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This article is about the Season 2 episode. For the Season 4 episode, see Room and Hoard.
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"Room with a Feud" is the twenty-sixth episode of the second season and the seventy-eighth episode of The Loud House.


Seeing his sisters squabble with their roommates, Lincoln suggests a roommate shuffle, based on a compatibility test he and Clyde took.


Lincoln is in the living room, watching a baking show called Dessert Storm. However, every time he tries to see which of the two contestants would win, his sisters arrive, pause the video, and complain about their roommates causing trouble for them. Lola says that Lana is ruining all of her dolls by cutting their hair, Lynn says that Lucy's bat bit her arm and now has a taste for her blood, and Leni says that Lori ruined one of her hairpins. When Leni sees what Lincoln's watching, she inadvertently reveals the winner before the show, much to his dismay.

It seems that all of the roommates can't stand one another.

Lincoln enters his room, and gets a video call from Clyde on his laptop. As they begin talking, Clyde overhears a loud ruckus from Lincoln's side of the call, and Lincoln informs him that the roommates are squabbling with each other. As Clyde acknowledges the fact that he and Lincoln are great for each other due to getting the same score on a compatibility test, Lincoln realizes that if he makes his sisters take a compatibility test, he might be able to figure out which roommate is best suited for who. Lincoln proposes his idea to his sisters, and they immediately go along with it, not wanting to spend another moment with their old roommates. After one hour of taking the test, Lincoln has the results:

  • Lana with Lynn due to their rugged personalities.
  • Luna with Lisa due to their explosive personalities.
  • Lola with Lucy due to their flair for the dramatic.
  • Luan with Leni due to their shared love of laughter.
  • Lori with Lily because of their respective phones.

That night, Lincoln checks up on his sisters, and discovers that they are getting along with their new roommates. However, just as Lincoln calls up Clyde to inform him that the compatibility test was a success, the roommates are already running into trouble. Lynn is angry with Lana about her pet rattlesnake resting on her lucky jersey, Lola gave Lucy's bust of Edwin a makeover to bring him to the 21st century which is Lucy least favorite century, Lori accidentally stepped on Lily's phone, prompting the baby to post embarrassing photos of Lori online, Luna's jams have gotten in the way of Lisa's experiments, and Leni would annoy Luan by laughing at every little thing she would say, even if it's not a joke. The sisters are quick to chastise Lincoln, since the compatibility test didn't work. Lisa looks over the compatibility test Lincoln gave them, and discovers that it came from one of Lincoln's Ace Savvy comics, meaning that the test only works on fans of Ace Savvy. Because of this, Lisa proposes on using an actual compatibility test.

Lisa unveils a machine that will calculate on which sister works best for the other by using collective data such as report cards, journals, medical records, and DNA samples. After scanning the information, Lisa is given a list on who goes with who:

  • Lori with Lola because of their authoritarian nature.
  • Leni with Lynn because of having the same speech pattern (as they both ask what they have in common in unison).
  • Luna with Lana because of their garage-based hobbies and their respectful axes.
  • Luan with Lucy due to their shared creativity and their way of befriending inanimate objects.
  • Lincoln with Lily, leaving Lisa all by herself.

Vexed, Lincoln objects to this, saying that he and Lily have nothing in common. Lisa is just as confused, as she wants a roommate, but doesn't share any similar interests with the others. As Lisa scratches her head, her wig accidentally falls off, revealing her pulsating, green brain, much to everyone's horror and disgust.

That night, Lincoln is unable to sleep due to Lily babbling loudly in her sleep and the smell of her diapers stinking up the entire room. Lincoln barges into his room (which Lisa is staying in), and complains that her compatibility test must have some flaws as well. Lisa looks over the information, and discovers that the sisters who are paired have compatibility over 90%, while Lincoln's compatibility with Lily is only a measly 17%. Because of this, Lincoln threatens to make the sisters go back to their original rooms, but as he does so, he sees that the roommates are getting along really well. Luna and Lana get along by playing with both mud and drums, Lynn uses Leni as a weight, which Leni uses as an opportunity to decorate the ceiling, Luan and Lucy are getting along playing poker, and Lori and Lola get along by bossing others around with their strict behavior. Entering Lisa and Lily's room, Lincoln gets a call from Clyde, and tells him that his sisters are happy with their new roommates. Because of this, Lincoln decides to take one for the team and let it stay that way. Unbeknownst to him, his sisters have eavesdropped on the conversation, and look at each other with concern.

Lincoln with a pulsating green brain from Lisa's chemicals.

The next day, Lincoln wakes up and discovers that he's back in his original room. At that moment, the sisters enter, saying that they overheard his conversation with Clyde last night, and are grateful at the fact that he decided to take one for the team, so they decided to return the favor by going back to their original rooms with their original roommates, saying that they'll try their hardest to correct their behavior. As Lincoln appreciates his sisters for what they did, they all leave, except for Lisa, who informs him that some of her chemicals might still be in his room, and says that if he ever finds one of them, he should let her know. Suddenly, the second Lisa leaves, one of her chemicals blows up in Lincoln's room, causing his hair to fall off, revealing that he now has a pulsating green brain just like Lisa.


