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Royal Woods Middle School is a school located in Royal Woods. This is the school where Lincoln, Lynn and other students go. It was first mentioned by Clyde in "Study Muffin", and later by Luan in "Vantastic Voyage", but its first physical appearance was in "L is for Love". The school was further explored in "Middle Men".

Starting in "Schooled!", Lincoln and his friends started attending the school.

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  • This school, along with Royal Woods High School, are the second schools shown after Royal Woods Elementary School.
  • As seen in "Middle Men", the building has been renovated.
  • As seen in "Middle Men", the school color is red, due to the lockers, or blue and yellow/gold.
  • Starting in "Schooled!", Lynn is no longer the only Loud sibling in this school as Lincoln is now attending it.
  • This school has a class pet: a piranha named Hank who lives in Mr. Bolhofner's class. He is the second class pet fish to be introduced; the game Living Loud: Surprise Party reveals that three fish live in the kindergarten class of Royal Woods Elementary School.
  • "Kernel of Truth" reveals that this school has an arcade, which was previously kept secret, and a news show, that was cancelled due to lack of interest but revived during the course of the episode.
  • The promotional video A Day in the Life of Lincoln Loud reveals that gym class in this school takes place directly before lunch.
  • "Diss the Cook" reveals that the school has a band room.


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