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Royal Woods Preschool, also known as Baby Bunker Preschool, is a location in The Loud House. Lily attends there.


As a part of Dr. Shuttleworth's prestigious Shuttleworth Daycare Academy, Rita and Lynn Sr. have always been wanting their children to attend this school for years until Lily is recruited in "Potty Mouth".

In "Breaking Dad", Rita tells Lynn Sr. to drop Lily off at daycare, but he receives a notification that it is closed for the day because the Koch kid flushed a diaper down the toilet again and flooded the place.

In "Schooled!", Lily attends the preschool for the first time, but is not ready to leave the Loud House yet and pretends to not be potty-trained to be kicked out. While Rita and Lynn Sr. attempt to potty-train Lily, Leni accidentally ends up at Baby Bunker and bonds with the toddlers to the point of being mistaken for a volunteer. The next week, Leni shares her experiences at Baby Bunker to Lily, convincing Lily to attend preschool for real.

In "Appetite for Destruction", Rita and Lynn Sr. send Leni to preschool to investigate Lily's destructive behavior, believing her classmates have influenced her. During Leni's stay, she sees Lily and her classmates all misbehaving, causing her to assume all of them are a negative influence on Lily. However, the parents eventually realize Lily is the negative influence on her peers, not the other way around.

School members

Current students

  • Lily Loud
  • Unnamed Koch child
  • Audrey
  • Jackson
  • Ellis
  • Flynn
  • Joey
  • Max
  • Monti
  • Solley
  • Tilly

Former students




Season 2

Season 3

Season 5


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