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Sam Sharp[1] is a recurring character in The Loud House.


Sam is one of Luna's band-mates and her girlfriend.[3] She also has a younger brother named Simon, whom she thinks even one provides enough chaos for her.

She makes her first appearance in the episode "L is for Love", in which it is revealed that Luna has a crush on her. When the Loud siblings found a love letter addressed to "L. Loud" (it was actually the result of their parents recreating their courtship for the 20th anniversary of when they first got together), they all tried to figure out which one of them it was meant for. Luna believed that Sam is her would-be admirer, but was too nervous to try to get Sam's attention. After hearing the story of how her parents got together, Luna got over her anxiety and slipped a love letter of her own into Sam's locker.

In "Fool Me Twice", Sam, with Sully and Mazzy, were performing on stage. Suddenly, Luna's double joined them and humiliated Luna by performing bad polka, much to Sam's confusion.

In "Friendzy", Sam was invited by Luna to help her get privileges in the Loud home. Later, the rest of the "Moon Goats" and Luna's other friends were invited by Luna; this resulted in chaos. Sam, along with Luna's other friends, were forced to leave when the police showed up to put a stop to it.

"Racing Hearts" featured Sam in her first major role since her debut episode. Here, she and Luna were partnered in the Royal Woods Astonishing Quest. It was revealed that Sam does indeed reciprocate Luna's crush on her. The pair found that they surprisingly do not have a lot in common aside from their shared interest in rock music and not being very good at baking, but they decided they could still take the time to learn new things about each other as a couple.

In "Deep Cuts", Sam and her friends were trying to save their school music club by protesting.

In "Purrfect Gig", Sam helps Luna catsit the McBride's cats in order to get the VIP pass to the concert. At the end, Sam gives her half of their payment to Luna, who gives Sam a kiss on the cheek and a hug as thanks.

In "Snoop's On", Sam is seen dressed up as Roxy to help fake all the rebellious acts Luna did.

In The Loud House Movie, Sam makes a speechless cameo. She was among the crowd watching Luna performing rock music on stage.

In "Band Together", Sam is seen performing with Luna in their band.

In "Dad Reputation", she is at Lynn's Table. Later, she is at the The Doo Dads concert at the end with her friends Sully and Mazzy.

In "In the Mick of Time", she came to the concert, where Luna was the one disguising as Mick Swagger all along.

In "Animal House", Sam met Lana in the adoption center and gave her advice what to do with homeless animals.

In A Loud House Christmas, Sam invites Luna to join her family for a ski trip on Christmas day. However, when Luna then seemingly gets a phone call from Mick Swagger (actually sentence-mixed audio by Lincoln and Clyde as part of Lincoln's plan to keep his family together for Christmas), saying he's inviting her to join him for a jam session. This unfortunately results in Sam breaking up with Luna. At the end of the movie, Lincoln tells the viewers that Luna's going to go skiing with Sam after all, indicating that the two have gotten back together.

In "The Taunting Hour", Sam is seen performing with Luna in their band, and she was also in the van with Luna, Chunk, Sully and Mazzy.


Like Luna, she's a fan of rock music and loves to sing and write songs. She is also good with animals as seen in "Purrfect Gig" when she offers her hand to Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti. According to Lana in her second podcast episode, Sam likes to serenade the animals when she works at the animal shelter. She also understands about Lana not wanting to lose her “BFFS” when they get adopted. She also seems to be a fan of outdoor sports, as "Racing Hearts" reveals that she likes sailing and rock climbing.


"Sam, 15, is Luna's classmate and good friend, who Luna has a crush on. Sam is all about music - she loves to play guitar and write and compose music. Her favorite genre is rock and roll but she appreciates all good tunes. Unlike Luna, Sam only has one sibling, Simon, but she thinks even one provides enough chaos for her."

Live Life Loud!


Sam is a thin girl with light skin, blonde shoulder-length hair with a teal streak in her bangs and four pairs of eyelashes. She has two helix piercings in each of her ears and also wears pink eyeshadow.

Her outfit consists of a short, teal leather jacket with a crimson patch bearing a white skull on the back, a white T-shirt with the roundel of the RAF on the front (or the logo of The Who), a pair of deep burgundy jeans cut at the knees, a black belt with silver studs, and a pair of dark purple boots.


  • According to Kevin Sullivan, during his first pitch of "L is for Love", Sam was named Max, which is also a unisex name.
  • She is a volunteer at the Royal Woods animal shelter.[2]
  • Contrary to popular belief, Sam was not named after writer Sammie Crowley, as Kevin Sullivan stated that he wanted her to have a unisex name, which would add in confusion to what Sam's real gender was.
  • According to Kevin Sullivan,[citation needed] Sam appears in new Loud House comics and Listen Out Loud podcasts.
  • Live Life Loud! confirms that Sam's last name is Sharp.
    • The book also reveals she has a younger brother named Simon who later had a physical appearance in the episode "Purrfect Gig".
    • It's also revealed in the book that Luna and Sam are classmates.
  • She dislikes laser tag,[4] knows how to behave on farms,[5] and can neither dance[6] nor bake.[7]
  • "After Dark" reveals that when she has difficulty thinking of a rhyme for a song, she will make it inspirational to compensate.


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