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Sancho is an animal character in The Casagrandes. He is a city pigeon.


Sancho is a deformed pigeon with half missing feathers, one bruised eye and one foot.


  • In the episode "Friended!, he and the other pigeons was being feed crumbs by Ronnie Anne and Sid.
  • In the episode "Power Play, he and the other pigeons were having a party in the Mercado.
  • In the episode "Flee Market" he and the other pigeons were about to steal the pepperoni cuff links off of Bobby's "pizza tux".
  • In the episode "This Bird Has Flown, Sergio has a late-night party with him and some pigeons. Later, Bobby asks him and the other pigeons if they've seen the missing Sergio.
  • In the episode "Cursed!", he helps Sergio film on how Great Lakes City is bad luck.
  • In the episode "Karma Chameleon", he plays cowboy music on a harmonica while Ronnie Anne tries to catch Cam the snake.
  • In the episode "Just Be Coo", he was framed by Marcus for pooping on a famous city sculpture in Great Lakes City.


  • In the episode "Just Be Coo", it is revealed that Sancho has an orange phone, and that he knows how to use it.

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