Bobby has no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Absolute Madness" "The Complete Second Season", "Photo de groupe", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


Blueprint of the house's second floor.

  • The title card depicts a blueprint of the Loud house's second floor.
  • The arrows on the title card goes as follows:
    • Lincoln to Lisa's bed, and then back to his bed.
    • Lana to Luna/Luan's bed.
    • Luna/Luan (specifically Luan) to Lynn and Lucy's room.
    • Lori to Lana's bed.
    • Lynn to Leni's bed.
      • This foreshadowed the second room shuffle.
  • This is the first episode that Kyle Marshall fully directed, but didn't storyboard.
  • This episode reveals that Lucy's least favorite century is the 21st century (in other words, the present).
  • Lana once tried to cut the hair off of one of Lola's dolls in "Along Came a Sister", but didn't get the chance. This time, she succeeded in doing so.
  • Roommate shuffles suggested by Lincoln and Lisa:
    • Lincoln - Ace Savvy comic book
      • Lincoln's room - Lincoln
      • Lori & Leni's room - Lori & Lily
      • Luna & Luan's room - Leni & Luan
      • Lynn & Lucy's room - Lynn & Lana
      • Lana & Lola's room - Lucy & Lola
      • Lisa & Lily's room - Luna & Lisa
    • Lisa - DNA Machine
      • Lincoln's room - Lisa
      • Lori & Leni's room - Leni & Lynn
      • Luna & Luan's room - Luna & Lana
      • Lynn & Lucy's room - Luan & Lucy
      • Lana & Lola's room - Lori & Lola
      • Lisa & Lily's room - Lincoln & Lily
    • Lola was the only sibling who didn't change rooms in either of the two shuffles, while Lana was the only one who didn't stay in her own room in either of the two.
    • Lucy and Lana were the only two siblings to switch rooms with each other in the first shuffle, while Lincoln and Lisa were the only two to switch with each other in the second shuffle.
  • This episode reveals that Lori has a double chin, when Lily takes photos of Lori and posts it on the internet.
  • Lori's "Bad Side", mentioned in "Save the Date", appears when Lily takes a picture of Lori at a certain angle.
  • All of Leni's roommates were also teenagers.
    • The only teenager Leni did not share a room with was Luna.
  • Irony: The girls think switching roommates will stop arguing, but when they first switch, they ended up arguing again.
  • Lisa mentions their maternal grandfather, Albert isn't ready to find love again. This implies Albert might be a widower since his wife/Rita's mother has never made an appearance or been mentioned in the show. Later in "Insta-gran", Albert starts dating Myrtle.


  • Room with a Feud - The title is a pun on the phrase, "room with a view".
  • Jeopardy! - The timecard music is similar to the theme from the game show.
  • Full House - This is the second time the sitcom was mentioned since "Pulp Friction".
  • Blue Man Group - When Luna and Lana are roommates, Lana pours mud into Luna's timpani so when she plays it creates a splash very similar to what the music group does.
  • Rugrats - When Lola showed Lincoln her doll, it resembles Angelica Pickles' doll, Cynthia.


Luna's PJs are long sleeved, even though they're short sleeved.

  • When Lisa was angry at Luna for playing above a D6, her glasses were broken. However, in the next scene, when she said there was a flaw in Lincoln's testing algorithm, her glasses were back to normal.
  • When Lincoln played Dessert Storm, it kept going back to the same frame; when one pauses and plays something, it'd go one frame forward.
    • Though Lincoln probably rewound back to that frame to build up the suspense.
  • When Luna is jamming, and Lana drops mud on the drums, her nightshirt is long sleeved, even though it's short sleeved. The same error happened in "A Tattler's Tale".
  • When Lincoln was spying on Leni and Lynn, the panel of the security system appeared, but later, when he was spying on Luan and Lucy, the panel disappeared.
  • Leni had no reason to be upset like the rest of the sisters, after the first new pairings didn't work out, since she liked her new roommate.
  • When Lisa is saying the new roommates, Edwin is with its normal color, however, when Lucy is playing with Luan, he appears with Lola's style again.
  • Some of the sisters' squabbles don't make much sense, since they appear to be one-sided.
  • This episode was aired before "Potty Mouth", the episode in which Lisa's hair was first revealed to be a wig.
  • When Lincoln is trying to sleep, his eyes are bloodshot, but when he gets up to see Lisa, they're gone. The same error happened in "The Price of Admission".
  • In the Latin American dub, when Lisa presents Lori and Lola as compatible roommates, she says name instead of Lola's.
  • When Lola told Lincoln they moved him while he's asleep, her front teeth was seen in one frame.


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