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"Rumor Has It" is the twenty-third episode (twenty-fourth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-twenty-second episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln and the gang are trapped in the woods with Mr. Bolhofner, who may not be who he says he is.


At the middle school, Lincoln, Clyde, Zach, Liam, Rusty, Stella, and the rest of the sixth graders are going on a field trip to a rock quarry. Mrs. Salter will be chaperoning them, but the gang is confused on why Mr. Bolhofner has to tag along. This causes the gang to bring up rumors that they have heard about him from the other students, like how he's allegedly an escaped convict, a cannibal nicknamed "Skullhofner", and a mobster. At that moment, Mrs. Salter informs the remaining students that she accidentally called in the wrong bus, so they won't have enough seats for all the students. Mr. Bolhofner offers to bring the rest of the students in the school van. Clyde, Zach, Liam, Rusty and Stella are afraid to ride along with Mr. Bolhofner, but Lincoln assures that the rumors are false, when suddenly, Mrs. Salter urges the bus driver to leave before Bolhofner comes back. After using a crowbar to pry the van door open, the gang jumps in.

As Mr. Bolhofner drives to the rock quarry, he tells the kids some of his pastimes, like movies, video games, and hunting small prey. Suddenly, the group hits a roadblock, as a truck shipping Flippee syrup has rolled over, and syrup is spilled everywhere. Mr. Bolhofner opts to take a shortcut through the woods, having driven through it before. As the group take a stop so that Clyde can throw up (with Zach thinking he's acting), the gang is still worried that all the rumors about Bolhofner are true, but Lincoln is still hopeful that he's not a bad guy, even if he finds a few things off-putting. When Clyde comes back, Mr. Bolhofner tells the gang that the field trip is canceled because the bus with the sixth-graders is stuck in Flippee syrup, and offers to drive the gang back home. As the relieved gang jumps in, the rear right tire pops, and Mr. Bolhofner doesn't have a spare. He says that they head to his cabin in the woods, so they can use the landline to call for help.

After trekking through the woods, the gang arrives to the cabin, and Mr. Bolhofner attempts to use the phone, but the phone's out. Realizing they might have to stay the night, Mr. Bolhofner goes to his shed to pick up firewood. A few seconds after Mr. Bolhofner leaves, Lincoln, seeing the numerous amounts of tools and weapons in the cabin, is now convinced that all the rumors are true and attempts to escape, but Mr. Bolhofner has boarded the door from the outside. Because of this, Lincoln says that they must escape no matter what.

First, the gang attempts to trap Mr. Bolhofner by having him trigger a tripwire to drop a quilt on him so that he'll fall onto the lard covered floor so that he'll become tangled up enough to give the gang enough time to escape. As the gang hides, they notice Liam is missing. Liam exits the bathroom, and unknowingly trips the tripwire, causing the quilt to fall onto him and knock a moose head onto his head. At that moment, Mr. Bolhofner arrives with firewood, and is merely annoyed by the shenanigans he sees. Later, everyone sits around, the gang spots the key on Mr. Bolhofner's pants, and attempt to retrieve it. The gang suggest that Rusty practice some dance moves with him, but the gang is unable to grab the key. Later, the gang has a new plan. Lincoln successfully retrieves the key and trap Mr. Bolhofner in the cellar. When the key breaks, the gang uses the moose head to ram the door down and attempt to run for it, just as Mr. Bolhofner breaks out of the cellar. As the gang runs, they hit a dead end, and as Lincoln records his last will on his phone, Mr. Bolhofner arrives, and suddenly pounces on a bear that was about to attack the gang. After fighting it off, Mr. Bolhofner scolds the kids for locking him in the cellar and getting themselves in a dangerous situation. This causes Rusty to admit that they heard a bunch of rumors about him being evil and believed they were true, causing Mr. Bolhofner to say that the rumors are false, as the students are just making assumptions about him.

Back at the cabin, as the gang warms up by the furnace, Mr. Bolhofner says that his shed might have a spare tire, and decides to wait outside so that the gang won't have to be scared of him. The gang, after seeing who Mr. Bolhofner really is, starts to feel guilty for how they treated their teacher with disrespect, and wish there was a way to show the whole school what Mr. Bolhofner is really like. This causes Lincoln to get an idea.

The gang cheer for him to tell Mr. Bolhofner he isn't as bad.

The next day, the gang shows the students Lincoln's phone footage of Mr. Bolhofner fighting off a bear, and tell them that he's not as bad as he looks. Mr. Bolhofner enters the cafeteria, and the gang attempts to show off "Mr. Coolhofner", but the teacher tells the students to head to class. Just as the gang is about to exit, Mr. Bolhofner stops them to thank them for ending the rumors about him.


Trent and Classmate #4 have no lines in this episode.


  • This is the first episode directed by Pat Pakula.
  • This is the last episode where Owen Rivera-Babbey voices Rusty.


So glad you enjoyed the episode - and thank you for the kind words! Lincoln's middle name is "Albert" (you were absolutely right!), our rationale being that he was named after Pop Pop (who's[sic] first name is Albert).

Thanks again,

—Byron Dockins[2]
  • This episode reveals that Lincoln's middle name is Albert, after his grandfather.
    • The closed captions mistakenly say that his middle name was Oliver. The confusion over his middle name was cleared by Byron Dockins.
      • This error also occurs in the Dutch and German dubs where Lincoln calls himself as "Lincoln Oliver Loud".
    • However, this is technically not the first piece of Loud House media to reveal this fact. Lincoln's middle name is also mentioned in The Loud House Movie, which despite being released after this episode, is chronologically set between Seasons 4 and 5 (and most likely in production before Season 5), making it the technical first piece of Loud House media to reveal this fact.
  • This episode reveals that Mr. Bolhofner:
    • has a hut in the woods,
    • likes watching movies, playing video games and hunting,
    • knows how to dance,
    • is strong/skilled enough to defeat an adult bear with his bare hands.
  • Cartoon physics:
    • Mr. Bolhofner swallowed a can of meat without getting injured.
    • A spider eats a fly in one bite.
  • Irony: Mr. Bolhofner admits that he may be tough, but the fake rumors about him hurt him deeply.

International edits

  • The scenes where Mr. Bolhofner uses his pocket knife to shave and clean his fingernails respectively were cut in UK airings, as the actions could be imitated by younger viewers.


  • Rumor Has It - The title of this episode is an expression meaning that information is being spread around.
  • Street Fighter - Mr. Bolhofner fighting a bear calls back to the character Zangief from this fighting video game franchise.
  • Hannibal Lecter - The rumors about Mr. Bolhofner are similar to this fictional killer.


  • Plot hole: Lynn, Chandler, Girl Jordan and Byron aren't seen with Lincoln and the gang or the other middle schoolers when they learn about the true Mr. Bolhofner.
    • It's unknown how Mrs. Salter and the other 6th graders made it back to the school since the bus they were on got stuck.
  • At the roadblock, the bushes and trees weren't covered in Flippee syrup despite being near the accident.
  • Possible: Everyone left for the field trip in the morning, and never actually made it to the rock quarry at all. So it would make no sense for it to be getting dark so soon.



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