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Got kicked out, Runaway McBride?
This article contains information about an episode banned in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe and Russia due to the presence of Clyde's fathers, and therefore will be unavailable to any user from these localities, with the exception of this specific article.

"Runaway McBride" (originally titled "Fathers of the McBride") is the forty-fourth episode (forty-fifth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-forty-third episode of The Loud House.


Howard and Harold tear their home apart after Clyde starts spending more time with the gang and less time at home.


At the McBride house, Howard and Harold are doing their weekly waltz dance. They tell Clyde to come on over and join them, but Clyde says that he's going to a football game with his friends. The moment he leaves, Howard and Harold lament that ever since Clyde started middle school, he has started to hang out with his friends more than with his own fathers. Suddenly, Harold comes up with the idea that if they want Clyde to spend more time with them, they need to convince his friends to hang out at their own home.

The next day, Clyde's friends arrive and ask if he's ready for their day of hanging out. Before they leave, Howard and Harold, wearing Roman togas, ask if they want to stay and recreate famous Rennaissance paintings, but Clyde says that they already made plans to go to a zombie-themed cafe. Realizing they're out of touch with what Clyde likes, Howard suggests that they do some research on the places Clyde likes so they can get a better understanding of his interests.

Throughout the day, Howard and Harold begin to make trips to the places Clyde often visits, such as Gus' Games and Grub and Flip's Food & Fuel, where they learn what kind of things interest Clyde or what his favorite foods are. At night, just before Clyde and his friends head off for the mall, Howard and Harold guide Clyde and his friends to the backyard and present to them all of Clyde's favorite things like food from Gus', some arcade games and Flip's Flippee machines. Impressed by this display, the gang decides to skip out on the mall and stay at the McBride house, much to Howard and Harold's glee. Several hours later, Clyde's friends prepare to leave, and Howard and Harold suggest that they do this again tomorrow night. However, Clyde reveals that they already made plans to go to the movies tomorrow and are going roller-skating the night after. Not wanting to lose Clyde again, Howard and Harold become determined to make sure they hang out at their house.

Soon afterwards, Howard and Harold attempt to do whatever they can to make sure Clyde and his friends spend their time at the McBride house. First, they set up a giant inflatable screen so they can watch a horror movie (where Howard and Harold faint from how violent the film is). Second, they convert their living room into a skating rink, although it results in some vases being destroyed. Third, they completely flood their backyard with water in place of going to the water park, and the pressure causes the glass doors to break and flood the house. Later, as Howard and Harold patch up the broken glass doors, they hear Clyde talking with his friends on the phone, where he reveals that they're going to a building demolition tomorrow. Completely desperate to keep Clyde close, Howard and Harold declare that they have to destroy their house.

The next day, Flip arrives with a wrecking ball, ready to destroy the McBride house. However, Clyde, mortified that his fathers are considering going through with this, shuts off the wrecking ball and asks his fathers what they're up to, given their string of recent actions. Realizing the foolish mistake they almost committed, Howard and Harold admit to Clyde that they were worried about him becoming more distant with them, as he's spending more time with his friends than with them. Realizing the pain they're going through, Clyde tells his fathers that they're the best thing to him and will always join them in their activities. After they hug it out, Harold throws an offhand comment by saying that Dr. Lopez will be proud that they "broke down some walls" and Flip mistakes this as his command. Despite the McBrides' protests, he swings the wrecking ball right into the house, destroying a large chunk of wall. Harold attempts to lighten the mood by saying that they wanted more natural light, but Howard ends up fainting.


Boy Jordan, Teri's Boyfriend and Tyler have no lines in this episode. Gus has no lines, although he makes a brief yelp.


  • Lincoln appears on the title card as one of the stones on the McBride's house.
  • This episode reveals the following:
    • Howard's perceived vision of Clyde's future is that he'll go an Ivy League college, marry a chiropractor, become a world-renowned pastry chef and move to Bordeaux, France.
    • Like Clyde, Howard has habit of blowing paperbag in stress and calling Dr Lopez.
    • Flip has a pet raccoon named Nacho.
    • Howard and Harold have never had a Flippee before and are revolted by its heavy dose of artificial flavorings.
    • Howard and Harold don't like horror movies.
    • Howard and Harold own a vintage bidet and apparently let Rusty use it.
    • Flip operates his own demolition business.
    • The McBride's house was once on the cover of Modern Michigan Magazine.


  • Runaway McBride - The title of this episode is a pun on the term "runaway bride", which refers to a bride who cancels their wedding that is close to happening.
    • Fathers of the McBride - This episode's original title is a pun on the 1950 American comedy film and its 1991 remake, Father of the Bride.
  • The Creation of Adam - The Rennaissance painting Howard and Harold recreated is a parody of this famous painting, the centerpiece of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.


  • Description of the plot is misleading, it describes climax of the episode, not whole actual plot.
  • In this episode Lincoln and Clyde are fine watching horror movies, despite in "The Boss Maybe" they are too fearful to watch it.
  • When Liam is approaching the table in pizza arcade, he's missing his freckles.
  • When Harold is calling "ushers", Cleopawtra is the same size as Nepurrtiti despite being older.
  • Clyde at home is wearing swimtrunks, when telling his dads he's going to the pool. However he can't walk on street to the pool in swimsuit only.
  • When Stella is wearing her swimsuit, she has two left feet.

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