, Miranda waves to them.]
Ronnie Anne & Sid: [Slightly irritated] "Hey, Miranda."
Miranda: "Hey." [Suddenly Nelson swipes on of her beanbags. Miranda gasps and chases him.] "Hey!"
Mr. Nakamura: "No! No! No!" [He and Miranda corner Nelson.] "Nelson, drop it!" [Nelson throws it over the edge of the building, Miranda is angry at Mr. Nakamura, who awkwardly laughs.] "At least he listened."
Ronnie Anne: [To Sid] "Well, guess the roof is out, there's way too much going on here."
[The girls leave. They come down the stairs.]
Sid: [Looks around] "Hmm, maybe we could practice in one of the hallways."
[Suddenly, they hear a tuba, they look over and see Alexis practicing.]
Ronnie Anne: [While she passes by] "Sounds good, Alexis."
[She continues down the stairs, and Sid follows, giving Alexis a thumbs up, Alexis continues practicing. On the next level, Mrs. Kernicky is playing paddleball, with her headphones on.]
Sid: "Hey, Mrs. Kernicky." [Mrs. Kernicky doesn't hear them and almost hits them with the ball, which instead flies in Alexis' tuba, flies out when he blows into it, bounces off the railing, and hits Alexis.] "I guess this spot's out too."
[They continue downstairs and some video game noises are heard. The girls see that Cory is playing on his handheld.]
Ronnie Anne & Sid: [deadpan] "Hey, Cory."
[Cory waves at them while playing. The girls then see Georgia trying to keep a tower of cards steady.]
Sid: "Oh, hi, Georgia, impressive tower."
[Suddenly, the noise from Cory's handheld grows louder as Cory goes upstairs, having the three yelp, having Georgia knock over her tower of cards, and the table supporting it.]
Ronnie Anne: "Guess this isn't going to work either, let's go try the basement."

[The girls enter the laundry room and gasp when they see that it's empty.]
Sid: "Ooh, this looks promising."
Ronnie Anne: [Hands Sid her laptop] "Here, cue up the dance video, I'll find somewhere to charge up the laptop." [Looks around, when suddenly] "Hey Sid, check this out." [Points to a hole behind a washing machine, the two push the machine out of the way and see the hole leads somewhere.]
Ronnie Anne & Sid: "Woah."
Sid: [Excited] "What's in there?" [The girls enter the hole, and find a whole room.] "Forget the laundry room, this is the perfect place for us to practice our dance."
Ronnie Anne: "Think bigger, this is the perfect place for us to hang out, nobody's gonna bug us down here."
Sid: "Genius, it just needs a little love. Ooh, we can bring stuff down here to decorate."
Ronnie Anne: "For sure, but, we have to be careful, if one person finds out about this room, it won't be long before the whole building knows, and everyone will wanna get in on it."
Sid: "Not to worry, secrecy is my specialty, but don't tell anyone, it's a secret."

