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S.U.S.P.E.N.S.E. (Secret Underground Society of Peach Entrepreneurs Nixing Sour Exports) is an evil underground spy organization whose main goal is to destroy all other fruits in the world so that Georgia peaches can become the most popular fruit. Their only appearance so far was in "Family Bonding".


The organization S.U.S.P.E.N.S.E. first appeared in "Family Bonding" where they sent the Miller Family to Royal Woods to begin a plot to dispose of the world's cherries. The Millers do that by moving into the house next door to the Loud House. Lincoln and Clyde became suspicious of them, much to the dismay of Lincoln's family, especially Rita who had to deal with their previous suspicions of the neighbors before the Miller Family being either supervillains, ghosts, or aliens. This even got to the point where they tried to figure out why the Miller Family hates cherries and like peaches. They saw Jeff Miller visiting the library and getting approached by a woman in a trenchcoat who asks him "Do you like suspense books"? He quoted "Yes, yes I do like suspense books!" Jeff then receives a book on Georgia peaches from the woman in the trenchcoat. They witnessed Carly stating to Flip that she hates cherries when he tried to offer her a cherry Flippee when she took a peach Flippee. When Lincoln is caught in their home because of Lola finding out about Lincoln's infiltration, the Millers covered up their motive by stating that they work for a weather organization causing Rita to make plans to talk to Lincoln about boundaries. Due to Lincoln's walkie-talkie hitting a button on the weather machine, which exposed their true motives, Lincoln was able to deactivate the machine before it could wipe out all of Royal Woods' cherries. Before Lynn Sr. can arrange for them to be handed over to the FBI, the Millers use a peach-shaped smoke bomb to get away. Katherine Mulligan later reported on Lincoln and Clyde's heroic actions and that the authorities are searching for the Millers.

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