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Got kicked out, Saving Face?
This article contains information about an episode banned in Poland and Kazakhstan due to being paired with "Matters of the Kart", and therefore will be unavailable to any user from these localities, with the exception of this specific article.

"Saving Face" is the twentieth episode of the second season, and the fifty-eighth episode of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and Sid are determined to find out if the new building tenant is their favorite wrestler La Tormenta.


In the Casagrande apartment, Ronnie Anne, CJ, Carl, Sergio and Lalo are watching La Tormenta on TV. At that moment, Carlos enters and says that his boss gave him five tickets for tonight's lucha libre match (one of which is for Sid). Later, as Ronnie Anne relays the good news to Sid, the apartment's new tenant, Blanca Guzman, arrives to take out her recyclables. Seeing Blanca use a spin move and a quote La Tormenta uses, Ronnie Anne and Sid make the connection that Blanca and La Tormenta are the same person. Ronnie Anne tries to get Rosa to confirm this, but Rosa doesn't believe her. When Sid suggests asking Blanca if she is La Tormenta, Ronnie Anne says that a wrestler never reveals their true identity, but that they can confirm it by trying to find her mask. Seeing Rosa do maintenance, Ronnie Anne gets an idea.

As Sergio takes a bubble bath, Ronnie Anne tells Sid of her plan. Because Blanca's apartment is right below the bathroom, they simply create a bubble bath with enough suds to make water leak from the ceiling. Alarmed by this sight, Blanca calls Rosa to fix the problem, and Ronnie Anne and Sid quickly step in to help out. As Ronnie Anne, Sid and Rosa obsereve the damage, Ronnie Anne suggests to Rosa that she check Frida's bathroom. With Rosa gone, Ronnie Anne and Sid quickly use the opportunity to snoop around Blanca's belongings to find her mask. During their search, Sid finds a remote, and upon pressing the button, the floor opens up to reveal a dummy with La Tormenta's wrestling costume. Happy that they confirmed that Blanca and La Tormenta are the same person, Sid says that Ronnie Anne should try the costume, but while trying to take the mask off the dummy, they accidentally fling it out the window. Panicking, Ronnie Anne and Sid attempt to find the mask, but are unsuccessful in finding it. In a last ditch effort, the two girls asks Frida to make a replacement mask, and quickly put it on the dummy to hide just before Rosa arrives.

At night, the lucha libre tournament is starting. La Tormenta is fighting against lucha libre wrestler Valentina. When the match starts, La Tormenta struggles greatly while Valentina easily gets the upper hand. Seeing La Tormenta struggle, Ronnie Anne asks Carlos a hypothetical question of what would happen if a wrestler were not wearing their real mask. Carlos answers that according to legend, the wrestler is doomed. At that moment, La Tormenta briefly gets her mojo back to defeat Valentina. Before the second match can occur, Ronnie Anne and Sid excuse themselves.

Looking through Great Lakes City once again, Ronnie Anne and Sid are once again unable to find La Tormenta's mask. Suddenly, Sergio arrives and says that he might help. Bringing the girls to the rooftop, they discover that Sancho has the mask, using it to wrestle other pigeons. Ronnie Anne demands the mask back, but Sancho says that he'll give it back on the condition that she beat him in a wrestling match. After a brief struggle, Ronnie Anne succeeds in getting the mask back and quickly head back to the arena, where La Tormenta is struggling to fight against chicken-themed wrestler La Gallina. In an attempt to stall La Gallina, Ronnie Anne encourages the crowd to do the "Victory Cluck", boasting La Gallina's ego long enough for Ronnie Anne to slip La Tormenta's real mask onto her face. With her real mask back on, La Tormenta's mojo become's fully restored and allows her to easily take down La Gallina, declaring her the champion, and saving her career.

The next day, Ronnie Anne and Sid have come clean to Blanca about their misdeed. After they apologize for putting her career in jeopardy, Blanca forgives them on the condition that they never pry into someone's personal life again, to which they agree to. After Blanca spin tosses her luggage into a taxi, Par arrives and asks if she is actually La Tormenta, given that she just used her spin move, but Ronnie Anne and Sid lie by telling him that she's just any other ordinary woman, to which Par believes.


Unnamed City Woman has no lines in this episode.


  • This episode reveals that La Tormenta's real name is Blanca Guzman.
  • This is the first episode where Stephanie Beatriz voices La Tormenta.
  • This episode reveals that Carlos, CJ, and Carl all like to watch lucha libre, and that Carl has a celebrity crush on La Tormenta. It also reveals that Frida can sew.
  • Cartoon physics: During Blanca's call to Rosa, water and feathers spray through Rosa's phone.


  • Saving Face - The title of this episode is an idiom people use to retain respect or avoid humiliation.
  • A113 - The license plate on the taxi Blanca boards has this code famous for appearing in every Pixar film.


Where did your boot laces go, La Tormenta?

  • When Valentina attacks La Tormenta onto the ground, her boot laces are missing.
  • Plot hole: According to Carlos, the lucha libre match is tonight, but when Ronnie Anne and Sid once again try to find the mask, it is still daytime.


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