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Royal Woods Mini Van Society is a society from the episode "Vantastic Voyage".


The Royal Woods Mini Van Society is a society about minivans.


Mini Vans


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Veronica is the nickname for the former replacement Loud family van. It was formerly owned by Lynn Sr.


The van has a blue color scheme, with two doors on the side. It has four rows of seating, one with the drivers' seat and adjacent passenger seat, and three with seats for other passengers. When the hood was open, the word "FUNG" is seen on its motor, the same brand as Vanzilla's.


The siblings and Rita are fed up with Vanzilla always breaking down, so they try to convince Lynn Sr. into getting a brand new van to replace Vanzilla. After a whole lot of subliminal convincing, Lynn Sr. finally decides to get a new van.

The next day, Lynn Sr. comes back with a new van, which he nicknames "Veronica". The siblings and Rita are eager to ride in it, but Lynn Sr., not wanting the van to get messed up so quickly, only lets them ride in it for less than five seconds, and tells Lori and Rita that nobody else is allowed to drive it, but himself (causing Lori and Leni to take advantage of a test drive to go around town). Lynn Sr. has also joined a minivan society, where other van owners who refuse to let their families in their vans like to hang out.

The rest of the family, realizing that getting a new van was a bad idea, try to get Lynn Sr. to get rid of Veronica so they can get Vanzilla back. However, the task is easier said than done, as all their attempts end up fruitless. Lynn Sr, realizing that they wanted him to get rid of Veronica, shames his family for trying to take something he loves away from him. At the minivan society, the members witness a father buying lunch for his family, and realizing that a lot of precious memories came from their past vans, the van owners decide to get rid of their vans to get their old ones back. At that moment, Lynn Sr. realizes what kind of person he has become, and decides to sell Veronica to get Vanzilla back, for his family's sake.



Sophia is the nickname of a van formerly owned by Ted.



Marilyn is the nickname of a van formerly owned by Kotaro.



Olivia is the nickname of a van formerly owned by Sergei. He decided to return her to get his old van back because he wants his family to love him again. Olivia is a dark green van with some light green features.




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