[Later, Ronnie Anne is in her room, digging through some stuff and finds a beanbag chair.]
Ronnie Anne: "Perfect." [Takes the chair out of her room; just outside the room, Carlitos is playing with blocks, and sees his cousin. Ronnie Anne gives a silencing gesture.] "Ssh."
Carlitos: [Making the same gesture] "Ssh."
[Ronnie Anne continues with the chair, enters the living room where Sergio and Hector are.]
Sergio: [Sees Ronnie Anne and squawks] "Going somewhere?"
Hector: "Ronnie Anne? What are you doing with that beanbag chair?"
Ronnie Anne: "Uh, it's out of beans, no reason to hold on to it anymore." [Tries to make a straight face.]
Hector: "Hmm, this is terrible news, don't throw it away, we can refill it, I'll get some frijoles from the Mercado."
Ronnie Anne: "Oh, yeah, well, it has a hole, so..."
Hector: "I'll get my sewing kit."
Ronnie Anne: "You know, actually, I just really hate this beanbag chair, I'm gonna throw it out." [Hector and Sergio shrug. Outside the apartment, Ronnie Anne gasps when she sees her mother approaching.] "Seriously?" [Throws the chair down, sits on it, and pulls out her phone.]
Maria: [Confused] "Ronnie Anne? What are you doing out here?"
Ronnie Anne: "Oh, hey Mom, just uh, hiding out from Sergio, he's trying to get me to buy him a panini press he saw on TV."
Maria: [Flabbergasted] "What? I just bought him one." [Enters the apartment, mad] "Sergio!"
[Ronnie Anne is relieved and takes the chair to the laundry room. Meanwhile, Sid is checking her family's hall closet, and finds an old TV.]
Sid: "Ah, yeah, this'll be perfect." [Starts off, when her mom, who is brushing a sloth's teeth, sees her.]
Becca: "Hey Siddo, what'cha up to?"
[Meatball comes out from behind her.]
Sid: "Uh, well," [sees Meatball crawling around her feet] "I'm just," [gets an idea] "gonna turn this old TV into a terrarium for Meatball, yeah, you just rip the guts out, throw in a couple of trees, and you got a real comfy iguana condo."
Becca: "Be sure to put a mirror in there," [Looks around] "don't tell Meatball I said this, but he's kind of a diva." [To the sloth] "As for you mister, it's time to brush." [Continues to brush the sloth's teeth. Sid walks off, realizes something, and stops.]
Sid: "Wait, was that my toothbrush? [Looks back and is disgusted.] "Lech."
[Later on, Ronnie Anne takes down some lights from her room, Sid grabs some board games, and Ronnie Anne grabs her game console. Just when she was about to head out the door with it, she hears her Tio Carlos clear his throat, who was reading a book on the couch.]
Carlos: "Hmm?"
Ronnie Anne: "Hi Tio, I'm, loaning my video game console to a friend, his cat laid on his and it overheated, the console, not the cat, so, yeah."
[Carlos narrows his eyes at his book and his niece, confused. Meanwhile, Cory is playing his game in the hallway when he sees a huge T-rex head and is spooked by it. Sid lifts it up.]
Sid: "Just, uh, taking this to the dry cleaners, yeah, gotta get all the, neck sweat." [Grins nervously and takes off with the head, leaving behind a confused Cory.]

[Soon enough, the girls finish decorating their new room.]
Ronnie Anne: "We did it, Sid, this place is crazy awesome."
[The girls high five.]
Sid: "I know, I just wish we could hang out here now, but I'm taking Adelaide to the park."
Ronnie Anne: "No problem, I'm supposed to help Bobby in the mercado anyway. Wanna meet here around five and get in some dance practice?"
Sid: "I think I can tire Adelaide out by then, I'll tell her that if she digs to the bottom of the sandbox, she'll find a portal to Australia."
[The girls laugh at this.]

