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"Saved by the Spell" is the tenth episode (eleventh in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-ninth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln's friends try to stop him from performing a magic act at the middle school talent show.


At the Loud House, the siblings are having breakfast. As they eat, Lincoln shows off some magic tricks by making some of their food disappear and pulling eggs from behind their ears. Lincoln explains to his sisters that the middle school is hosting a talent show, and he wants to do a magic act.

At the middle school, Lincoln and his friends play dodgeball during gym class. As they play, they bring up that the talent show is coming up, and they still haven't decided on what to do so they can come off as cool to their peers. After some thinking, Zach comes up with the idea of having them do a dance number. While everyone is in support of this idea, Lincoln says that he's going solo, because he wants to do a magic act. This causes Lincoln's friends to huddle around him and tell him that he should reconsider, saying that magic is too immature for middle school. However, Lincoln remains adamant at doing his magic act, and his friends now make it their mission to stop Lincoln from continuing with his plans.

Later, the friends try to come up with ways to prevent Lincoln from doing his magic act. First, Liam suggests stealing his magic kit from his locker, but the endless handkerchief gets tangled around him. Second, Rusty suggests showing off some of the dance moves he has planned in the cafeteria, but accidentally kicks Lincoln into a trash can. Third, Zach decides to use a stopwatch to hypnotize Lincoln with Clyde's help (much to his dismay, as scheming gives him an upset stomach), but doesn't succeed (although he does succeed in hypnotizing Meryl, who starts to dance). As the gang meets outside the school, bemoaning that they didn't succeed in getting Lincoln to abandon his magic act, Stella says that she knows someone who can help them.

Later, as Lincoln exits Gus' Games and Grub, he discovers a Swiss yodeler blowing a horn. The yodeler introduces himself as Yodel Boy. When Lincoln questions if that's his real name, Yodel Boy explains that he used to have a real name, but got stuck with his current one because when he tried to yodel for his middle school's talent show, he was mocked and ridiculed by the audience, who chanted "Yodel Boy" at him. When Yodel Boy states that his reputation was tarnished throughout his middle school years because of that, Lincoln now fears that magic will ruin his reputation and heads off. Unbeknownst to him, Yodel Boy was actually Stella in disguise, and the others were eavesdropping on the whole conversation. At the middle school, Lincoln meets up with his friends, and tells them that his encounter with Yodel Boy convinced him to ditch his magic act and join them with their dance number, much to their silent glee.

Lincoln forgives his friends for doubting him.

At night, the talent show is taking place. As the gang gets themselves ready for their dance number, Clyde accidentally opens a locker that reveals the Yodel Boy costume. Despite Stella's lie that they're actually hers, Clyde, after one too many upset stomachs from having to lie to his best friend, admits that they tricked him in order to prevent him from doing his magic act, saying that they were just looking out for him. Upset and angered over this deception, Lincoln proceeds to leave. At that moment, the gang is told that it's their time to perform. They walk onto the stage and start to do their dance number, but only after a few seconds, they state that they can't continue, wracked with guilt after lying to their friend to prevent him from doing something he loves. As the audience begins to laugh at them after confessing what they had done, Lincoln suddenly arrives in his magician's suit, ready to perform some magic. After doing some tricks while using his friends as his assistants, Lincoln puts on a performance that the audience ends up loving. After the performance, the gang apologizes to Lincoln for doubting him, and they all reconcile. As they hug, they hear the audience cheering, even though he was the last act. It turns out the audience is cheering for Meryl, who's still hypnotized and dancing. As she dances, she falls over and regains consciousness, questioning how she got to the stage.


Lynn Sr., Unnamed Girl #1, and Pat have no lines in this episode. Lisa also has no lines, but she is listed in the credits for yelping when Lincoln shoves her off her seat.


  • This is the third episode to showcase Lincoln's interest in magic, the first being "Antiqued Off", and the second being the Casagrandes episode "The Horror-Scope".
  • Zach's voice sounds deeper in this episode.
  • Plot of the episode is similar to "Don't You Fore-get About Me" , because in all episodes the main character (Leni/Lincoln's friends) tries to sabotage a friend (Lori/Lincoln) from fulfilling friend's dream, because the main character selfishly tries to keep the friend close.
  • Irony: Zach initially tried, and fail, to hypnotize Lincoln, but managed to hypnotize Meryl.


  • Saved by the Spell - The title of this episode is a pun on the idiom "saved by the bell", which means to be saved at the last possible second.
  • Peaches & Herb - When Clyde tells Lincoln their idea of singing and dancing a number, he mentions this duo's 1978 song "Shake Your Groove Thing".


  • When "Yodel Boy" took off "his" wig, parts of it disappear.
  • When Lincoln made his clothes disappear in gym class, the tips of his cowlick and hair strands are trimmed for a second.


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