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Got kicked out, Roughin' It?
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"Roughin' It" is the thirty-ninth episode of the first season of The Loud House.


Lincoln worries that he has lost his manliness from growing up with sisters, so he and Clyde decide to go camping.


The Loud siblings are watching the television show The Dream Boat, with Karen as the main character. They discuss who Karen should choose between her potential partners, as each sibling has their own preference. Lori says to Lincoln she's happy that he's watching The Dream Boat with the sisters. She comments he's like one of them, but Lincoln interprets it as he became too feminine.

He has flashbacks of various activities he does with his sisters: mud masks with Lori, painting Lucy's fingernails, making headbands with Luna, and sewing Leni's poncho. After seeing his father bring pink muffins, Lincoln switches to another channel, much to his sisters' annoyance. Watching the survival TV show, Lincoln gets inspired to restore his manliness by a survival test in the wild. The sisters fight with Lincoln for the remote control.

Lincoln is indeed one of the girls.

Lincoln goes camping with Clyde, who asks if he understands correctly what Lincoln is up to, and he replies "Yes". Lincoln suggests to be out of Clyde's dads' eyes, so they could do all by themselves. Lincoln finds a spot for camping, but Clyde informs him about the warning sign that it is extremely dangerous. Lincoln instead says extreme danger is exactly what they need, so he ignores the warning. They try to build a shelter, but it's in bad quality. Clyde offers a frittata for their meal, but Lincoln tells him to eat beans. Lincoln and Clyde try to make a fire, but after many failures, they give up. Suddenly, Clyde farts and feels embarrassed, but Lincoln tells him there is no need for it. Both boys fart and belch for fun, but it causes a bird to fall dead. At night, Clyde offers a mattress to sleep on but Lincoln prefers to sleep on the ground. However, it's inconvenient so they eventually decide to sleep on the mattress.

The next day, both boys wake up on the mattress in the water. Lincoln realizes they were taken by a river wave while sleeping. After they see a waterfall, they effortlessly try to paddle. Suddenly, their failed shelter was also taken by the waves and it prevents them from the fall. However, the mattress gets destroyed and the boys are blown away. Clyde lands in a bush and Lincoln on a rock, which is soon revealed to be a moose's butt. The angered moose chases them. They climb on a tree, but the moose makes them fall from it. Lincoln lands on ground and Clyde on a rock, which is soon revealed to be a beehive. After they escape the bees, it starts raining and a mud avalanche pushes them into a cave. Clyde complains about being hungry, wet, cold, and wants to return to his dads. Lincoln agrees and admits he gave himself too much credit as a manly boy. Lincoln tries to take a nap on a rock, but it's actually a bear. Lincoln tells Clyde to play dead and they both do this until the bear ignores them and leaves.

While running away, Clyde compliments Lincoln's idea and he admits he learned it from Lucy. Later, Lincoln makes a poncho from leaves for both himself and Clyde as Leni thought him. Lincoln uses Lisa's teachings to detect the North as moss grows only on the northern sides of trees. They both follow the moss and face a high mountain. Lincoln remembers how Luna thought him to make strands then uses the method to make rope from leaves to climb. After Lincoln and Clyde climb, they rub themselves with mud to sooth poison ivy because Lori told Lincoln mud works that way. The boys encounter a stone on their path, Lincoln remembers Lynn's instructions on how to move heavy and big objects. Later, they see a bridge tree stump. Lincoln remembers how Lola keeps her balance and uses it to pass on a trunk and Clyde follows his example. The boys finally reach Clyde's dads' resort. Clyde decides to rest on a rock. Lincoln, remembering the past events, warns him but it turns out to be an ordinary rock this time.

Back at home, Lincoln realizes that spending time with his sisters taught him a lot of useful things, and if they didn't teach him he wouldn't have survived in the wild. Lincoln decides to no longer care about if he's manly enough or not anymore. He brings strawberry muffins to his father and sisters, much to their joy. They enjoy even more when Lincoln rejoins them in watching The Dream Boat.


Luan, Lana and Lily have no lines in this episode but were heard talking to their other sisters. Rip Hardcore, Howard and Harold also have no lines in this episode.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "It Gets Louder" and "The Complete First Season" DVDs.


  • This is the lowest viewed episode of Season 1.
  • Lucy reveals she always messes up her right hand during manicures.
    • She is also afraid of Lola's anger like her other sisters and plays dead to avoid getting thrashed by her.
  • Similar to the Louds, all of Karen's love interests on The Dream Boat have names that start with B (Bronson, Brock, Bram, Bryant, and Blaine).
  • This episode reveals a show called The Dream Boat, which is something all of the Loud siblings and their father enjoy watching together.
  • Things Lincoln learned from each of his sisters:
    • Lori - Mud masks soothe sunburns, poison ivy, and moderate acne.
    • Leni - How to make a poncho.
    • Luna - How to knit fringes.
    • Lynn - How to move heavy objects using your legs.
    • Lucy - Pretending to be dead.
    • Lola - How to keep balance.
    • Lisa - Tree moss only grows on the north side of trees.
      • Luan, Lana, and Lily were the only sisters not shown to have taught Lincoln something.
        • Coincidentally, they were also the only sisters without dialogue in this episode.
  • Irony: Lincoln went camping to get rid of his femininity, but that's exactly what helped him survive.
  • Cartoon physics: A bird passes out from Lincoln and Clyde's burping and farting.


  • Roughin' It - The title of this episode is likely a reference to Mark Twain's 1872 semi-biographical book Roughing It.
  • The Bachelor and The Love Boat - The TV show The Dream Boat is a parody of both reality and TV shows.
  • Man vs. Wild - The survival TV program that Lincoln tried to watch could be a parody of the TV series.
  • Milburn - The piano that Chunk pulls to Luna's room during one of Lincoln's flashbacks has the name "Milbun". This could be a parody of the indie rock band.
  • Dracula - The name of Lucy's favorite contestant from The Dream Boat is named Bram, which is the same name as Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula.


If there were originally six...

...where did the extra four come from?

  • In the final scene Lincoln brought 6 muffins, his sisters take them, but in the next shot they have 10 muffins.
  • When Lola says "Someone put her funeral dress in the wash", the captions list "funeral" as "dirty old".
  • Chunk is missing his right arm tattoo when he's in Luna's room.
  • When Clyde wakes Lincoln up, their sleeping bags disappear.
  • When Clyde finds a way to keep warm, when Lincoln shuffles away, the captions mistake it for sniffing.

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