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SMOOCH is a famous rock band in The Loud House. The band has four members.

Known Fans


"SMOOCH" performing, with Lincoln, Luna, and Clyde.

The band first appears in the episode "For Bros About to Rock", performing a concert at the mall. Lincoln and Clyde go to obtain tickets for the concert, but all they do is end up in the mall's jail. Later, with the help of Luna, they leave the jail, and go to the concert with the tickets that the mall cop captain gave them. At the end, they reach to the stage with Pucker during the concert, and obtain their best and unforgettable first concert.

In Other Media

The band is mentioned again in the Instacomic "Lost Control", where it is revealed that Geo is also a fan of them. If Lincoln decides to ask Geo for the remote control (that is one of the bad endings), he will find the hamster watching a SMOOCH televised concert, much to Lincoln's surprise.

SMOOCH symbol

The band's symbol consists of two red wrinkled lips, which is also a reference to the band's name.

SMOOCH members


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