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"Sand Hassles" is the forty-sixth episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-ninety-fifth episode of The Loud House.


Lucy and the Morticians' club try to thwart plans for a school field trip to the beach.


At the elementary school, the third graders play in the art room and the Mortician's Club is practicing mummification. Suddenly, Cheryl enters and says that the third grade field trip is coming, and they have decided to go to the Lake St. Byron beach. This announcement makes the third graders cheer, but makes Lucy announce an emergency meeting. At the Royal Woods Cemetery, Lucy holds the meeting, and states that they must find a way to prevent going to the beach, not wanting to endure the sun, sand and sports. When Haiku points out the trip is mandatory, Lucy says it doesn't mean they can't stop it.

After hearing about the trip to the beach, the Morticians club will not stand.

Throughout the day, the Mortician's Club attempt to persuade Principal Huggins and Cheryl into going somewhere else for the field trip like an oddity museum, the cemetery or the morgue. However, their attempts only either scare their principal or make Cheryl remind them that the beach has already been finalized. The club then tries to trick Huggins into canceling the trip by making it look like there's a thunderstorm, but Cheryl pointing out the sunny sky and Norm taking his hose back causes the charade to fall apart. As the third graders and the club board the bus, Lucy resorts to one last tactic. Opening a box, Lucy unleashes a swarm of bats to scare Huggins and the bus driver, leaving the vehicle with no driver. However, Cheryl reveals that she can drive the bus, ultimately making the Mortician's Club accept defeat and go to the beach.

The beach is fun for them after all.

As the bus arrives to the beach at Lake St. Byron, the third graders run off to have fun, and the club quickly put up a tent to shield themselves from the sun. As the club hides in the tent, a pelican arrives and convinces Fangs to join him. Donning an umbrella, Lucy proceeds to get Fangs back. During her search, she ricochets a volleyball that goes over the net and leaves the third graders impressed. Although Lucy admits how good it felt to hit the ball, she saves face and grabs Fangs before heading back to the tent to tell her members of her "horrifying" search. Not long after, Fangs sneaks off to have fun, prompting Lucy to go after him again. This time, she runs into a girl who's crying over her ruined sandcastle, and Lucy decides to help her make an even better sandcastle. Attempting to save face again, Lucy quickly tells Fangs to come back to hide from her fellow classmates that she's having fun. Upon entering the tent, Fangs sneaks off at Lucy's request, and Lucy feigns frustration that Fangs left again, and proceeds to go after him, where in actuality, she uses this as an excuse to have fun with the third graders. Fearing that something bad has happened to Lucy, the remaining club members exit and discover Lucy having fun by surfing. Realizing she has been caught, Lucy loses her balance, washes up on shore, and the club disowns her for being a "normie." Catching up with her club members, Lucy apologizes by telling them that while she likes the beach, she's still the same person she has always been, and that they should at least give the beach a chance.

Sometime later, the Mortician's Club is revealed to have a fun time at the beach, partaking in several fun activities.


Norm, Sasha, and Amir have no lines in this episode.

Smarty Pants Challenge

During a rerun of this episode on July 20, 2020, the viewers had the chance to answer trivia questions related to the episode with the Nickelodeon Screens Up app or on for a chance to see their name on screen.

  1. Where is Lucy's class trip?
    1. The forest
    2. The Royal Woods Mall
    3. The beach
    4. The cemetery
  2. What color is Principal Huggins' jacket?
    1. Green
    2. Red
    3. Yellow
    4. White
  3. What was Principal Huggins missing?
    1. His jacket
    2. His shoes
    3. His teeth
    4. His hair
  4. What mode did Lucy and her friends go into?
    1. Fear Mode
    2. Rain Mode
    3. Corpse Mode
    4. Sleep Mode
  5. What do Lucy and her friends hide in?
    1. A tent
    2. A barn
    3. A mansion
    4. A hole
  6. What does Lucy eat?
    1. A candy ear
    2. An eyeball cake pop
    3. A gummy heart
    4. A marshmallow wing
  7. What does Lucy try to sooth herself with?
    1. Aloe Vera
    2. Sand Castles
    3. Beach Volleyball
    4. Music

The Winners

  1. LISA KING 001
  2. Royal Dragon 037
  3. Leni Champ 020
  4. WhiteHaired Buddy 022

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Saison 4 : Partie 2" DVD.


  • This episode takes place after "A Grave Mistake," as Lucy now takes on the role of being the Mortician's Club's leader, and the fact that Bertrand isn't present, meaning that he is with his father on the party cruise line he got a job on.
    • So far, one of the big changes she made was by having the members pop out of wooden coffins when a meeting starts.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as the ferrule on the umbrella Lucy's holding.
  • This episode reveals that Lucy and the other members of the Mortician's Club are third graders.
  • According to Principal Huggins, his comb-over is made of horse hair.
  • According to Cheryl, she used to drive an 18-wheeler.
  • Following "The Old and the Restless", "Legends", "Net Gains", "The Write Stuff", "Power Play with the Casagrandes", and "Senior Moment", this is the seventh episode where only one main character is present.
  • Irony: Initially Lucy was against the beach trip and organized a sabotage, but later she enjoyed the beach thanks to Fangs.
    • Lucy says that she borrowed Norm's water hose without asking him implying she actually took it without him knowing.
  • Lucy's "corpse mode" from "Roughin' It" is seen again in this episode.


  • Sand Hassles - The title of this episode is a pun of "sandcastles."
  • Monster High - The goth kids calling people normies is a call back to this popular toy franchise.


  • Plot holes:
    • In "Dance, Dance Resolution" Haiku participated in the Sadie Hawkins dance for fifth-graders, but in "Sand Hassles" she attends to Lucy's third grade.
    • Possible: Lucy claims to not like the beach in this episode, despite "In Tents Debate" showing that she likes the beach because of shark attacks. However, Luna does express surprise when Lucy wants to go to the beach, suggesting that liking the beach is unusual for her.
    • Possible: Haiku implies she's been goth since birth and wonders if other normie things are fun, despite Lucy mentioning in "A Grave Mistake" that she had only turned goth last year. However, perhaps Haiku never had anything she considered fun until she turned goth.
    • Lucy's teacher never made an onscreen appearance nor is mentioned.
  • Haiku offered four lollipops and gave them all, but when Lucy was leaving, she still had four lollipops.
  • After Principal Huggins's toupee was taken by one of the bats, he is missing the strands of hair on his head.


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