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Ruth is the great-aunt of the Loud kids, aunt of Rita, aunt-in-law of Lynn Sr., and sister of Pop-Pop.


Ruth is one of the great-aunts of the Loud kids. Every time they go to visit her, she forces them to watch her cats, eat old moldy pudding that she offers, and to massage her feet. For this reason, none of the Loud kids (other than Lana) enjoy visiting her. Since Aunt Ruth believes that Lily won't behave herself, Lincoln's father typically babysits her when the rest of the family pay a visit.

She first appears in "Two Boys and a Baby", where Lincoln avoids going to her house, by offering to babysit Lily, while Lynn Sr. goes to Ruth's, which Rita accepts, much to Dad's chagrin. At the end of the episode, Lincoln, Clyde, and Lily come into contact with a kid who gets chicken pox, and must stay in Ruth's house, who also has chicken pox, where Lily is surprisingly shown to be enjoying herself whilst Lincoln and Clyde suffer.

She is later mentioned in "Suite and Sour", where once again the Loud Kids dread the thought of going to her house.

She is mentioned in "Brawl in the Family", when Lincoln tells Leni that the dress she brought makes her look like Aunt Ruth.

In "Pets Peeved", she is mentioned when Watterson breaks the wedding present she gave to Rita.

In "Friend or Faux?", Lori mentions that she got a hand-me-down from her.

In "No Spoilers", she was seen attending her niece's party.

In "Selfie Improvement", she was mentioned by Lori liking her selfie.

In "Ruthless People", it is revealed that Ruth has a lake house which she got in a timeshare.

In "Any Given Sundae", when Lynn Sr. gives Lily his phone, he tells her not to call Aunt Ruth.

In "Sister Act", Lynn Sr. mentions visiting Ruth as an example of things he dislikes doing, but has to.

In "Strife of the Party", Lana mentions that Ruth gave her and Lola a bike.

In "A Bug's Strife", Ruth subjects Rita and all the Loud kids to 700 slides of the Malls of the Midwest, with Leni being the only one to enjoy the presentation.


Ruth is a lazy slob and big eater. She loves her cats and cares for them a lot. She enjoys watching her old photographs, and makes others watch them, whether they like it or not. She also makes her guests eat old moldy pudding. She also enjoys when Lincoln gives her foot massages.


Ruth is a very big and round woman. She has long, brown hair worn up in a bun often, and bunions on her feet. She also appears to be somewhat overweight, and it looks like she hardly ever gets off her couch. On her left foot, she abnormally has an extra toe. She wears an olive green dress with sunflower prints.


  • She is similar in character design and personality to Mama Mia, a character from Loud House creator Chris Savino's 2000 animated pilot Foe Paws, followed by Rosa Casagrande.
  • She traveled to Egypt with her cat Mittens.
  • Due to her gross tendencies and distasteful attitude, none of the Louds are keen on visiting her, with the exception of Rita, Lana, and Lily, one of whom is into gross stuff.
  • She does not appear in Season 4 or 5, although she was mentioned twice in Season 4 and once in Season 5.
  • Though she and Albert are siblings, the two have never been seen interacting with each other onscreen so far.
  • She is the first character to have a biological anomaly. In her case, she has polydactyly.
    • Lisa was later revealed to have an extra toe in “Potty Mouth”, but instead of having it from birth, she gained it as a result of a flawed nuclear experiment.
  • Her name is based on her ruthless personality as she shows no concern for her grand-nieces' and grand-nephew's well beings when feeding them expired food.

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