[Later in the mercado, Ronnie Anne and Bobby are stocking the merchandise.]
Bobby: "Do you think anyone notices that I stack the soup cans in rainbow order?"
Ronnie Anne: "No offense, Bobby, but probably not."
Mr. Nakamura: [Offscreen] "Nelson, heal!" [Suddenly, Nelson knocks over Bobby's display.] "Woah! Oh, Bobby, I'm so sorry, I know you stack those cans in rainbow order."
Bobby: [Touched] "No problem, Mr. Nakamura, I'm just touched you noticed."
Ronnie Anne: [Giving Mr. Nakamura a bag of dog food.] "Here's Nelson's organic dog food, Abuelo ordered it special for you."
Mr. Nakamura: "Thanks Ronnie Anne, I saw you and Sid on the roof earlier," [meanwhile, Nelson is ripping the bottom of the bag off.] "I hope Nelson didn't scare you off."
Ronnie Anne: "No, not at all, it was just a little busy up there."
Mr. Nakamura: "Oh, I know how tough it can be, finding some privacy in this building, if you girls ever want the roof to yourselves, just say the word and I'll clear off."
Ronnie Anne: [Slightly guilty] "That's really nice, Mr. Nakamura, but we're fine."
Mr. Nakamura: [Seeing that Nelson is eating the dog food right off the floor.] "Nelson! I raised you better than that."
[He tries to bring Nelson in, but instead gets dragged away by Nelson's leash, Ronnie Anne giggles at this. Meanwhile, Sid and Adelaide are in the park, Sid slowly shoveling sand, and Adelaide, using her bare hands and panting, trying to dig to Australia.]
Adelaide: "Sid, I don't think we're getting close to Australia." [Gives Sid a testy look.]
Sid: "Oh, we will, we just have to believe."
[Adelaide likes the sound of that, and gets back to digging.]
Mrs. Kernicky: [Jogs up to them.] "Hello, girls."
Sid: "Hey, Mrs. Kernicky."
Mrs. Kernicky: "Sid, I'm sorry I took over the hallway this morning with my paddleball practice."
Sid: "Oh, no worries, Ronnie Anne and I found somewhere else to hang out."
Mrs. Kernicky: "Well, if you girls ever need to use the space, it's all yours, I've got plenty to do in my apartment."
Sid: "Oh, we couldn't ask you to do that."
Mrs. Kernicky: "It's really no problem, I know the buliding feels a little crowded sometimes. [Jogs off] Catch you later."
Adelaide: [Sees something in the sand] "Sid, I think I see a kangaroo."
Sid: [In disbelief] "You do?"
Adelaide: "Wait, [digs it out] no, it's just a stick."
[Adelaide is bummed out by this. Meanwhile, Ronnie Anne is still working at the boudega.]
Ronnie Anne: "Hey, Georgia."
Georgia: "Hey, I hope I wasn't in your way earlier. I noticed you and Sid scooted out the lobby pretty quickly."
Ronnie Anne: "No worries. We're fine."
Georgia: "Well, you know the lobby doesn't belong to me. It's for the whole building to use. [Ronnie Anne is slightly surprised at what she said.] If I'm ever in your way, just say the word."
Ronnie Anne: "Oh, uh, thanks, Georgia. That's... really thoughtful."
Georgia: "Of course!"
[Ronnie Anne becomes slightly dispirited. Back at the park, Adelaide is still digging up the sandbox, and Miranda is sitting with Sid.]
Miranda: "Well, if you and Ronnie Anne wanna use the roof, I'm happy to give up my time there."
[Sid is now slightly dispirited. Back at the bodega, Ronnie Anne is still restocking while Alexis is talking to her.]
Alexis: "I know my tuba's loud, but if you and Sid wanna share the hallway outside my apartment with me, you definitely can."
[Meanwhile, outside the door to the building.]
Cory: "You and Ronnie Anne are welcome to use my spot on the landing whenever you want, I can always go play video games up in my apartment.
[Sid is even more dispirited. Just outside the mercado, Nelson barks to Ronnie Anne.]
Ronnie Anne: [Still dispirited] "Oh, thanks, Nelson, that's really generous of you."

[Ronnie Anne is in the laundry room with a dispirited face. The door opens and Sid appears.]
Sid: "Hey, Ronnie Anne. You ready to dive back into our dance?"
Ronnie Anne: "You know it."
[They enter the secret place, connect the video of the laptop and begin to dance with sad faces.]
Sid: "Wow. How great is this?"
Ronnie Anne: "So great." [Thinking for a second.] "Actually, I'm going to turn this off for a sec." [Turns off the video.] "I don't know, Sid. Maybe we should tell everyone about this room. I really feel bad about keeping it a secret."
Sid: "I do, too! When I was at the park this afternoon, people in our building kept offering to share their space with us."
Ronnie Anne: "The same thing happened to me in the mercado. Everyone's being so generous."
Sid: "And we're being so selfish. I can't dance like Yoon Kwon with this hanging over my head."
Ronnie Anne: "Me, neither. Let's go do the right thing."

[Later on, Mrs. Kernicky is now using the room for her paddleball practice. A timer goes off and Mrs. Kernciky steps out. Ronnie Anne and Sid are there as well with the laptop.]
Mrs. Kernicky: "It's all yours, girls, thanks for letting me get my paddle on. It was so sweet of you to share your room with us."
Ronnie Anne: "Of course, it's for everyone."
[Mr. Nakamura and Nelson walk up to the sign-up sheet.]
Mr. Nakamura: "Ah, I'm gonna sign up for the 6:00 slot." [Does so] "Thanks, girls, this is such a great idea. I'm finally going to teach Nelson how to roll over." [Nelson barks] "Yes, I am going to teach you, Nelson."
[The girls, and Mrs. Kernicky, laugh and the two enter the room. Ronnie Anne sets the laptop down and plays the video.]
Ronnie Anne: "Alright, you ready to do this thing?"
Sid: "You know it."
[They dance to the music.]
Ronnie Anne: "Do you think if we practice hard enough, [They spin] we could be backup dancers for Twelve is Midnight?"
Sid: "Totally! Dibs on the spot right behind Yoon."
[Ronnie Anne giggles and they continue their dance happily.]

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