Rusty Spokes is a supporting character in The Loud House. He is one of Lincoln's classmates and close friends.


Rusty Spokes is one of Lincoln's classmates and a friend to him. He is also a member of the local bicycle gang. He speaks with a squeaky, high-pitched voice.

In his debut episode, Rusty seemed like a mean kid, due to how he laughed at Lincoln's girly bike, but as the series went on, he became one of Lincoln's best friends, while his biker friends, Papa Wheelie and Flat Tire, have rarely appeared since.


Rusty is the eldest son of Mr. Spokes and older brother of Rocky Spokes.


A good friend of Lincoln, he is a bit awkward and seems to be a coward, given he cried when a pigeon flew in the gymnasium. He considers himself a ladies' man, once hitting on Lincoln's sisters when he came over to work on a project with him and mentions in "Back Out There" that he likes the ladies. He seems to get hungry easily, as shown in the egg baby project where he frequently asked his teacher when lunch was.

Rusty is a good kid at heart who cares about his friends and their happiness. In "Back Out There", he, along with Clyde, Zach and Liam, attempted to cure Lincoln's "post breakup blues" by having a guys night out. While his efforts were misguided, he did go through great lengths to ensure Lincoln would be happy.

He's not afraid of monsters or blood when he watches horror films like in "The Price of Admission", but when this happens in real world he starts getting scared as shown in episodes "Back in Black" and "Tails of Woe".

He has a tendency to confuse the names of Lincoln's sisters as in "The Whole Picture", he mistook Lucy for Luna and Luan for Lola.


Rusty Spokes has fair skin and curly orange hair. He wears blue baggy pants, a light green T-shirt with a yellow collar, and white shoes. His bicycle helmet is blue with a yellow wing design on the front. He also has buck teeth, and freckles all over his face.


  • His name is a reference to bicycle spokes (metal rods that connect the center of the wheel to the edge).
  • Rusty appears to be aware of Lincoln secretly liking Ronnie Anne.
  • According to Lincoln in "The Price of Admission", Rusty cried when a bird flew into the gymnasium.
  • So far, Rusty, Liam and Ronnie Anne are Lincoln's only known classmates who have siblings.
  • As demonstrated in "The Whole Picture", Rusty has a tendency to be confused by the personalities and appearances of the Loud sisters.
    • While dressed as Lucy, Rusty behaves more like Luna.
    • Rusty tells Clyde to get in touch with his "inner Lola", despite the fact that Clyde was dressed as Luan.
  • It's shown that his father has his same hair color and style, albeit Rusty doesn't have sideburns.
  • In "Back in Black", it shows that he's very protective towards his younger brother Rocky.
    • For instance, when Rocky runs out of Lincoln's house after supposedly getting scared of Lucy, he immediately chases after him.
    • He also screams and faints at the thought of Rocky being covered in massive amounts of blood, fake or otherwise.
  • So far, with the exception of Clyde, he has made the most appearances out of all of Lincoln's friends.
  • "Back Out There" reveals that he takes piano lessons, since he tries to introduce his piano teacher to Lincoln.
  • Rusty, along with Liam and Zach, are the first recurring characters to get an episode centered entirely around them.
  • In "Pasture Bedtime", it is revealed that Rusty is allergic to hot sauce.
  • "Be Stella My Heart" reveals that he prefers curly fries to regular fries (as do Stella and Lincoln).
  • "Tales of Woe" reveals that he takes piano lessons on Thursdays.
  • "Antiqued Off" reveals that he finds magic shows boring.
  • Rusty is the fourth character to change voice actors/actresses due to their voice actor hitting puberty, with the first being Lincoln, the second being Clyde, and the third being Ronnie Anne.

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