Royal Woods Elementary School is a school located in Royal Woods. It is where Lincoln, Clyde, Lucy, LanaLola, Lisa, and many other students go.

It first appeared in "Heavy Meddle", and since then it has made several other appearances.

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Royal Woods Elementary School has a collection of images and media that can be viewed here.


  • For a majority of the series, the name of the school was never said. In "Out of the Picture", Liam reveals that the name of the school is Royal Woods Elementary.
  • During the school's first few appearances, the front of the school was not shown.
  • As revealed "No Place Like Homeschool", Lola is homeschooled during pageant season.
  • In "What Wood Lincoln Do?", it is revealed that the school has a wood shop classroom.
  • It is revealed in "Absent Minded" that in April 2012, a toilet in the boys restroom exploded, resulting a flood so the school had to be shut down for the rest of the day. In addition, it also caused Norm to take a leave of absence.
    • It is also revealed the school has been open at least since 1942, as one of the student records in the principal's office is labeled "Class of '42".
  • Lily is the only one of the younger siblings not to attend this school, the reason being she is just a baby.

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