Sam Sharp[1] is a minor character in The Loud House. She is one of Luna's band-mates and her girlfriend, who makes her first appearance in the episode "L is for Love", in which it is revealed that Luna has a crush on her. In "Racing Hearts", she starts reciprocating her feelings towards Luna.


Sam is a thin girl with light skin, blonde shoulder-length hair with a teal streak in her bangs and four pairs of eyelashes. She has two helix piercings in each of her ears and wears pink eyeshadow.

Her outfit consists of a short, teal leather jacket with a crimson patch bearing a white skull on the back, a white T-shirt with the roundel of the RAF on the front, a pair of deep burgundy jeans cut at the knees, a black belt with silver studs, and a pair of dark purple boots.

Background information

  • According to Kevin Sullivan, during his first pitch of "L is for Love", Sam was named Max, which is also a unisex name.
  • In the Listen Out Loud podcast it's revealed the she is a volunteer at the Royal Woods animal shelter.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Sam was not named after writer Sammie Crowley, as Kevin Sullivan stated that he wanted her to have a name that both males and females could use, which would add in confusion to what Sam's real gender was.
  • According to Kevin Sullivan, Sam appears in new Loud House comics, and Listen Out Loud podcasts.
  • Live Life Loud! confirms that Sam's last name is Sharp.
    • The book also reveals she has a brother named Simon.
    • It's also revealed in the book that Luna and Sam are classmates.
  • In the Arabic and Korean dubs of the series, she was given a male voice actor and referred to as Luna's boyfriend, due to social attitudes towards homosexuality in the Middle East and Korea.


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