S1E02B Hey, fifth grade! Ever wonder what happens when 672 breath mints meet 88 gallons of diet soda?
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Rosie is a doll Lucy keeps in a miniature coffin, who featured in the episode "Tea Tale Heart".


Rosie has ceramic limbs and head but a cloth body, blonde curly hair, and tan "skin".

Initially, she had a full head of hair that went down to her shoulders and a white poofy dress with a blue bow and short sleeves. However, when Lola Loud washed the tea stain off her dress, it got stained pink due to Lana Loud's cap being in the wash. In addition, Rosie's head got a large crack in it and when attempting to fix it, Lola accidentally removed most of Rosie's hair, so now Rosie only has a few strands of hair. Rosie's shoes are also pink.


When Lola was unable to restore Rosie, she tried to cover her tracks by replacing Rosie with a different doll. Initially, this doll looked just like Rosie originally did but with different eyeliner, straight hair, and teeth showing. However, Lola changed the eyeliner, curled the hair, and filed down the teeth, so now the replacement looks just like the original Rosie.

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