Royal Woods Middle School is a school located in Royal Woods. This is the school where Lynn and other students go. It was first mentioned by Clyde in "Study Muffin", and later by Luan in "Vantastic Voyage", but its first physical appearance was in "L is for Love". The school was further explored in "Middle Men".

School members

Current Students

Former Students


  • Principal Ramirez (principal)
  • Ms. Pham (biology teacher)
  • Mr. Bolhofner (teacher)
  • Coach Keck (gym teacher)
  • Unnamed school chef


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • This school, along with Royal Woods High School, are the second schools shown after Royal Woods Elementary School.
  • This school looks identical to the Elementary School, as seen in "Rita Her Rights".
  • As seen in "Middle Men", the school colors are blue and yellow.


Royal Woods Middle School has a collection of images and media that can be viewed here.
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