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This article is about the Season 5 episode. For the Season 2 episode, see Shell Shock.
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"School of Shock" is the seventeenth episode (eighteenth in production order) of the fifth season, and the two-hundred-fifteenth episode of The Loud House.


Lisa takes over her first-grade classroom and learns that there’s more to teaching than just knowing facts.


At the elementary school, the first grade class is in session. The teacher, Miss Allegra, attempts to teach her students how to count, how to care for their garden, and read a story to them, but throughout it all, Lisa expresses her disdain at how soft her teachings are. Eventually, Miss Allegra gets so fed up with Lisa's interruptions, she asks her if she would like to teach the class instead, and Lisa, thinking that she can do better, accepts. After one more insult, Miss Allegra storms off, leaving Lisa in charge.

However, Lisa's methods of teaching the class are too complex for the first-graders to comprehend, as she teaches them what string theory, photosynthesis, and the anatomy of a dinosaur. On top of that, whenever Lisa tries to fulfill the student's requests, she only succeeds in making things harder for them. Eventually, when the students start to make fun of Lisa while she teaches them about dinosaur anatomy, Lisa calls for DareBot 2.0, her robot assistant, in order to help out with the rowdiness of the students. As Lisa continues to teach the class subjects they can't comprehend, DareBot 2.0 keeps the students focused by keeping them awake, and threatening to obliterate them if they don't comply with his demands. When Darcy asks Lisa if Miss Allegra is going to come back, Lisa responds by saying that she gave them more info to learn than Miss Allegra ever did, and suggests they take a pop quiz to prove it, making all the students cry. Later, as Lisa and DareBot 2.0 grade the quizzes (with each one failing), Lisa questions how she can appeal to them. While drinking from a coffee mug, Lisa sees the text on it, which reads "Teachers Bring Learning to Life". This causes Lisa to figure out what she can do.

The next day, Lisa apologizes to the class for her unsuccessful teachings yesterday. She says to make up for it, inspired by a book the students like to read called Run, Dino, Run!, she's going to show them the actual dinosaur in the story. After commanding DareBot 2.0 to activate the "dinosaur DNA wi-fi particle transfer" machine, the device brings in an actual dinosaur. When Lisa attempts to show it to the class, it suddenly roars, and the students, realizing it's the real deal, quickly run away from the classroom, just as it bursts out and starts chasing them. Lisa and DareBot 2.0 follow from behind, attempting to stop it from running rampant. As the kids run out of the school, DareBot 2.0 catches up with the dinosaur in the gymnasium, where a craft fair is being held. As the two prepare themselves to fight, the dinosaur swings its tail at DareBot 2.0's head, causing it to fly off and shut down.

With Lisa now defenseless, she attempts to run away, but accidentally gets caught in a dead end. Just as the dinosaur closes in on Lisa, Miss Allegra suddenly arrives and calls the dinosaur out. As the dinosaur begins to charge toward the teacher, she suddenly gets it to calm down by giving it a box of apple juice and playing her guitar to get it to sleep. Flabbergasted, Lisa asks how she knew she needed help, to which Miss Allegra states that she had security cameras in her classroom, and heard the students screaming. Lisa apologizes and ultimately admits that Miss Allegra's teaching methods are better, saying that connecting to the students matters more than just knowing facts.

Later, Miss Allegra is back to teaching the first graders, with the dinosaur now one of her students.


Mrs. Johnson and most of Lisa's classmates have no lines in this episode.


  • This is the first episode to have Ian Murray credited as line producer in a title card.
@Asylum 26 Twitter Picture.jpg
Darin McGowan
Replying to @_AshKs
Hey awesome! And awwwwww it was my last one! 😩
Jan 31, 2021[1]
  • This is the last episode Darin McGowan boarded before his departure from Nickelodeon, although he storyboarded for Loud House Movie.
    • This is the only Season 5 episode to be boarded by McGowan.
  • Lincoln appears on the title card as a drawing on the chalkboard.
  • This episode reveals that Lisa invented a second DareBot called DareBot 2.0, as the original DareBot from "How Double Dare You!" got damaged when playing Double Dare.
  • Among Lisa's classmates, David is the boy from "Deal Me Out" that Lincoln asked to let him read Ace Savvy on his tablet.
  • This is Miss Allegra's first appearance in Season 5. She is the second faculty member of Royal Woods Elementary School to appear in this season following Cheryl in "Schooled!".
  • This is Mrs. Johnson's first appearance in Season 5. She is the third faculty member of Royal Woods Elementary School to appear in this season following Miss Allegra in this episode and Cheryl in "Schooled!".
    • This episode also marks her only appearance in Season 5.
  • This episode reveals that Miss Allegra has been emotionally drained at having to teach the Loud siblings, and that she used to consider Lola as the worst Loud she had to teach prior to having Lisa as a student.
    • This episode also marks her only appearance in Season 5.
  • When the dinosaur and DareBot fight on the miniature model of Royal Woods, the two models that get crushed are the Loud House and Flip's Food & Fuel.
  • When the dinosaur roars at Lisa after taking out DareBot, Lisa's hair can briefly be seen flying off, which is a reference to "Potty Mouth", where it revealed that she wears a wig.
  • Following "The Old and the Restless", "Legends", "Net Gains", "The Write Stuff", "Power Play with the Casagrandes", "Senior Moment", "Sand Hassles", and "Band Together", this is the ninth episode in which only one main character appears.

International edits

  • The scene of Lisa writing Mandarin on the chalkboard followed by DareBot blowing an airhorn to wake Darcy up from sleeping has been removed in the UK version.


  • School of Shock - The title of this episode is a pun on the 2003 musical comedy film School of Rock or the identically titled Nickelodeon series.
  • Jurassic Park - When the dinosaur breaks out of the classroom, he roars as a banner for the craft fair falls the ground. This is a reference to how the T-rex roared as a banner fell to the ground in this 1993 film.
  • Yo Gabba Gabba! - There are two instances in this episode where Miss Allegra encourages the first grade students, and later on the dinosaur, to "shake their sillies out", which could serve as a reference to the popular song on this Nick Jr. children's program.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - The appearance of the dinosaur, and its subsequent role as a student, is a possible allusion to this animated series and it's T-Rex character, Tina Rex.
  • Alien 3 - When Lisa is locked in and the screen zooms in on the T-Rex's maw hovering close to a shaking Lisa seems to reference a scene from this film
  • Kaiju films - The scene where the dinosaur and DareBot fight on a miniature Royal Woods set is similar to how monsters fight in this genre of film.


  • When Lisa talks about the T-Rex, the skeleton is shown to have 3 fingers, while T-Rex had 2 fingers.
  • When DareBot says "If this is decaf, I will destroy you," the closed-captioning reads "If this is it decaf, I will destroy you."



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